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I’ve been a HUGE fan of FAGE yogurt for years now.  Then this morning I saw this commercial and was totally “wowed”.  Such an elegant and poignant way to fully capture my mind/heart!

DeLonghi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Machine (orig $3,500… now $2,299)

I am what you call a social drinker.  I drink alcohol only in a social setting and I usually only drink coffee in a social setting as well.  But I would still want something like this at home.  Maybe because I’m pretentious…. 🙂

@ an Esty store “Sparkles Kitchen”  too cute

Katherine sent me an one liner email that read, “photo contest AND you can try the new Dominos Pizza” with the link for “Show Us Your Pizza” contest.

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Not only because I shoot with Canon but because I like all things creative and clever, I really LOVE these Canon lens mugs.

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Serious Eats is one of my favorite sites to visit.  It keeps me updated in all the places that I would LOVE to check out and also I get to stare at all these fantastic food pix.  WARNING: Don’t go to this site if you are hungry.  You’ve been warned.

No matter how many times I see it, it always surprises me when I see articles/coverage about Korean food in a mainstream/reputable media source.  When I saw this article about Korean style tacos all over US in the  New York Times, I have to be honest, it made me feel proud to be a Korean.

Recently came across this blog entry that claimed that I could make In-N-Out burgers at home and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

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I don’t know if I would consider myself the biggest Anthony Bourdain fan, but his show “No Reservations” has been one of my favorite shows for a fairly long time.  I actually became his fan while watching him on Food Network in “Kitchen Confidential.”

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I was at the Ninth Street Espresso in East Village with some friends this past Saturday.  Good coffee, good company, and beautiful weather in NYC.  Sometime, there’s nothing better in life.

This was our first shoot for our multi-cultural cookbook for our church.   1 wrapping paper, 1 side table, 5 lamps = MacGyver shoot.

Soon Doo boo jji gae (Spicy soft tofu soup).  On a really cold winter nite, there’s really nothing better.

On Valentine’s Day John and I ventured out to Brooklyn to get some awesome tacos.  While I was trying to take a picture of John’s reflection on the window I noticed this girl staring at me taking the pictures.  Her stare was so intense and direct, I had to take a picture of her.

This was our dinner the nite of the really horrible snow storm.  Yes, this would be comfort food for Asians.  Soba noodles with veggies, tofu, kimchi, and nori.  It was super yummy.

So I’ve seen the new Domino’s commercial at least 50 times.  And without fail, after the commercial is over, I want to pick up the phone and try Domino’s pizza again.  But the question is, am I up for another disappointment?  Almost afraid to find out.  Tried to convince John  to order Domino’s at least 10 times while we’re driving to Papa John’s but I have yet to succeed….

I have been watching Ellen everyday this year.  Then today I came across these unbelievably gorgeous wedding pictures from her wedding.  Not only is she one of the funniest people on TV, she and I apparently have same taste.  I think if she had asked me to plan her wedding(which btw is very unfortunate she didn’t), I don’t think I would’ve changed anything about her wedding.  And let’s also focus on the fact that she had her wedding cake done by Sweet Lady Jane.  And believe you me, I’ve called this place the best bakery in the UNIVERSEEEEE…..

I’ve been working at the IAC building now for almost 3 years.  We have enough perks here to really define us as an “internet” company.  And one of my personal favorite is Bagel Friday.  I overheard by the toaster this AM, a guy telling his co-worker that he thought about working from home today, but remembered it was Bagel Friday and decided to trek into the office.  Yes, we really do indeed love our Bagel Fridays here.

However after 3 years, close to 150 Bagel Fridays later, and countless number of bagel vendors, Murray’s Bagel in Chelsea has made its debut at our sacred weekly ritual.  The bagel goodness was higher than most bagels I recall and I have enough faith in Murray’s to believe that they will maintain this standard on weekly basis.  Although like some relationships, we’ve seen most bagel vendors make an awesome impression, then disappoint us after couple of weeks,  I would like to hope that this will be one of those rare lasting relationships….

Another interesting article on NYTimes.  Recently saw the new Taco Bell Drive-Thru commercial and wondered about this topic.  Interesting article about this new “fad”.   Although the article clearly states all the reasons why this wasn’t a miracle weight-loss pill, I LOVE Mexican food so the Taco Bell fresco menu really appeals to me more than any other.  But then again, I don’t like the idea of having to drive to Taco Bell couple of times a week….. Hmmmmm… what does that say about how much effort I want to put into my weight-loss plan? : |

Okay I watch a lot of TV.  But Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorite shows in the universe.  Saw this clip on his recent visit to Panama and I am always fascinated by what he decides to put on his show.  I obviously had a lot more questions about cocaine after this clip than I ever did in my entire life.  Seriously, this would never happen on Food Network so I am super glad that he’s on the Travel Channel.  Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations is so much more than just a food show.

Rachel Yang, a chef from Seattle area was recently on the Iron Chef battling Iron Chef Garces.  She is the chef at Joule in Seattle and her Korean background has definitely influenced her cooking style.  I am always shocked to see how main-stream Korean food has become and it was good seeing a Korean chef being represented on the Iron Chef.

Saw this the other day on NYTimes and it almost made me want to move back South.  I haven’t seen a layer cake like this in a really long time and I would totally LOVE one for xmas please!



Sylvia Weinstock made my wedding cake.  Don’t be impressed, it was part of the catering contract at Jersey Cit Hyatt.  But here’s April Reed cakes.  I LOVE her cakes!  I really do love everything about her cakes.


Saw this article in NYTimes this week about “Cakes Gone Wrong” and a website called “Cake Wrecks.”  Then I came across this particular cake, and I was totally baffled then I read the original cake order.  I’m sure it was intentionally screwed up for a good-laugh sake and I would have to say I was slightly amused. 


I am 34 today.  This was the cake that Susan got for me on my 32nd bday.  I somehow managed to convince Susan and Claudia to fly out to Nashville, TN for my bday that year.  Susan flew across the country with this cake from LA from my favorite bakery in the universe.  SWEET LADY JANE!  It was one incredible weekend that I will probably never forget.


This is new toast of the town burgers floating around NYC.  I mean just look at it.  Why wouldn’t this be?  Saw this on this blog that I read and it even got pretty fantatic review from this guy.  It looks super fantastic!


I heard about this Japanese place in LA called Urasawa.  Toast of the town, cream of the crop, best of the best, Anthony Bourdain worthy, and etc.  I was searching the dub dub dub and came across this blog called  Where a guy named Kevin went to Urasawa and took some fantastic pictures and writes really eloquently about his experience.  But what was so shocking about his blog was, how much money he spent at these places.


Please note, the dude and his friends spent $160 on WATER.  I’m pretty sure a monthly service for Poland Springs is about $30 a month. This is on a SINGLE MEAL!  I enjoy a nice meal time to time but it made me wonder how much money I would have to make, to make this kind of meal ($500/person) justifiable.  I couldn’t come up with a figure.  How do I justify living so extravagantly at such extreme level? I wouldn’t be able to.  I know too many people who are financially suffering and literally can not afford to have 3 meals a day….

Saw this on New York Times and it was too cute not to share.




John and I watched this episode of No Reservation couple of nites ago.  And I swear to you, HE turned to me and said, “we should keep this episode so we could go check all these places out.”  This is why I LOVE this man!

bar 89

bar 89

This is one of my favorite places in Soho.  Kind of overplayed due to the craziest bathroom in the city but I’ve I still like going here time to time.  Something old, something familiar, and something NYC to me. 

so i THINK there’s a new korean restaurant in cliffside park. i’m not sure. i just drove by it. i swear it looked like korean words. but i don’t know. they were so tiny. and i’m blind. and i tend to make stuff up. so considering all factors, it could be a total lie. anyway, it’s next to the liquor store by A&P. next to .. art florist. i’ll spec it out.

maybe it’s a hidden gem…

or a big bust.

OH. i checked out dayi’nin yeri restaurant in cliffside park. i’ll write about that later. pretty damn delicious.

homemade red vevlet

homemade red vevlet

the best red velvet i had was at Amy’s Bread.  These were made from Amy’s Bread recipe


Today I went to Fig & Olive with Simon for lunch.  We had their prix fixe for $25 and a nice glass of chardonnay.  No better way to spend a hump day at a really fantastic resturant with really awesome company.  It’s definitely a place I would recommend to anyone who is by meatpacking area.


First of all, how come nobody told me about this?  I’m not sure who is responsible for not telling me, but whoever you are, you are in BIG TROUBLE.  Found out about it on one of my favorite food blogs called “off the broiler” by a guy named Jason Perlow.  One of the reasons why I love this blog so much is because he writes a lot about the local places. (Northern Jersey).    The man takes pretty delicious pictures and I love that whenever he goes to eat, he orders like ton of items.  I don’t know how he manages to do that but I love him for it!

traffic control 5095_112309391544_615571544_2493858_8345447_n


SONIC is a fast food joint that is all over the South.  John and I recently found one somewhat near us and these are the pix from our venture.  Customers park their cars and the carhoppers on roller skates/blades bring your food to your car.   It’s a pretty neat experience IMO. 

Then this morning John told me about a Sheriff getting hurt while traffic controling at this Sonic location on Route17.  Just read the article and it was some idiot Asian kid who caused this incident.  This is pretty ridiculous.  We walked there then realized they had a drive-thru, so went thru the drive thru to get our food.  The lines were totally out of control.

Far as the food is concerned.  The burgers were pretty decent and the variety of drinks and desserts are totally awesome.  But more importantly, tatter Tots with cheese and chilli.  ‘Nuff said!

steak sandwich

steak sandwich

my favorite drink... 4 shots of espresso

my favorite drink... 4 shots of espresso


pink chocolate?  who knew?


Okay, it appears as though I obsess over alot of things but “flamin’ HOT Cheetos” maybe part of  Top10 obsessions of all time. 

I was first introduced to these things back in Texas, way back when and haven’t stopped eating them until I moved to NYC area.  And the only reason why I stopped eating them is because they don’t sell them in this area.  OR I just haven’t found a place that sell these.  What’s up with that?  Why would Cheetos, deprive the NYC folks of these marvelous things?

WARNING: these are extremely addictive.  You will crave them while watching movies, driving, walking around the streets, hanging out with your friends, and whatever….

John says to me time to time, “If somebody told me 15 years ago that we would have an entire channel devoted to food and that I would have to pay $5 for coffee, I would’ve laughed at their face!”  Food Network is one of my favorite channels on TV.  But usually I don’t cringe or get disgusted watching Food Network.  But here was one of those moments.

Stevie Famulari is this lady’s name.  I KNOW I could make nicer looking things than her.  I am wondering how she managed to get on TV!!!!!

chopped salad

chopped salad

my famous chopped salad.  it’s pretty good if I do say so myself…


At Extraordinary Dessert in San Diego

the menu

the menu

The Momofuku Noodle Bar menu


Chino forwarded this site to me last week and thought I should check it out.  I’m not sure what that says about me and I’m not sure what that says about him either.  Yes, it’s a site about sandwiches and so much more.

BAH. i went to sarabeth’s and asked for a chocolate croissant. i come to work. prepared for the glorious chocolate croissant. and what do i get?????


……..almond croissant.



yum yum dim sum

yum yum dim sum

I cross 2 rivers to get to Jade Asian Restuarant in Flushing to get dim sum.  I only go here to get dim sum because John and I’ve had really HORRIBLE experiences everywhere else.  I would love it if someone could recommend some place in Jersey that would be comprable to Jade.  This place has amazing dimsum options!

wood work

wood work

 Dinner at Okada at Wynn in Las Vegas.

there are a lot of great bagels in nyc. everyone’s got their favorite from H&H, ess-a-bagel, russ & daughters, etc. and will fight to the death to defend their favorite as the best bagel of nyc. i’ve actually been to all of the places and enjoy them all (for a person who doesn’t really love bagels. as you probably know, i prefer pastries. and bacon. and sausage.) but i will say that i LOVE murray’s bagel. call me putty in a murray’s bagel’s lover’s hand, i love how it’s so fluffy and chewy and warm and fluffy. i love fluffy bagels. in nj, bergen county to be more specific, my favorite bagel place is this small bagel place on bergen blvd. by the wendy’s, pathmark, etc. etc. it’s small but it’s packed in the morning. come to jersey, i’ll take you there.

anyway, no better way to start the post memorial day weekend, short work week than having a bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat everything bagel from murrays. wooord.

bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat everything bagel

good fork

good fork

dinner with friends at good fork

So every morning I take the bus to Port Authority and then take the subway to work. So if you’ve been to the Port, you know there’s Au Bon Pain everywhere. I remember getting stuff there sometimes when I went to NYU and it being pretty good. Well I was running late and just getting hungry so I decided to get a chocolate croissant there. ………….WOW what a mistake.

Ok, I’m not one of those food snobs. I just really can’t distinguish good food from great food. I’m sure I can pick what I think is better but when I’m eating I don’t tend to compare. I just savor what’s in front of me. It’s either tasty and edible or not. This is why I can eat leftovers for days and days.

Anyway. I don’t know if it was a bad batch or what. But considering I’ve been eating a lot of Amy’s Bread’s and Sarabeth’s chocolate croissant, I expect buttery goodness. Which this was not. I can’t describe the disappointment. It’s like if you were in some raffle for a million dollars and they’re going to announce the winner’s name. So you hear the first, “Gina ..” so you take a step forward with a goofy grin on your face. “.. Rodriguez!” OOOHHHHHH. She pushes past you. And there you are. Foolish. That’s how I feel. Dang…

And yes, I’m a chocolate croissant snob.

The long weekend has officially started. Well not really. It’s just the weather is so gorgeous that it feels like it should be the weekend already. Most people have half days .. I know I did (supposed to. shhhhhh) so technically it did start.

Anyway, went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Fort Lee, NJ with Jung. So you know there are good pictures. I’m gonna confess, I’m not really a breakfast person. GASP. I know. Let me clarify. I love breakfast when I’m not paying $10 for someone to fry my eggs and bacon. I could do that and have platters and platters of bacon. You know what i mean? Do something complicated or grueling. Make me a croissant and I’ll pay you. But anyway back to OPH (as my friends call it or OHOP). Now that you know I hate paying for breakfast, my meal was FANTASTIC.

I had the good ol’ bacon and eggs. The bacon is just the winner here. Thick, salty, crunchy, porky. Basically delicious. And what can you say about their pancakes. It’s fluffy and delicious. I figuratively licked my plate clean (I try not to do embarrassing things in public).

Gosh. Bacon. So good but so bad but so good.

…good coffee at Lamill Coffee and be cool because you’re in silverlake



I was first introduced to these delicious delights at a pot-luck dinner in my church group.  Of course, we were all eating them like quesadillas, instead of how it should’ve really be eaten.  Our dear buddy Paul was nice enough to show us the  proper way to eat these “armenian” pizzas.  It’s on a flat dough with thin layer of really well-spiced meat mixture.  You put the chopped parsely, thinly sliced onions, sliced tomatos, and squeeze some lemon over the entire thing before you go grubbing.  It’s soooo good. 

We picked these up at a place called, Star Pide Salonu in Paterson, NJ.  But I’m sure these shouldn’t be hard to find wherever you are.  Here’s a post on Off the Broiler about these.  Lahmahjoon, lahmacun, lahmajun, armenian pizza, turkish pizza, whatever these things are called, I assure you, it’s delicioso!

pastrami and cheese
pastrami and cheese

yes, it comes in a pizza box




OHHHHHH how awesome would it be to go to one of these mentioned in NYTimes…. Iron-Chef-like events in the real world and in NYC!  The question now becomes, how do I find out where they are having these so I could actually attend some!???

…deliciousness at  slowclub 



Seriously, this is a pretty fantastic idea.  Read about these guys who go around NYC, eating really great burgers and ranking them in NYTimes.  I don’t know if I am jealous at the fact that these guys get to try out really good burgers or the fact that I didn’t come up with this idea first and got featured in NYtimes…. 

my brother imed me this url at work:

my initial reaction was something to do with the UFC. he’s into that stuff so naturally that’s what i thought. but guess what, it’s nottttt. instead, it’s WAY better.

apparently, oprah’s buying the nation the grilled chicken meal at kfc. AWESOME. because it tastes good? don’t know. but it’s definitely free. don’t believe me? i know. don’t worry, i read the small print. and what tastes better than FREE? uhhhh NOTHING. (ok, only catch is you have to print it by 11:59pm. so get to it!)


but anyone else think the url’s a bittt funny? maybe i’m looking way into it. but it seems like as in, not think kfc. hmm….

man, who needs the bailout when you’ve got OPRAH? …actually, a bailout from oprah would be awesome.

…the coffee and wake up with Wash With Joe.  not only good on you, but good for you.

…the summer or celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly with grapefruit margaritas.

first, let me say how GORGEOUS today is. although my allergies are kicking my ass today. walked from subway to work. walked into chelsea market. walked into amy’s. looked at the pain au chocolat and then i remembered! and with all my will power, i walked out and headed over to sarabeth’s. 

chocolate croissant

omgggg. THANK GOD i had the will to leave amy’s. this is one of the best chocolate croissants i’ve ever had. i just felt so. delightful after i ate it. so good with a glass of milk and coffee. the croissant part was so flaky and delicious. what a good breakfast. 

my only regret is not buying one from amy’s bread for comparison and another one from sarabeth’s just because.


A foreigner’s perspective on Korean food is always fascinating to me.  Since I am Korean and I LOVE/HEART/ADORE Korean food, I know I am completely bias.  But as John and I sat around watching Andrew Zimmern trek around Korea and as he described one of my favorite food “dduk bok ki” as  “play-dough with spicy sauce,” I totally cringed! 


This actually reminds me of the time when I was watching Bobby Flay making “instant-kimchi/kimchi salad.”  It was so far from the Korean food that I grew up with, it bothered me so much that I actually wrote Bobby Flay an email.   Well, a lady named Stephanie Banyas on his staff replied to my email in this fashion:


” Bobby never claims to cook authentic food on Boy Meets Grill.  All the recipes that he prepares are “his” interpretation of other cuisine..such as Spanish, Italian, Chinese and yes, even Korean.  The kimchi that Bobby prepared was a quick kimchi and actually it is delicious and is one of the most requested recipes from all of his shows.  Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat.  I hope you have a nice day too”

I don’t know what she’s like in person, but I thought the email was pretty “jack-ass” -like! 


Kunjip – This is one of my staple restaurants in NYC.  Literal translation to Kunjip is “a big house,” but I believe a better translation would mean, “house of an older family member”(roughly).  It is fairly decent priced by NYC standards and IMO, the food is the closest thing you could have to home cooking.  Gina and I try to do lunch/dinner on QTRly basis and we went here for lunch on Friday.  It’s super cozy and really authentic Korean food IMO.  It’s located on Kblock on 32nd street between 5th Ave and Broadway.  It’s right next to Pinkberry.   Btw, Anthony Bourdain‘s been here and approved it, that’s good enough for moi!



side dishes that usually come out with every meal


jap chae - traditional sweet potato noodle dish w/ veggies & meat


boo dae jji gae - "boo dae" meas military base. it's a stew that has historical background. during the korean war, the korean people will gather whatever they can from the military base to make this stew. it has spam, sausage, noodles, kimchi, and etc.

happy bagel friday! i’m not sure what’s going on but i’ve been craving pastries this whole week. which i’ve satisfied. and to close, we have bagel friday. whooo.


so that’s my breakfast. two glasses of milk, a cup of coffee, croissant which i forced grape jelly into, toasted and buttered bagel half with half grape jelly, CORN MUFFIN, cinnamon bun type thing, and yogurt. oh, i have an orange and banana somewhere there. and that cereal, i’m just hoarding so i have something for a rainy day. thank you work for bagel fridays.


delicious. i swear i don’t always eat like this. i either stick to bagels or pastries. not both.

…the chocolate bread pudding with ice cream at Hedley’s.  Sometimes mom’s better home and garden magazines know what they’re talking about.

on saturday i went to the bergen town center with my brother. my mom’s been talking about it and we’ve seen it driving up and down route 4. so my brother wanted to check it out. so we get there. go through the mall. and guess what we seeee… 


just in case you’re wondering who the eff bobby is .. it’s bobby flay. that’s right .. bobby flay has a burger joint. no no, let me rephrase. he has a burger PALACE. it’s a standard burger joint. except .. it has bobby flay’s name on it. and thus the lines are ridiculous.

bbp inside

that’s the inside.. after .. 20 minutes of waiting? and we’re still in line. .. waiting.

but long story short, the burgers were alright. i don’t know if i’d wait on line like that for burgers again. but then again, i’m not a burger lover. the only burgers i’d wait on line for are shake shack and in n out. deeelliiicious. one good thing is the different burger options (?), choices (?). i’m not sure what the right term would be. just check out the menu. had the dallas burger. it was pretty good. onion rings. always delicious. 

dallas burger

ok. the picture looks gross. and it’s a bad picture. what do you expect? i was driving and using my iphone to take the pic. …….yeah, i’m that crazy asian female driver. my brother always did say i fulfill the female asian driver steroetype..




Last Thursday night, we ventured out to the theater district for some Russian food at a place called Russian Samovar.  It was my first time and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect other than the vodka.  But to my surprise, the food was pretty awesome.  As for the vodka, after couple of shots, we weren’t able to tell one from another….

From the first course to the dessert, it was a really neat experience to say the least.  The funny thing is, there were these small dumplings that tasted just like Korean dumplings (mandoo).  I couldn’t get over the similarity between the two.  And the dessert that I would never forget… honey layered cake.  Totally out of this world!

I just discovered these wonderful sandwiches couple of months ago for the first time.  It is pretty fantabuloso!  Then I saw this article in NYTimes this morning titled, “Building on Layers of Tradition.”  Coolio

Cafe Cluny

Food – decent selection/good portions/pretty delicious
Decor – Shabby chic meets ecclectic collection
Service – not a typical nyc pretentious but not nashville friendly
I don’t consider myself a “foodie”. Rather someone who enjoys good food and I know what I like and what I don’t like. So when my dear friend Claudia used to live in NYC, we used to do brunch once a month and never went to the same place twice. With Olga and Gina from work, we revived this routine in my life.
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