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Central Station Furniture Square Root Lounge Chair (Org $562… Now $365) – Did I ever mention that I have a thing for chairs?  Okay furnitures in general but especially chairs.  I love the simplicity and the classic lines of this chair.  Not sure how comfortable it would be but I love it anyway.

Recently saw this Brinca Dada’s modern doll house on Gilt and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Other than the fact that I would much prefer living in a house like this than to play with it,  I thought when John and I have kids, surely they would play with this kind of doll house.  If they don’t like it, I’m sure either I’ll force them to or get them tested to see if they are really my kids.

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It’s true I love alot of things and Restoration Hardware is up there with DWR, West Elm, C2B and Muji.   I actually applied for a part time position at RH retail store and got rejected.  I’m sure my salary and title as “Director of Finance” as current position probably didn’t help the matter.

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Mr. Jonathan Adler has my dream job.  One of many dream jobs on my list.  Saw this “love & hate” jars and wondered how much I would LOVE to create things like this for living.  How satisfying and gratifying would my life be to be able to create things with my hands?  And YES, he has some freaking gorgeous things on his site.  Hate him!

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Elite Leather – Whitby Sofa  (Org $3720… Now $1375) – Gorgeous sofa.  If it wasn’t for our cats, I would LOVE this gorgeous sofa t be sitting in our living room.  It will go very well with the dark brown book cases that I have.

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i want an arm-friendly pillow. i was browsing through … and stumbled upon …

i sometimes tend to sleep like that… but then my arm falls asleep and i get that weird numb sensation which i don’t like. because i’m afraid i’m going to break or dislodge my finger joints somehow. but anyway… at $100, i’m not sure if i’m willing to buy one considering it doesn’t look THAT comfortable. it’s no tempurpedic pillow. but it’s one step closer! step up tempurpedic!




I am in Jacksonville, FL for couple of days visiting a friend and her lovely kids.  But while I am having alot of fun reconnecting with good buddies, I am also coming down with a total case of chair envy.  She has not 1, not 2, but THREE different styles of Eames in her house.  Actually I am sitting in one right now…. LOVE IT! 


Did I mention that I am obsessed with chairs?  Here’s one of my favorite.  Eames Aluminum Lounge Chair.   We have these beautiful chairs all around the office.  I don’t know how I will ever manage to spend this much money on a single chair but I would really LOVE one of these…. or set of 2 or 4… any….

so i saw this earlier in the week ..

which is the walter knoll circle. i think it looks cool as hell. but then i thought. this reminds of something .. something i’ve seen …

the tokyo bench. if you’ve ever visited the IAC headquarters on the west side highway, you’ll see it in our lobby. anyway, different material clearly. but the shape slightly resembles each other. maybe the inverse?

i can’t decide which one i like more. i’m sure the walter knoll circle is WAY comfier. and soft.

ok, i think everyone leans back on their chair and some (like me) lean forward. and i’m talking any butt supporting object like a stool. well .. guess what i found..

the monarchy stool from yiannis ghikas. it’s called the monarchy stool because the bottom resembles a crown which is related to monarchy. you get it. anyway, SOOO cool. i would love this. i’m one of those people who have a hard time sitting up straight so i’m always fidgeting around. AND, if you work with me, you know i love sitting on the arm rest on my chair because it slightly resembles a stool. holy shiz, i need to get me this.

check out more details at yatzer.


This is my new favorite purchase for the month of June.  Since my monthly budget is only $500, I have to be sooo incredibly selective in what I spend money on.  We bought these chairs at Ikea on sale for $35.  We saw a simliar chair at West Elm for more than twice that price.  STEAL!


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