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so i know this song is overplayed … been overplayed for some time now. what song am i talking about? home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. but a friend of mine just kind of mentioned it in an email chain and now i can’t stop listening to it … again.

such a good song. no, a great song. reminds me of the bf. megg farrell’s whiskey social covering home … (shitty iphone quality .. it’s all i had)

i love pugs. although a pug singing batman might get old and annoying at some point. but it’s cute the first time around.

i want an arm-friendly pillow. i was browsing through … and stumbled upon …

i sometimes tend to sleep like that… but then my arm falls asleep and i get that weird numb sensation which i don’t like. because i’m afraid i’m going to break or dislodge my finger joints somehow. but anyway… at $100, i’m not sure if i’m willing to buy one considering it doesn’t look THAT comfortable. it’s no tempurpedic pillow. but it’s one step closer! step up tempurpedic!

this song’s definitely growing on me. i went from kinda liking it to i like it a lot. the video’s pretty dope. visually, it’s really stimulating. reminds me of that video from m.i.a, but whatev. it’s still good.

this song’s been blowing on the radio. it’s pretty damn good song. it’s one of those songs that gets me real amped.  definitely cinematic and lots of gaga-ish style in there. it’s just one long and entertaining video. and tyrese makes a cameo. delicious

damn. this couple has the coolest wedding invite. by no means, am i trying to get married anytime soon. but, it almost makes me want to pressure the bf to get married (almost meaning not. wayyy too young for that) so all the cool and creative ideas don’t get snatched up fast.

anyway, courtesy of, check out the invite:

so we’ve all seen those or or commercials. well i saw this commercial the other day and thought it was the same …

WOW. first, how hard is it to spell punxsutawney? very hard. i wasn’t even close on my first attempt. i did puxawtawney phil. hahah. oh well.

it’s groundhog’s day. and well .. guess what. that critter saw his damn shadow. 6 more weeks of coldness for those of you who don’t know the legend.

lucky for me, i’ve got free heat and a bottle of jameson at home.

so anybody watch the presidential address last night? i had no idea it was going to be on. but it was. and as a model citizen, i watched.

he addressed all the key points he wanted to achieve. all the standard stuff like universal healthcare, more jobs, tax breaks for all companies, pulling out troops, affordable and better  schooling, and greenness. hopefully, these are goals he and we’ll accomplish.

but aside from that, if you watched, did anyone notice it was literally like comedy hour? obama was cracking jokes left and right. my brother and i thought it was pretty funny. just the idea that usually these speeches are really serious but he’s loosening up. which is nice.

overall it was a great speech. a lot of stories of struggle and hope from the people, optimism in general, comedy, and also he made sure to stand his ground as well. maybe i’m naive, but it made me believe and have hope. so despite his sagging ratings, i’m behind him.

yeahhh. it literally is a bigger version of the iphone or ipod touch. from the getgo, i figured nobody would buy this except maybe if you travel a lot and want to watch videos or something. then i realized this doesn’t even support flash! i don’t know. i think it’s dumb. this is supposed to be like a computer … ? or that’s what people have been saying? but doesn’t even come close. and the name …. i don’t know. i guess it goes with the theme of adding “i” in front of a generic word. iphone, imac, etc.

definitely not worth it, but if you do buy it, let me know! i want to play. =)

so where was this coke machine when i was in college? damn!

1. i don’t love soda. but i’d drink coke all day if it wasn’t so bad for me and so fizzy.


and when will something viral happen to meeeee.

so a coworker forwarded me this link. one, i love jason mraz and have since high school. and i love this song as well. so this guy daiyel sings a lot of different parts and plays them together. acapella. sooo good.

so guess who was drunk at the people’s choice awards. personally, i didn’t watch it but it was all over the radio. every station was playing the clip and it was pretty hilarious. pretty much what i would’ve been if i was drunk on stage.

so i drive into work and don’t have an iphone/ipod adapter so i resort to listening to the radio which is fine. i feel like being up on current “hits” is always good too.

i forget which music morning show i was listening to but apparently some principal tried to get 4 students – boys – to give a blowjob. and i’m not sure if they made this up or if it’s true but apparently the line the principal used was ….

“if you don’t want a f … then take this d”

OOOHHHHH. hahaha it’s funny but really terrible.

happy hanukkah or chanukah.

hahahaaaaaa. does anyone love this show except for me? i know you all do (if you’ve watched it). if you haven’t seen it, SERIOUSLY. you need to check it out. you will fall in love.

i know i know. the show’s mad offensive to italians across the world. i feel for you. but i can’t help that it makes for really …interesting tv. i had to think about how to say good but not use the word good. because i’ll be honest, the show is crap. it’s probably the dumbest show i’ve ever watched. but that’s also the big reason it’s so good. and what does that say about me? not much. i, too, fall for very bad television.

i pretty much grew up in jersey but never really knew any serious “guidos” and “guidettes”. ok, before i continue. i didn’t even know the word guidette existed until now. i find the word pretty hilarious. so anyway, guidos and guidettes have always been a myth and a legend to me. and i was SUPER curious to see what their life was like. if 8 of them lived in house to find out what happens when people stop being polite. and start getting real. so mtv got together 8 people and threw them in a jersey shore home and filmed them during the summer. and the jersey shore was born.

all i have to say is.. if the below doesn’t make you want to tune in… you’re just a better person than i am ..

thursdays at 10pm on mtv.

is anyone else sick of tiger woods, his mistresses, accident, wife, scandal, etc? i understand he’s a huge public figure. he’s a role model. he deserves the scrutiny but for real, let the man be. celebrities in general shouldn’t be your life role model. if you like them for their acting, sports skills, etc., just look at that. i think it’s always difficult to copy someone’s life especially when their life is SO different from yours. how can you possibly understand what a celebrity’s life is like and vice versa? i’m not saying tiger woods is right. i think his wife should smash all the windows in his car, break his golf clubs, and try to beat the crap out of him and his hos. BUT i don’t think our media should be covering garbage like that. what about the summit at copenhagen? our economy?

oh well, i guess we’re just a nosy bunch. a note to future boyfriends or husband. if you cheat on me, i will not be diplomatic. i will kick at your nuts many many many times.

it’s been A LOOOONG time. super busy with life in general. i was listening to this song this morning. first, it should be no surprise that i love mariah carey. i’m a korean girl born in the latter half the of the 80s. so my childhood was spent listening to mariah carey. one of my favorite mariah carey songs is fantasy featuring ol’ dirty bastard (wuuuu-tang). one of my favorite parts of the songs is definitely the intro by odb. something about this song gets me really pumped.

so 400 years of friendship with the netherlands will get you this ..

check more out at

all i have to do is dream. everly brothers

AHHH it’s been so long.

<—-slacker (i’m pointing at myself)

but i’ve been listening to a lot of al green and otis redding lately. and then this morning ………………………………..

a little supremes. a good song to ease into the work day.

i’ll be leaving work a little early tonight .. what to do ………

alex wears this james perse black tshirt that i LOVE. it’s just a plain black t-shirt but i love the material and i don’t know. i just like when he wears it. it looks good. anyway, i was perusing the site and what do i find?

oohhh wee. the james perse limited edition cruiser. how bad ass does that bike look. something about the matte black is so hot. the black on black on black on black is awesome. they offer it in other colors like white and red and etc. but why bother?????? but too bad, it’s sold out. =(

check it out here.

so i THINK there’s a new korean restaurant in cliffside park. i’m not sure. i just drove by it. i swear it looked like korean words. but i don’t know. they were so tiny. and i’m blind. and i tend to make stuff up. so considering all factors, it could be a total lie. anyway, it’s next to the liquor store by A&P. next to .. art florist. i’ll spec it out.

maybe it’s a hidden gem…

or a big bust.

OH. i checked out dayi’nin yeri restaurant in cliffside park. i’ll write about that later. pretty damn delicious.

so i saw this earlier in the week ..

which is the walter knoll circle. i think it looks cool as hell. but then i thought. this reminds of something .. something i’ve seen …

the tokyo bench. if you’ve ever visited the IAC headquarters on the west side highway, you’ll see it in our lobby. anyway, different material clearly. but the shape slightly resembles each other. maybe the inverse?

i can’t decide which one i like more. i’m sure the walter knoll circle is WAY comfier. and soft.

ok, i think everyone leans back on their chair and some (like me) lean forward. and i’m talking any butt supporting object like a stool. well .. guess what i found..

the monarchy stool from yiannis ghikas. it’s called the monarchy stool because the bottom resembles a crown which is related to monarchy. you get it. anyway, SOOO cool. i would love this. i’m one of those people who have a hard time sitting up straight so i’m always fidgeting around. AND, if you work with me, you know i love sitting on the arm rest on my chair because it slightly resembles a stool. holy shiz, i need to get me this.

check out more details at yatzer.

ok, i’m not really a boat person. i mean, i like the beach and i like going on boats and whatnot but i’m not a fanatic like some people. my life long dream isn’t to own  the biggest sailing boat or a bajillion dollar yacht.

until now …

it’s a bit of a futuristic design from schopfer designs. it’s called the oculus. if you can’t tell, it’s supposed to look like a killer whale which it does.

oooohhhh weeeeeee. i just need to scrounge up from $95 to $140 milllllion dollars. the oculus yacht above is about $90 million. the infinitas yacht below is $140 mill …

no i’m not going to post the outkast video. but have you ever heard of standing a salt shaker on one side? you know, it’s all tilted and whatnot. i’ve always heard that you could do it, blah blah blah. but i never really believed it. it just … doesn’t seem that likely. well john proved me DAMN wrong.

when sung-hee unnie and her people were here, we all went to bar 89 for really late night food. and john started to play with the salt shaker. and  …….

salt shakersalt shaker again

holy cow. i’ve been internet-less in my apt for …. about a month. no cable tv either. my only source of internet and tv has been work, alex, and my iphone.

seriously, this is a cry for help.

do people remember this?

and everybody thought, “what a dumbass”. which is still true. but have you really thought about his words?

so here’s what he says ..

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on –shame on you. If you fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

we all know the original is “fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.” we all get it. but after some insight from alex, he’s clearly a smarter man than i thought.

fool me twice, shame on me. that’s just negative. that means you just don’t give people second chances. and when you do, you kick yourself in the head. but you know what, bush leaves it up to interpretation. you can view it as, after the first time you fool me, i’m never going to get fooled again. there’s not even another chance of getting fooled. BAM. bad ass. OR you can follow with the guidelines of original saying. you can think of it as, bush is just a nice guy and gives people a second chance. but if you take advantage of his kindness, then he’s never going to be fooled again.

i personally like the second one. in a world full of mean people, i think bush was just trying subconsciously teach us something. yeah, go ahead. hug a stranger.

has anyone seen the starburst commercial with the scottish koreans? haha. i don’t know if it’s old or not but i saw it for the first time yesterday with alex. it’s really funny ..

aside from the fact that it’s referencing koreans (or scottish koreans), the whole commercial is hilarious from the accent, the theme, etc. etc. i recommend you watch it. even better, watch it with alex because the way he quotes it and laughs makes you laugh too.

a contradiction eating another..

my friend ed sent this video link. it’s pretty much one of the best music video’s i’ve seen in a long time. it’s the sour’s “hibi no neiro”. check it out.

so my friend sent me this link last week. i can’t post it because i rechecked the link and it’s no longer there anymore. but basically it was about a pirate hunting russian cruise. if you google pirate hunting cruise, you’ll find a bunch of links. they pretty much all say the same thing …

for 3,500 pounds a day, some russian cruise will arm you with a lot of weapons and take you to the pirate infested seas. they’ll move slowly to bait the pirates and then when they try to hijack you, you attack. and apparently, you’re protected by ex-navy seals or marines or whatever russian equivalent if stuff goes wrong.

yeah …………………..

sad thing is …. i actually thought this was a real cruise ………………

goodness gracious. ok, i’ve been slacking hard on this. really hard. so a lot’s happened since i last posted which seems like 6 years ago.

within a week, 4 major celebrities passed away. yes, 4. i know you know about michael jackson and farrah fawcett. who are the other two?

well there was ed mcmahon. he was johnny carson’s announcer and side kick on the tonight show for decades. he also hosted star search where many of our stars today performed (justin timberlake, lauryn hill, aaliyah, dave chappelle, destiny’s child, etc.) he also starred in a Cash4Gold commercial with mc hammer during the super bowl. so you know he was cool guy. being able to put his pride aside for a commercial like that.

then there’s billy mays. who’s billy mays? he’s the guy that convinced you to buy you oxi clean and other stuff. he’s the infomerical king. not a celebrity? pssshhh. you try to sell nonsense and make it into a successful career. i bet you if you closed your eyes and heard his voice, you would recognize it in a heartbeat.

and poor farrah fawcett. she got straight shafted. seriously. does anybody even remember that she passed away? i don’t know if that was appropriate or not. but seriously. it should’ve been her day. people should be remembering her. but nope. hours later, michael jackson passes away. man. i mean granted michael jackson was clearly a way bigger star, icon, celebrity, etc. than farrah fawcett and his death was a lot more shocking but everyone just forgot about her. kind of sad really.

and what can i say about michael jackson. biggest star ever. biggest international star. i don’t know who else is a bigger star than michael jackson. the influence this man had on the world. crazy. just crazy.

i think a moment of silence is appropriate ..

oh my. i haven’t been here in SO long. there’s really no excuse for it.  ….but there is.

i officially have moved out of my parents’ house and moved ….a couple of blocks away. whatever. i got a good deal. and i haven’t really moved out yet. i’m slowly moving my stuff out. slowly. very slowly. i’m lazy.

i’ve also been car hunting as well. WOW it sucks a lot. so much time and effort that needs to be spent for my budget which is a paltry $4k.

anyway, more on that later.

NOOOOTTTT. somebody was telling me about this. in a recent interview, obama was seen swatting a fly to its death. it’s really impressive actually. the focus. precision. strength. all there.

and of course peta has issues.

yes yes yes. you read right. zack morris was on the late night show with jimmy fallon. literally. mark paul gosselaar came onto the show to promote his show, raising the bar, but came on as zack morris. and wow. he really looks like he hasn’t aged one bit. i’m sure they spray tanned him and whatnot but he looks the same. and if you’re a big saved by the bell fan like i am, you’ll appreciate all the classic references in the clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


and apparently, jimmy fallon is trying to host a saved by the bell reunion on his show. and so far, it looks like he’s got a lot of people. i’m crossing my fingers!

if anyone’s seen old school, you know about total eclipse of the heart even if you weren’t born in that decade. in case you forgot …

well i’ve never seen the real official video. until now. sort of. it’s not the real song. but a parody ..


HAHAHA. ok. this is just funny. poison frontman and star of vh1’s rock of love, bret michaels was literally knocked down by a set piece while performing at the 2009 tony awards on sunday. the way he falls is really funny. 

anyone else think this is really cool? this design is from eric ku who is a recent sva graduate. this piece is part of his senior thesis project. read more about it from yatzer.

i can’t even say anything. just watch the evolution of a dance party. how it goes from one weird guy dancing to literally the greatest dance party ever.


alex told me about this billboard ad. pretty hilarious. i think it’s clear to see who won this battle between audi and bmw. 



check out more of these on

BAH. i went to sarabeth’s and asked for a chocolate croissant. i come to work. prepared for the glorious chocolate croissant. and what do i get?????


……..almond croissant.



first of all. i had no idea the tonight show starts at 11:35pm. which means the late night show starts at 12:35am. wtf. i can’t believe i watch tv that late. 

i started off watching the colbert report for a couple of minutes. hilarious. for those of you who watch the colbert report, you guys know that colbert report goes on at 11:30pm.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


i actually watched the whole episode online and it was awesome. i recommend checking it out at


back to the tonight show with conan. i watched it with alex last night because he’s got the HD and the 90375928353inch screen. ….oh. and i enjoy his company. …. … .. …… but anyway. the lineup included will ferrell and pearl jam. will ferrell’s always a great guest. super funny. but pearl jam. i don’t know. i thought that was weird. i don’t listen to pearl jam; so for me, it wasn’t so exciting. oh well.

i (well, this was more alex’s concern but i’m stealing it. i’ll include a works cited below) was worried that conan might switch up his comedy because now he was on the tonight show. but thankfully, that wasn’t the case. it was still the goofy awkward comedy conan brings every night. and i liked it. from the intro of running from nyc to ca, monologue, universal tour guide, etc. etc., it was great. will ferrell was obviously a fantastic guest. just watch the video. pearl jam. ehh. to be honest, i don’t remember them at all. i think i was …distracted when they were on.

and can we talk about his hair??? i don’t know what’s in the california air but there’s definitely more umpf in his hair.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


anyway i look forward to more episodes for sure.




**eff the works cited. i’ll admit to plagiarism.

i’ve been waiting for this night forever. no offense, i think jay’s funny and all but conan’s definitely more up my alley. so i’m stoked conan o’brien’s getting this opportunity to host the tonight show. i’m not sure what all of america’s going to think about him because he’s definitely different from jay leno. i feel like jay leno definitely appeals to the masses while conan has a niche (large niche) group. oh well. as long as i’m happy, not too concerned about other people’s options for comedic relief. anyway, it’s on tonight and i’m stoked! i just have to figure out what time the tonight show’s really on. 


i’m not an architecture buff by any means. i don’t know anything about architecture. but i’ve always loooved it. i like buildings. old, new, futuristic, plain, modern, colonial, etc. etc. i like how they fit and exist in an environment. i love how they’re built. i just love everything about it. i actually wished i studied architecture because that’s something i really interested in. but for now, i can only admire. 

anyway, i don’t know many architecture names. i know frank ghery and frank lloyd wright. two major names. well lego and brickstructures and the frank lloyd wright foundation teamed up to bring the masses lego sets of frank lloyd’s buildings. AWESOMEEE.

seriously. a great gift for young architect wannabes or even architect fanatics. read more about it on yatzer.

so gillette’s come out with a series of “how to” videos. they show you the safe and proper way to shave well just about everywhere on your body. and considering gillette is one of the leaders in the shaving industry, i would take their word on shaving techniques. this is geared towards men, but i suppose women can heed the same advice.


and most importantly…


keep it clean ….. and safe fellas!

paranoid – kanye west. apparently this video’s being taken down everywhere. oh well. rihanna’s allll up in this video. more incentive to watch.

Kanye West Paranoid Official Music Video from bonna dona on Vimeo.

this is pretty cool. i’m sure it was rehearsed a bajillion times so it’s easy for these girls. but let’s just pretend it’s their first time and marvel at the greatest of playing on the big ass piano.


i’ve been listening to this song nonstop. every girl by lil wayne, drake, … and some other people. note, this song is really explicit so. i wouldn’t recommend listening to it if you know you’d be offended by a bunch of guys talking about wanting to have sex with every girl. 



i think this song is REALLY entertaining. there are some really “good” lyrics. for one, let’s take lil wayne’s lyrics. he goes “i think you’re bionic. i don’t think you’re beautiful. i think you’re beyond it.” i think lil wayne is one ugly mug. but is it bad that if he used that line on me, i actually might’ve let him get behind it and watch me back it up and dump it back as he says? ladies, no? nobody’s with me on this one?

i think one of the most clever lines i’ve heard in a long time is drake’s. he goes “are any of y’all into girls like i am? let’s be honest”. come on. clever. let’s be honest. lesbionest? it’s clever. don’t hate.

last one. i don’t know who this guy is. but he goes “i’m about to get my bill clinton on. and hilary can ride them too” OOOOH. ride them. rodham? fire. FIIIREE. haha ok, it’s not really fire but who doesn’t love a bill clinton reference???


i don’t know. give it a few go arounds. it’s just a fun song. dirty song but it’s entertaining. makes me laugh and giggle a bit.

so as a little promo for the upcoming season premier of weeds (june 8th), they’ve released this video detailing the history of well .. weed aka marijuana aka sweet mary jane. check it out. i’m not sure how valid ALL the points are in the video, but i feel like i learned a couple of new things.

it’s been a while since i’ve listened to beastie boys but yesterday i was listening to their check your head album which is a great fun album to just listen to. so i was on youtube and what do i find ……….

beastie boys and roots. awesome. 

mannn. it makes me really want to shell out the big bucks for the all points west festival in the summer time. seriously, check out the sick lineup

so i don’t listen to korean music. AT ALL. i know H.O.T. maybe two of their songs. i remember COOL. DJ DOC. but other than that, i’m lost. but i’ve heard of the wonder girls. it’s quality pop music i think. i don’t listen to it but i wouldn’t object to it if it was on the radio or something. 

so i guess “nobody” is a very popular wonder girls song. i’m not sure. someone can confirm or refute that claim. anyway, after perusing the internet, i came across this music video. very powerful message. seriously.


there are a lot of great bagels in nyc. everyone’s got their favorite from H&H, ess-a-bagel, russ & daughters, etc. and will fight to the death to defend their favorite as the best bagel of nyc. i’ve actually been to all of the places and enjoy them all (for a person who doesn’t really love bagels. as you probably know, i prefer pastries. and bacon. and sausage.) but i will say that i LOVE murray’s bagel. call me putty in a murray’s bagel’s lover’s hand, i love how it’s so fluffy and chewy and warm and fluffy. i love fluffy bagels. in nj, bergen county to be more specific, my favorite bagel place is this small bagel place on bergen blvd. by the wendy’s, pathmark, etc. etc. it’s small but it’s packed in the morning. come to jersey, i’ll take you there.

anyway, no better way to start the post memorial day weekend, short work week than having a bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat everything bagel from murrays. wooord.

bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat everything bagel

ok. i found this video on a coworker’s blog. HOLY SHIZA it is awesome. ok. just watch it. and click the HD button so you see it in HIIIGHHH DEFINITTTIONNN. 


check out bilal’s blog. really awesome if you’re into photography and nature.

does anyone else LOVE this heineken commercial like i do? you know, the “let a stranger drive you home” one where everyone’s singing biz markie’s “just a friend” in a cab. for one, it’s a great song. two, it’s a good psa of sorts. definitely a plus for heineken. 

now i don’t know if this makes me want to drink heineken over .. any beer. but i’ll watch the commercial many times.

So every morning I take the bus to Port Authority and then take the subway to work. So if you’ve been to the Port, you know there’s Au Bon Pain everywhere. I remember getting stuff there sometimes when I went to NYU and it being pretty good. Well I was running late and just getting hungry so I decided to get a chocolate croissant there. ………….WOW what a mistake.

Ok, I’m not one of those food snobs. I just really can’t distinguish good food from great food. I’m sure I can pick what I think is better but when I’m eating I don’t tend to compare. I just savor what’s in front of me. It’s either tasty and edible or not. This is why I can eat leftovers for days and days.

Anyway. I don’t know if it was a bad batch or what. But considering I’ve been eating a lot of Amy’s Bread’s and Sarabeth’s chocolate croissant, I expect buttery goodness. Which this was not. I can’t describe the disappointment. It’s like if you were in some raffle for a million dollars and they’re going to announce the winner’s name. So you hear the first, “Gina ..” so you take a step forward with a goofy grin on your face. “.. Rodriguez!” OOOHHHHHH. She pushes past you. And there you are. Foolish. That’s how I feel. Dang…

And yes, I’m a chocolate croissant snob.

The long weekend has officially started. Well not really. It’s just the weather is so gorgeous that it feels like it should be the weekend already. Most people have half days .. I know I did (supposed to. shhhhhh) so technically it did start.

Anyway, went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Fort Lee, NJ with Jung. So you know there are good pictures. I’m gonna confess, I’m not really a breakfast person. GASP. I know. Let me clarify. I love breakfast when I’m not paying $10 for someone to fry my eggs and bacon. I could do that and have platters and platters of bacon. You know what i mean? Do something complicated or grueling. Make me a croissant and I’ll pay you. But anyway back to OPH (as my friends call it or OHOP). Now that you know I hate paying for breakfast, my meal was FANTASTIC.

I had the good ol’ bacon and eggs. The bacon is just the winner here. Thick, salty, crunchy, porky. Basically delicious. And what can you say about their pancakes. It’s fluffy and delicious. I figuratively licked my plate clean (I try not to do embarrassing things in public).

Gosh. Bacon. So good but so bad but so good.

so i don’t know anything about art. i don’t know history, artist names, artist works, genres, etc. etc. i just know what i see and if i like what i see. so i was perusing yatzer, and came across jan vormann’s work in berlin. it’s really cool for a couple of reasons. i’ve actually been to berlin. i was there for a week for school. i can’t tell you the names and places i’ve been but trust me, i was in the heart of berlin. i actually remember potsdamer. is that right? anyway, there are parts of berlin that’s really new with cool buildings and whatnot. but there are a lot of places in berlin that are actually preserved from the old days. so jan vormann goes around plugging some holes with plastic (lego) pieces aka dispatching. 

i think the lego pieces adds a nice little twist on the historicness of it all. i’m big on colors and whatnot so it’s really refreshing and vibrant. i could see how some people think it’s tacky or something. but look how the pieces fit so snugly. i think it’s really cool. 

check out more pictures on yatzer

check out jan vorsmann earlier stuff.

so i’m sure you’ve heard this song on the radio. at least this part .. “you the you the best. you the you the best. you the you the best. you’re the best i ever had … ” etc. etc. well it’s from the song “best i eva had” by drake. 


well … did you know? this kid is the kid from DEGRASSI? you know, jimmy brooks? the one that gets shot and is now in a wheelchair?


i guess he’s an actor, singer, and rapper. TRIPLE THREATTTT. he’s like the male and canadian version of hannah montana aka miley cyrus.

i’m sure you’ve been to a house of someone you’ve just kinda met. maybe it’s a new friend, a boyfriend, girlfriend, in law, etc. etc. they offer you a snack and drink. you politely decline but they insist anyway. so off to the kitchen they go which leaves you a couple of minutes to peruse the immediate area. usually, you’re in the living room where the room’s abundant with some family photos and whatnot. clearly, they’re meant to be looked at. so you do. and then you notice …

and then..



well, that’s what is alll about. so check it out. there’s more where these came from. some are funny, some are really weird. and some are just CREEEEPY

can you believe it? some woman in texas has done nearly the impossible. she gave brith to twins. but each baby from a different father. they call this a double conception. and there is literally a one in a million chance for something like this to occur. ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at HISTORY. 

if you look at the picture, i guess they do look a bit different. but seriously, how crazy is this? so how did this happen? i’m not quite 100% sure. basically this dallas texas lady cheated on her partner with another guy. and then magically (or scientifically) they both got her pregnant at the same time. i’m probably not the best person to explain the science of this to you. because that’s just spreading lies. 

when i read the article, i was so dumbfounded but learned a good lesson:

  • if you’re going to cheat, use PROTECTION. condoms, birth control pills, etc. etc. at least if you don’t want both of them to get you pregnant. or use protection with one if you want to get pregnant. at least that way you’re saving time and money in trying to figure out who the baby daddy is. then your chances of getting caught cheating decreases too. 

oh, and with those odds of having a double conecption, i would’ve played the lottery..

so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. ok, that’s lie. i’ve been meaning to post about this maybe two weeks ago but i’ve been busy. at work. but anyway, pretend it’s two weeks ago.


so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. and guess what i’ve come across …

AWESOME. apparently, people are preordering these suckers like CRAZY. to be honest, a little too expensive for me. i don’t even know what i’d do with them. but i just want them. nostalgia. but if i had kids or something, i’d definitely buy them. or if i was some big movie paraphernalia collector. 

preorder your where the wild things are kubrick set. 

ok. i’m going to assume that everybody’s read where the wild things are at some point in their life. most likely childhood. i don’t think i’ve met anyone, at least from my generation (i’m an 80s baby) that hasn’t read this book. eh, there might be a couple. but only because they didn’t grow up in america. you guys know what i’m talking about.

well guess what, they’re finally making it into a movie. I KNOW. awesome. and guess who’s directing it … SPIKE JOOONZE (pretend you hear me saying it like i’m saying mike jooones. you know, the rapper). he’s done a bunch of music videos that i love. i’m super stoked. and you know who’s composing the music? carter burwell and karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs. yeah, i have no idea who carter burwell is but i sure damn well know who karen o is. 

can you tell how stoked i am? just a little. can’t wait for october..

how awesome are these. a cap that also acts as a small sack of sorts. i can make a list of why you should get one:

1. it’s a cap

2. it’s a sack

3. it’s a cap and a sack


5. multi functional

6. protect you from sunlight

7. you can put little things in there like other sacks … if you know what i mean.

8. adds to your hipster style

9. it’s just awesome.

click here to buy your cap-sac.

i know NOTHING about star trek. i meant to post this last week, but i’ve been super busy and whatnot. but i saw this on the picture site my cousin sue sent me. it’s pretty effin sweeeeet.

check out the site:

did you hear? at nyu’s all university commencement this year, hillary clinton was the commencement speaker. WTF. for the 177th commencement, they have secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton. so i got to thinking, who was my commencement speaker last year? i remember michael strahan was there; michael j. fox was there. but you know who i had last year at nyu? laurence tribe. yeah, i have no idea what that mug is either. 

both mine and this year’s commencements were held in yankee stadium. mine was at the old yankee stadium. this year it was held at the new yankee stadium. both pretty historic (although i like to say mine was more – i also like to say that the graduation was the last group of people to be in yankee stadium. give it a more awe feeling. but not true, it was still baseball season). 

but you know what makes my graduation better than this year’s? this guy….


have you ever been to the museum and seen art that’s pretty much somthing like a white canvas with a red dot on the side? or something soooo simple like a black wall. or a stripe. or something you think is SO easy to do. i do all the time. i think, “i can do that.” well….


i think mr. t sums it up right. you better treat your mother right!


happy mother’s day! or post mother’s day. has anyone seen this past saturday night live with justin timberlake? because i didn’t. but a great digital short from justin timberlake and adam samberg. this is for all the moms …


so my cousin’s baby (my niece?) is turning one sooooon. so i’m trying to find some nice gifts and whatnot. i stumbled upon this on etsy. 


AWESOME. i remember when i was younger, my brother and i just used our white white white walls to measure our growth. we had all these black, gray, blue, and red markings on the wall. yeah.. my markings didn’t get too high…


anyway, she might be too young for this gift (and it’s WAY out of my budget) but i need help!

my brother imed me this url at work:

my initial reaction was something to do with the UFC. he’s into that stuff so naturally that’s what i thought. but guess what, it’s nottttt. instead, it’s WAY better.

apparently, oprah’s buying the nation the grilled chicken meal at kfc. AWESOME. because it tastes good? don’t know. but it’s definitely free. don’t believe me? i know. don’t worry, i read the small print. and what tastes better than FREE? uhhhh NOTHING. (ok, only catch is you have to print it by 11:59pm. so get to it!)


but anyone else think the url’s a bittt funny? maybe i’m looking way into it. but it seems like as in, not think kfc. hmm….

man, who needs the bailout when you’ve got OPRAH? …actually, a bailout from oprah would be awesome.

the lonely island. akiva schaffer, jorma taccone, and andy samberg. if you don’t recognize their names, you’d probably recognize their work on SNL: dick in a box, iran so far, etc. and other SNL digital shorts. well they’ve come out with an album called incredibad.

this is one of my more favorite videos they’ve come out with: like a boss. special cameo by seth rogen. 

saw this video. it’s kind of really ridiculous. i guess they’re a littttle bit behind on the times. 

anyone watch letterman last night? i never watch letterman. never. but regardless, even i know about letterman’s top ten list. well because of the tough times, letterman brought on an expert to give you financial tips. who? donald trump, of course.

personally, i love 8, 4, and 1. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

summer is a coming. which means it’s grilling season. so why not grill in style?

it’s super lightweight and folds for convenience. you know, when you’re grilling at the park or something. get it before grilling season gets into fulllll swing. click below or the picture for more info.

GOODNESS GRACIOUS. i don’t know anything about cars. but i wouldn’t mind driving this badboy around. check out more at


picture courtesy of


did anyone hear about this? apparently a 7 year old girl in switzerland found a condom in her happy meal. fries to be more specifc. hmmm. i’m assuming it was a very small condom or a very big fry. OH! hey yo! or or or or or … some employee felt the girl needed protection from any possible diseases the fries could have. OH!! more like an UNHAPPY meal! WHOOO! cue the drums!



.. i know. really lame. i can’t help myself!!

someone forwarded me this video. great voice. great song. great music video. check out oren lavie – her morning elegance.

so have you noticed that t-mobile’s going viral? they’ve got one where a bunch of dancers take over a train station in liverpool and another one where a whole mass of people are singing “hey jude”. it’s pretty awesome.

my favorite’s the “hey jude” one. kind of gives me goosebumps. i wish i was there …..

t-mobile .. contact me! i’ll gladly be in a viral video for you!


did you hear about this? jung texted me this morning about biden and his comments about subway trains and planes. so of course i looked it up. and boy, the white house already has released an apology for biden’s remarks. damn it biden! keep it together! come on!

you know the shamwow guy .. vince. so you know he’s on another commercial. the slap chop. it’s pretty much like any other chopping utensil. you know, the first time i saw him, i knew he would be a star. i just didn’t know he’d have a rapping career …


i love feist. i especially like her videos. my cousin sue reminded me of this one. so it’s kind of a mini shout out to her. it’s one evening by feist. 

something about the awkward dancing is so awesome. it’s almost painful to watch at first. but you kind of warm up to and love it. at least i do. maybe because i’ve done this awkward dancing in front of my mirror before.

mayer hawthorne is amazing. i’m a gal who looooves motown and just the old school r&b jams. i’ve got a biggg soft spot for that genre. mayer hawthorne’s got this old school thing going on and it’s unbelievable. he just made a new video for “just ain’t gonna work out”. check it out. 


and yes, he’s white. i know, you can’t believe it.

la sunset tan in ramsey nj is hosting miss tan new jersey! it’s pretty much like a pageant i suppose. the winner gets so mad crazy stuff like cash, a 50 in. flat screen, etc. etc. the only reason i know about is because one of my good friends, danielle, will be in itttt. whatttt. but it’s for a good cause. all proceeds will be given to the diabetes research institute. donnie klang will be there. you know, the white guy from making the band 4. diddy whattt. (diddy’s my secret guilty pleasure). 

but everyone should go out and support. it’s a good cause. details below. i believe tickets range from $30-$200. watch some hot girls strut their stuff. 

i haven’t listened to ben folds in SO long. he just released a new album. it’s pretty much like a greatest hits album. he went around to different universities and recorded his songs with university acappella groups. 

check out the article here

listen to it for free on imeem here.

speaking of single ladies …


somewhere in that mass, you’d find susan, sung hee unnie, and moiiiiii*.


 *ok, not really.

ok, so hopefully everyone’s read the post below the swine flu one about single ladies. i just want to point out a few things. it’s not a rebuttal or anything. it’s actually a little to the right of the topic. 

being single is totally fine. i embraced it. and still do. i don’t think it’s human nature for a human to settle on one soulmate.i think the fact that we do is a miracle. i’m sure everyone’s seen someone on the street that they’re wildly attracted to. someone you wanted to talk to. someone you didn’t want to talk to but just .. bang (lack of good word). the mere suppression of desire is a miracle. 

so with that said, being single is perfecly ok. just own it. but i guess that’s if you’re claiming you want to be and like to be single. which then this wouldn’t be the problem. 

if you feel like you deserve better than this single life, well suck it up. stop complaining and just live your life up. being so preoccuppied with not having a relationship is probably having a negative impact on you and your relationships (potential ones too). and stop talking about it. who wants to hear someone complain about the same thing endlessly? nobody likes a complainer. single, married, boyfriend, girlfriend, separated, no children, children, 15 children, student, etc., nobody wants to hear it all the time. once in a while, fine. everytime, NO. people call you to have fun. not to continuously hear you sulk. so don’t complain and just have fun. good things will happen.


otherwise, you’ll soon be labled a debbie downer or negative nancy ..

i’ve been listening to this song nonstop for weeks now. soo good. anyone love it as much as i love it? i’m talking about knock you down by keri hilson ft. kanye west and ne-yo. 

hahaha the best lyric has to be ne-yo’s:

“i used to be commander in chief of my pimp shit flying highhhh”

it’s pretty much alex’s favorite line in the song because it just cracks us up. anyone else think it’s funny?

first, let me say how GORGEOUS today is. although my allergies are kicking my ass today. walked from subway to work. walked into chelsea market. walked into amy’s. looked at the pain au chocolat and then i remembered! and with all my will power, i walked out and headed over to sarabeth’s. 

chocolate croissant

omgggg. THANK GOD i had the will to leave amy’s. this is one of the best chocolate croissants i’ve ever had. i just felt so. delightful after i ate it. so good with a glass of milk and coffee. the croissant part was so flaky and delicious. what a good breakfast. 

my only regret is not buying one from amy’s bread for comparison and another one from sarabeth’s just because.

so swine flu’s hitting hard, huh? i guess i’m pretty ignorant to the news. i knew the swine flu was making some buzz but i didn’t realize the damage it was doing until last night. 

it’s just hard to think about the swine flu and this gorgeous weather at the same time. if you looked at my arms, you’d know all i’ve been doing is enjoying the weather.


but seriously. be careful. swine flu.

i’m a huuuuge jets fan. i love the jets. even though they always manage to disappoint me every year. yesterday was the first day of the nfl draft. the jets made some big moves. long story short, they traded their 17th pick and some other picks and players for the 5th overall pick. and guess who we got …

mark sanchez. WHOOO!!!


ok, to be honest, i have no idea if he’s great or what. i know he played for usc which is always a really good college football team. let’s hope this could help the jets …

i have my fingers crossed ..

so recently, i posted about that south park episode that pokes fun at kanye. and then kanye responded on his blog. well, he was recently on BET to feature his new video, amazing ft. young jeezy. and let’s just say you can’t change a genius.


the interview starts around minute 4 which is the main reason to watch the video.

so there’s nothing better than just walking around the city, soaking in the sun, and popping into an art gallery or two or three or four during a nice hot day. i’m fortunate to work in west chelsea where there are a huge number of galleries within two or three blocks from me. unfortunately, i don’t really take advantage of it because well, i’m at work. 

but there’s this garage i pass by all the time. they’ve been building something for a while now and finally it’s done. it’s cool. jung probably has a way better pic but these are some iphone ones. 

plane side 1
plane other side

plane front

adel abdessemed

check it out on 19th and 10th.

how dope is this? not sure if it’s comfortable but it’s hella cool. all aluminum and HAND bent. word.

there’s other cool cool ass stuff from here. check it out at yatzer! (i feel like i need an exclamation after yatzer because it’s so close to yahtzee)

you either love or hate tracy morgan. i, love tracy morgan. he’s random as hell and just crazy and ridiculous. iiii like it. a clip of tracy morgan talking just nonsense on a radioshow. but it’s hilarious.

check it out here:

it’s definitely hard to find a house you love, especially on the east coast (compared to west coast). but damn i love this synagogue turned penthouse ..

check out more at

happy bagel friday! i’m not sure what’s going on but i’ve been craving pastries this whole week. which i’ve satisfied. and to close, we have bagel friday. whooo.


so that’s my breakfast. two glasses of milk, a cup of coffee, croissant which i forced grape jelly into, toasted and buttered bagel half with half grape jelly, CORN MUFFIN, cinnamon bun type thing, and yogurt. oh, i have an orange and banana somewhere there. and that cereal, i’m just hoarding so i have something for a rainy day. thank you work for bagel fridays.


delicious. i swear i don’t always eat like this. i either stick to bagels or pastries. not both.



  1. Magic Nursery Babies ( toys)
  2. Alf – enough said
  3. Garbage kid cards
  4. Toyota Corollas 1987 – especially shades of brown
  5. Mili Vanilli


  1. thick socks around the ankle all smushed – unless you’re a cheerleader or an 80’s aerobics instructor.  no need for them
  2. long frizzy hair – more for guys.  like metal rocker hair
  3. side ponytails – WTF was going on with that?


  1. jeans from the 80’s – acid wash and even the way you wore them either rolled up or safety pinned
  2. shoulder pads – on women’s clothes, including tshirts 
  3. McRibs – I may possibly be in the minority but I always thought they tasted funny.
  4. big bangs
  5. first generation hyundai – from what I heard, the car would come to a smoking stop if you drove with the AC and radio on during the summer time


  1. lunchables (gross)
  2. my little pony
  3. rubix cube (simply impossible)
  4. parachute pants
  5. aresenio hall




  1. Beverly Hills Teens (cartoon)
  2. Moonlighting (detective show)
  3. Tinkerbell BO-PO (brush off- peel off) nail polish
  4. Skip It
  5. Happy Meal boxes or Rotary phones (both good)


  1. DOWNTOWN JULIE BROWN – need i say more?
  2. the delorean – back to the future whatttt
  3. michael jackson – the black one.
  4. boomboxes at home, on the streets, everywhere!


  1. penny loafers – most comfortable/versatile footwear in the history of mankind.
  2. jem – a classic good vs. evil cartoon. 
  3. MacGyver – wouldn’t we all feel safer if MacGyver came back into our lives.
  4. toys r us jingle – how fantastic was that jingle.  You know you’re signing along
  5. Movies like breakfast club – no explanation necessary


  1. plastic lunchboxes with superheroes on them
  2. slap bracelets
  3. tiger video games
  4. pump shoes
  5. color changing clothing – You know…You whear a green shirt and someone walks up, puts their hand on you and the heat from their hand changes your shirt from green to lighter green
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