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American artist Jennifer Rubell has created a life-sized waxwork of William which mimics his pose at the press event on the day the engagement was announced.

Best of all, you’ll discover that when you slip your hand through the royal arm, there is already a replica of the diamond and sapphire engagement ring affixed to “William’s” arm.

Just slip your ring finger through and voila! You’re engaged to the man who is second in line to the British throne. – Reuters

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Read this article on NPR News about a baby tiger being drugged and stuffed in a bag to be smuggled in.   It never ceases to surprise me the crazy things that people will do….

So if you haven’t heard and if you are not already following, Kanye West joined Twitter last week.   Read this on Huffington Post the other day.  It’s pretty hilarious.

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No matter how many times I see it, it always surprises me when I see articles/coverage about Korean food in a mainstream/reputable media source.  When I saw this article about Korean style tacos all over US in the  New York Times, I have to be honest, it made me feel proud to be a Korean.

I started to see the promotional commercial for “The Apprentice” this past week and I am fully understanding the power of empathy while watching these commercials.   As I am watching these folks get emotional about losing jobs and not having income coming in, I can’t help but to relate and completely connecting with these contestants.

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A gentleman named Rick Norsigian is living the life that I want.  He bought some negatives at a garage sale for $45 and eventually discovered that the negatives belonged to the great Ansel Adams.  And yes, Mr. Norsigian was recently informed that the negatives were appraised for $200 million dollars.

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“A 40-ton whale flipped into the air and smashed the mast of a 33-foot boat off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, on Sunday, July 18, 2010. The couple on board was not injured, but their boat was wrecked. The whale then slid down the boat and back into the water. There are reports the boat was harassing the whale prior to the attack.” – CBS News Site

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Aka “Barefoot Bandit”.  Just saw the Today show do a clip about this 19 year old kid named Colton Harris Moore.   | continue reading |

I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of this song.  Just saw this on Today Show and Good Day New York.  Funny thing is, Greg and Rosanna commented “awww, look the kid is crying because he doesn’t want to hear this song anymore….. I don’t know why this video is viral.”  I couldn’t believe they completely missed the joke!

Another interesting article on NYTimes.  Recently saw the new Taco Bell Drive-Thru commercial and wondered about this topic.  Interesting article about this new “fad”.   Although the article clearly states all the reasons why this wasn’t a miracle weight-loss pill, I LOVE Mexican food so the Taco Bell fresco menu really appeals to me more than any other.  But then again, I don’t like the idea of having to drive to Taco Bell couple of times a week….. Hmmmmm… what does that say about how much effort I want to put into my weight-loss plan? : |

There were 2 articles about my fellow Koreans in NYTimes that I read this week.  They couldn’t be more different from one another.  One was about the Koreans totally ruling the world of texting and the other was about the rise in Koreans committing suicides.

Heard about a tour that focuses on LA Gangs on NPR this afternoon.  I know this is something that I personally wouldn’t want to do.  It made me wonder who would want to go on a tour like this.

Then I read the NY Times article.  And here’s the first paragraph:

“LOS ANGELES — The tour organizer received assurances, he says, from four gangs that they would not harass the bus when it passed through their turf. Paying customers must sign releases warning of potential danger. And after careful consideration, it was decided not to have residents shoot water guns at the bus and sell “I Got Shot in South Central” T-shirts.”

Heard about this on Good Day New York.  After Charles Phillips, an executive at Oracle decided to mend things with his wife, Ms YaVaughnie decided that she wasn’t gonna away quietly.  It apparently cost this mistress $250k to put up all these billboards around the country.  Charles and YaVaughnie, “You are my soulmate forever!”  Clearly she’s bitter and the website she put up with all these pictures of them together is down due to the flood of visitors.  There are so many scumbags out there it makes me so sad.

There’s a good reason why the anchor woman can’t keep a straight face.  The caption on the bottom of the screen reads,  “32 year old unemployed Mr. Park dies after stepping on a Lego.”  Seriously, it makes me feel much better about my life.  Is that wrong?  Yeah…. it probably is!

I don’t usually watch ABC World News Tonight or any of the nightly news shows since I am still at work.  However, last nite, serendipitously, I was home AND was watching the show.  It turns out, it was Charles Gibson’s last show and he was signing off for the last time.  I hate good-byes and I hate emotional good-byes even more.  But it was so genuine, sincere and touching so I wanted to share.

Saw this the other day.  Wondering if I will see something like this in the real world in my life time….

Saw this couple of months ago on 60 Minutes and it really freaked me out.  I think I’m a fairly impressionable and something like this will get my imaginations going till the end of time.  John thinks I’m being paranoid for no reason but 60 Minutes told me to be scared!  You could watch the full clip here on CBS.

New York Magazine has an annual list of “Reasons to LOVE New York“.  I don’t know if we need a list every year but it’s always nice to be reminded for me, since I think I forget time to time.  New York is a definitely the best place to be most of the time…

Saw this the other day on NYTimes and it almost made me want to move back South.  I haven’t seen a layer cake like this in a really long time and I would totally LOVE one for xmas please!

I have found a new admiration and respect for this site called Daily Beast today.  When they first launched, they shared the same floor in my office and for most part, it was not a pleasant experience.  However, I gotta give them props for having  a pretty fantastic site.  The content is well aggregated and interesting.  And not to mention, it’s a gorgeous site.  Tina Brown, I forgive you for turning the lights off in the bathroom while I was still in the there….

Here’s an interesting article about Google and how technology is making us dumb.

is anyone else sick of tiger woods, his mistresses, accident, wife, scandal, etc? i understand he’s a huge public figure. he’s a role model. he deserves the scrutiny but for real, let the man be. celebrities in general shouldn’t be your life role model. if you like them for their acting, sports skills, etc., just look at that. i think it’s always difficult to copy someone’s life especially when their life is SO different from yours. how can you possibly understand what a celebrity’s life is like and vice versa? i’m not saying tiger woods is right. i think his wife should smash all the windows in his car, break his golf clubs, and try to beat the crap out of him and his hos. BUT i don’t think our media should be covering garbage like that. what about the summit at copenhagen? our economy?

oh well, i guess we’re just a nosy bunch. a note to future boyfriends or husband. if you cheat on me, i will not be diplomatic. i will kick at your nuts many many many times.

I am kind of baffled by this news of the President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I wonder how many qualified people not in the spotlight, are wondering why they didn’t get this award.  I’m sure they are just as baffled as I am.

But more importantly, focus on the gentleman in the back, snickering as the President Obama’s name is announced…. Classic!

so 400 years of friendship with the netherlands will get you this ..

check more out at


Heard about this story about Jaycee Dugard Saturday morning in the comforts of bed.  As I was listening to the story being told in front of me, I couldn’t stop wondering what life was like for Jaycee and her 2 kids for the past 18 years.  For 18 years, she had missed out in so much of the real world and so much of life.  Not only that, she was living in conditions that most of us would be mortified by.

Then it made me question where God was in all this.  In the midst of this tragedy.  In the midst of someone’s life.  In the midst of such injustice.  He knows all, sees all, and is everywhere all the time.  So how can He let this happen?  How can he allow this to happen to someone? 

I just don’t have an answer.  I just don’t know.  Cause my little mind with my little understanding of who God is, I just can’t rationalize or grasp His ways in such situation.  I know that’s not good enough answer for most people and actually that’s not good enough answer for me either.  But I can’t try to understand God in these kind of situation when I am struggling with His place in my own life.

Many times, I am so self-absorbed in my little world with my worries and my life that I forget how blessed I really am.  Why do I refuse to see that most of the time?  So focused on all the things that He’s not doing in my life and so focused on things that I don’t have in my life, I can’t see the incredible things that He is doing and has given in my life.


Saw this on the news the other morning.  Still trying to figure out if it’s real or not. 


Saw this article on TIME titled, “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin“.  And it made me really curious since John and I were thinking about starting a P90X this week.  And trust me, the biggest reason why we are doing this is because we want to be thin.  Should I even bother at this point?

traffic control 5095_112309391544_615571544_2493858_8345447_n


SONIC is a fast food joint that is all over the South.  John and I recently found one somewhat near us and these are the pix from our venture.  Customers park their cars and the carhoppers on roller skates/blades bring your food to your car.   It’s a pretty neat experience IMO. 

Then this morning John told me about a Sheriff getting hurt while traffic controling at this Sonic location on Route17.  Just read the article and it was some idiot Asian kid who caused this incident.  This is pretty ridiculous.  We walked there then realized they had a drive-thru, so went thru the drive thru to get our food.  The lines were totally out of control.

Far as the food is concerned.  The burgers were pretty decent and the variety of drinks and desserts are totally awesome.  But more importantly, tatter Tots with cheese and chilli.  ‘Nuff said!

Saw this on Today show.  Ladybugs completely taking over an entire tree, somewhere in Jefferson County in Colorado.  How come nobody is freaking out about this?  I was getting itchy just looking at this broadcast.  I mean, clearly, this is not NORMAL folks! 

So my Anderson Cooper was on 60 Minutes couple of weeks ago talking about the drug war crisis in Mexico.  It’s probably one of the scariest thing I’ve seen in a really long time.  Maybe the reason why it scares me is because Mexico seems so close to us.  The problem seems extremely daunting for everyone involved.  And I do believe that eventually it will affect US.  It’s just matter of time.

Note:  Juarez, the city that is mentioned in this clip is a border town to El Paso, where I lived for almost 4 years.  If you wanted to you, you could’ve walked over to Juarez, Mexico from El Paso, Texas.

goodness gracious. ok, i’ve been slacking hard on this. really hard. so a lot’s happened since i last posted which seems like 6 years ago.

within a week, 4 major celebrities passed away. yes, 4. i know you know about michael jackson and farrah fawcett. who are the other two?

well there was ed mcmahon. he was johnny carson’s announcer and side kick on the tonight show for decades. he also hosted star search where many of our stars today performed (justin timberlake, lauryn hill, aaliyah, dave chappelle, destiny’s child, etc.) he also starred in a Cash4Gold commercial with mc hammer during the super bowl. so you know he was cool guy. being able to put his pride aside for a commercial like that.

then there’s billy mays. who’s billy mays? he’s the guy that convinced you to buy you oxi clean and other stuff. he’s the infomerical king. not a celebrity? pssshhh. you try to sell nonsense and make it into a successful career. i bet you if you closed your eyes and heard his voice, you would recognize it in a heartbeat.

and poor farrah fawcett. she got straight shafted. seriously. does anybody even remember that she passed away? i don’t know if that was appropriate or not. but seriously. it should’ve been her day. people should be remembering her. but nope. hours later, michael jackson passes away. man. i mean granted michael jackson was clearly a way bigger star, icon, celebrity, etc. than farrah fawcett and his death was a lot more shocking but everyone just forgot about her. kind of sad really.

and what can i say about michael jackson. biggest star ever. biggest international star. i don’t know who else is a bigger star than michael jackson. the influence this man had on the world. crazy. just crazy.

i think a moment of silence is appropriate ..


Japanese did it again.  Good idea? Bad idea?  What if it’s actually good reading?  I would feel pressure to sit there and read and read.



The New York Times, is my primary source of news/information.  This new NYTimes building happens to be right in front of Port Authority, where I happen to be, at least 5 times a week.  I heard it’s truly gorgeous inside this building. Maybe one day I’ll get to go inside….

NOOOOTTTT. somebody was telling me about this. in a recent interview, obama was seen swatting a fly to its death. it’s really impressive actually. the focus. precision. strength. all there.

and of course peta has issues.



You heard it right.  Octomom the musical is here.  Or in LA rather.  I don’t even know what to say about this….


Seriously, you and I both know, that if I had made this up…. you probably wouldn’t even crack a smirk.  But the fact that there are people actually living on a street called “butt hole road“, somewhere on this planet, is freaking entertaining for me.  And no, it’s not an one way street.


2009 World Beard and Mustache Championships took place in Alaska yesterday.  Nuff said.

So I heard about this bank error on Today’s show.  It’s basically about a man named Leo Gao who received over $6 million in his bank account in error and instead of notifying the bank, he decided to flee the country with his girl friend Kara Young with the money.  Then I found out he is KOREAN!!!!! WTF?????  Seriously, why I am hearing so much about Koreans in the news?  It sucks since it’s usually something bad.


This isn’t a photoshopped pix.  It’s Zachary Boyd wearing his “i love ny” boxers while defending against the Taliban.  I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they were captured or something and the conversation that might’ve taken place between the Taliban soliders.  I’m certain at least few Taliban soldiers would’ve totally chuckled.  You could read the actual speech by Bob Gates here talking about Zachary in NYtimes.


Saw this article called “A Chili Sauce to Crow About,” in NYTIMES.  It says that Sriracha has more than 120,000 fans on Facebook.  That’s how you know you’ve arrived in the world!

can you believe it? some woman in texas has done nearly the impossible. she gave brith to twins. but each baby from a different father. they call this a double conception. and there is literally a one in a million chance for something like this to occur. ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at HISTORY. 

if you look at the picture, i guess they do look a bit different. but seriously, how crazy is this? so how did this happen? i’m not quite 100% sure. basically this dallas texas lady cheated on her partner with another guy. and then magically (or scientifically) they both got her pregnant at the same time. i’m probably not the best person to explain the science of this to you. because that’s just spreading lies. 

when i read the article, i was so dumbfounded but learned a good lesson:

  • if you’re going to cheat, use PROTECTION. condoms, birth control pills, etc. etc. at least if you don’t want both of them to get you pregnant. or use protection with one if you want to get pregnant. at least that way you’re saving time and money in trying to figure out who the baby daddy is. then your chances of getting caught cheating decreases too. 

oh, and with those odds of having a double conecption, i would’ve played the lottery..

This only makes me see how daunting our future really is.  It’s frightening to say the least.

jack tight shot wall

Mr. Keifer Sutherland seems to get into alot of trouble out in the real world.  It makes me wonder if it’s because he maybe, possibly believes that he’s really Jack Bauer inside.  So the story goes, Mr. Sutherland actually head-butted someone at a bar in NYC.  He didn’t punch the guy, he didn’t choke the guy, he didn’t kick the guy, he HEAD-BUTTED the guy.  It made me wonder if Mr. Sutherland was screaming out, “Do you know who I am?  I am Jack Bauer!  I protected Presidents,  saved countless American lives from various forms of potential terrorist attacks, and I KNOW how to cause some REAL pain!!!!!”


Here’s some aspects about this news story that I find utterly fascinating and entertaining:

  1. The fact that this guy actually consciously decided to not only rob people, but dress up as a ninja to rob people.
  2. The fact that this guy thought his ninja/nunchuck/stealth skillz was good enough to dress up as a ninja, not just as a mask man, or a cowboy, or a mailman.
  3. These comical ninja costume pictures being flashed during news cast, as the reporter says things like, “the ninja burglar may look like this man… “
  4. Notice that these burglaries are only happening in Staten Island.  Seriously…. alot of “odd” things happen there. I know, I actually lived there for a year.
  5. The fact that nobody is reporting some random dude dressed as a ninja roaming the streets of Staten Island.  Could it be that he’s that stealth-like?????
  6. The terrorized victims describe in awe, his fighting, climbing, and running skills.
  7. The fact that this man has robbed SEVENTEEN times and hasn’t been caught yet.  How hard would it be for the police to catch a man dressed up as a ninja?  I lived there, trust me, there aren’t alot of ninjas walking around Victory Blvd.

He may possibly look like this:


But more likely, he probably looks like this:


Here’s an actual report, not funny one, but a serious one about this news story on NY1.


Seriously, this is a pretty fantastic idea.  Read about these guys who go around NYC, eating really great burgers and ranking them in NYTimes.  I don’t know if I am jealous at the fact that these guys get to try out really good burgers or the fact that I didn’t come up with this idea first and got featured in NYtimes…. 


So I heard about this blog called “GOOP” by Gwyneth Paltrow couple of weeks ago on Good Day New York but after reading Jen’s post about the site, I actually made the time to check out the site.  With all the critics out there, I totally agree with Jen.  I think it’s a really nifty site and of course it’s a beautifully executed.  And yes, I registered to receive the weekly newsletter from Mrs. Coldplay.  I’m sure in the future, I’ll be sure to share things that I’ve learned from these weekly newsletters. 

But it did make me wonder why she is doing this and if eventually, if she will monetize her site and bombard the page with display media ads.



picture courtesy of


did anyone hear about this? apparently a 7 year old girl in switzerland found a condom in her happy meal. fries to be more specifc. hmmm. i’m assuming it was a very small condom or a very big fry. OH! hey yo! or or or or or … some employee felt the girl needed protection from any possible diseases the fries could have. OH!! more like an UNHAPPY meal! WHOOO! cue the drums!



.. i know. really lame. i can’t help myself!!

did you hear about this? jung texted me this morning about biden and his comments about subway trains and planes. so of course i looked it up. and boy, the white house already has released an apology for biden’s remarks. damn it biden! keep it together! come on!


the OG BFF

I heard this on NPR this morning.  Apparently, there’s been a poll about  true friendships and the average number true frienships we have in our lives.  The poll was complied by a company called “One Poll“.  And the answer is, 3.  On the average, we have 3 true friends.  That works out perfectly for our cats since there’s 4 of them.  They could all have just the right amount of true friends in their lives. 


John was telling me how he saw this news article about how much it cost the tax payers for the air force one fiasco in new york city the other day.  I was totally floored.  $300,000!!!!!!! Yes, you read it correctly, that’s how much it cost for the air force one to fly over ground zero/statute of liberty with fighter jet escort, and scare the crap out of the paranoid new yorkers. 

Of course, folks like Jon Stewart was able to come up with much more cost-efficient way to deal such tasks.  Jon Stewart’s solution seems sooo much more reasonable compared to 300k.  And there’s something else I found on NY Daily News called, “Create Your Own NYC Air Force One Flyover Photo.”  Pretty hilarious!


I heard this morning that some lady working at Ernst and Young has been diagnosed with the infamous swine flu.  So in order to deal with the situation, they’ve given the employees working in her building to work from home for the time being. 

So basically my plan would be for Jeff to get the “symptoms” of the swine flu and would go around the building displaying these symptoms until someone suggests that he gets tested.  And since it takes couple of days for the test results to come back, hopefully we have enough paranoid people in the building for the building to shut down and for me to work from home.  Jeff would be the ideal candidate since he goes to every floor, at least couple of times a day, touching everything.  This would ensure that the entire building shut down as a precaution.  Even though CKB is on his fabulous vaca in Europe, I KNOW he could would through and make this happen for us.  And yes, there’s a solid chance that CKB would be choking on his sangria as he scrambles to make this happen, but this is the cost that he will have to pay for the greater good!   Such a solid plan!  Don’t worry CKB, I’ll treat you to korean food….


Bunch of friends forwarded me this article from CNN, asking me to write about it because they felt like the truth needed to be told.  And although this concept/theory does not apply to all single women and of course there are plenty happy single women out there, apparently there plenty of these types of women out there as well. 

And YES, I know some single women who are just MISERABBBLLLLLEEEEEE.  And because they are hating life, they try to make others feel their pain and smear s*** on the fact that I’m married and relatively happy for most part.   Maybe  they just need to get “some” or maybe they need to find a way to redirect their energy and attention to something other than their job and close friends, because it’s really frustrating being around these types of women and it’s completely emotionally draining!

Are all married women happy? Of course not.  Look at our national divorce rate.  Am I always happy of course not.  But I don’t try to manipulate every situation, over think every conversation, and pretend to be something that I am clearly not. 

ps.  the pix of natasha bedingfield at a concert in AC last year that I went to.  she seemed super happy to be single but here’s a song that she wrote that made me think about these types of women!


Read this article in NYTimes and it gave me a sense of relief to know that we were still evolving and making this better in this world.  Sometimes I feel like we’ve come so far that maybe this is it!  I’m sure John would be thrill to hear about this.

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.”

so swine flu’s hitting hard, huh? i guess i’m pretty ignorant to the news. i knew the swine flu was making some buzz but i didn’t realize the damage it was doing until last night. 

it’s just hard to think about the swine flu and this gorgeous weather at the same time. if you looked at my arms, you’d know all i’ve been doing is enjoying the weather.


but seriously. be careful. swine flu.


Saw this in the front page of NYTimes.  I understand, this is just business and it’s a sign of our current world, but it’s a bit harsh and mad depressing.


Saw this on TV this morning while I was getting ready for work and thought… “Why didn’t they think of this before?”  If you live in NYC area, metro card is a necessity to function around the city.  But it’s always pain in the neck having to buy a new one when you are in a huge rush to get to work because you are late to work.  And yes, this happens more often than I would like to admit.  So they came up with this really cool idea.  A metro card that works like an ezpass…..

heard about this on wait wait don’t tell me podcast …

read here.

if you guys saw last night’s colbert report, you know that NASA’s node 3 is not named colbert but instead named tranquility. 




good news is they are naming something else after colbert. their treadmill which will be put up around august. COLBERT will stand for combined operational load bearing external resistance treadmill.


i recently found out that mel gibson and his wife are getting a divorce. my mom LOVES mel gibson. i don’t know if she does anymore but back in the day she would say how handsome he is (mind you, my mom thinks everyone’s unattractive. i mean everybody). but anyway, apparently, mel’s wife could get $500,000,000. 


;waihg;aowiehgawe. dang, why couldn’t my mom somehow stalk mel gibson, make him fall in love with her, and close it with some homewrecking …


click for video

Saw this on CBS Sunday Morning couple of weeks ago.  Thought it was kind of neat since Gina posted the other week about graffiti. 

is it me or has there been a huge influx of pirate news? more than ever, i’ve been reading about pirates taking over. i’m talking i went from reading about no pirates to all of a sudden 4 or 5 pirate attacks in the past year (from what i can remember). if we were doing a year over year or lifetime over lifetime percentage change, it would come out null in excel.

but seriously, i’m assuming these pirates don’t look like what i probably think they should look like. you know like ..


i don’t know. i think if you’re going to be pirate, captain hook that shit up. what’s more badass than thattt?

seriously. probably one of the strongest and most determined group of people there is in the world.  it’s a freaking strong cult following. i don’t know what it is about colbert. but he says something, and the next day, things are a happening. i, too, am part of colbert nation. tune in tonight to see if they name the space shuttle after him. comedy central. 11:30 est. pm.

Heard about “youtube symphany orchestra” on NPR today.  Thought it was super cool and a really fantastic concept.  Mr. Friedman was right.  The world is getting flatter and flatter all around us.

read an article on cnn (you’ll learn most of my info comes from there). apparently PETA asked the pet shop boys to change their name. change their name to the rescue shelter boys. ……

i know it’s for a good cause but .. the rescue shelter boys? really? they’ve been together for over 20 years. and now you’re going to ask them to change their name? i don’t know about that one …

read the article here. and watch a music video of one of their more popular songs..


last night’s daily show episode. if you don’t know about the daily show with jon stewart. go to hulu and start watching.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

so read an article about this turkish anchor who painted his face black to report on obama. i’m not sure how i feel about it. i can’t tell if it’s meant to be offensive or flattering. you judge..


Okay.  What do you see???? Saw this on Good Day NY this morning and thought it was pretty clever.  She says she wanted to say “I LV Tofu“…..

I just discovered these wonderful sandwiches couple of months ago for the first time.  It is pretty fantabuloso!  Then I saw this article in NYTimes this morning titled, “Building on Layers of Tradition.”  Coolio


I’m sure we could use some “positive” news about the internet and how people are using this to actually help others right?  I mean, although I’ve personally sat through, not just one, but bunch of  “To Catch a Predator” marathons, how many more “a girl runs away from home to meet a creepo she met online” stories can we all take? 

So I read this article on NYTimes this morning on my commute this morning and it actually brought smile to my face.  It was titled Lost in the Real World, Found via Cyberspace.”


so for a while now, since fall of 2008, i’ve tried to stay away from viewing the news. and when i say news, i mean more financial news (i’m a nyu stern grad, what can i say? i’ve been bred to only read financial news) than anything. you know, it was depressing to hear how our economy’s shit and it’s only going to get worse. there was no good news. the news was how the economy was still as bad as it was the day before. that’s not news. tell me something i don’t know. news is if by some chance, a politician andor corporation did something right. or if our economy’s actually getting better.

so i’ve boycotted it for a while. but i still need to be somewhat caught up in what’s going on in the world. so i frequent a lot when i need a break from what i’m doing at work or whatev. read a quick article or two. but i feel like i have to boycott news altogether. is it me or has there been A LOT of homicides, suicides, etc. today, there were reports that three cops died in pittsburgh. some guy shot two in the head. and recently, there was a guy in binghamton who killed 13 people and then killed himself. the saddest news is when people kill their family members. today, there was a story about a guy who found his wife with another guy. after an argument, he killed his 5 children and then killed himself. there was a guy who killed his 5 children, wife and himself after he and his wife found out they were being fired from work. there was another guy who decapitated his baby sister in front of a cop. and it goes on and on. it’s depressing as shit. 

i’m not sure if it’s because of the state of the economy? everyone’s on edge more? i know most aren’t probably economy related. but damn. wtf. i wish there were some really uplifting stories. to give us and the world some hope about our future. and i know these stories have to be reported. we have to learn from these tragedies. but it’s just too much sometimes. so until i hear more uplifting stories, i’m boycotting news in general. well, try to at least.

have you heard of this new virus? conficker? i don’t know where i’ve been but i just heard about it today. someone at work sent an email. i initially thought he was playing some april fools joke. then a couple of other people commented on it saying they saw it on the news and whatnot. being paranoid me, i thought they were all in on the joke. turns out it’s ferreal. apparently, there’s a $250,000 reward to find the guy who did it. i’m doing a risk/reward assessment whether or not it’s worth possibly getting fired to try to find this person.



new mac commercial slogan:

we don’t get viruses like pcs

so yesterday, i was scanning through like i always do. as i’m reading through the headlines, i come across this incredible discovery (boxed in red) ..

the rower is tired!

the rower is tired!


NO WAY! get out of town! the rower is not tired! after he rows about 3k miles! psshh. i don’t believe it. bs. total bs. 


what an observation. journalism at its finest. 



*** i didn’t really click on the link so i have no idea what the story’s about.

October 2021