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My favorite shows coming together in the most poignant way.


Okay, so I LOVE the Simpsons.  I talk about the Simpsons like I personally know them myself and I watch at least 5 episodes of the Simpsons in a week.  This routine has been in place for some time now.  So every Monday, I will have my weekly pick of the favorite episode that spoke to me the most.   It won’t be an episode guide, but rather why a particular episode connected with me during that week.

The Seven-Beer Snitch (Season 16 Ep 14)

This episode was one of the coolest episodes ever.  There are several reasons why but there was a guest appearance by the famous architect Frank Gehry.  I’ve always been a huge fan of his and happen to work in one of his creations.  It’s really an honor and a privilege really.  And watching this show made me have a new found appreciation for his work and how profoundly he impacted our culture and our generation.  Dude, you know you made it if you make it on to a Simpsons’ episode.

Also the side story was about their pet Snowball.  I have 4 cats and they are like family to me.  I know how sad that sounds but it’s the truth.  I have one in particular named Tigger.  He’s the biggest cat we have.  People see him and either they freak out cause he’s soooo incredibly huge or they ask what we feed him just out of curiosity.  Anywho, Snowball was gaining so much weight that Lisa/Bart decided to investigate.  It turns out that Snowball had a second family who was feeding her all this extra food.  I’m not sure what Tigger’s excuse is but John has mentioned more than once that Tigger intimidates the other cats when they try to eat.  I would like to believe that Tigger just has another family who is feeding him on the side.



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