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DeLonghi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Machine (orig $3,500… now $2,299)

I am what you call a social drinker.  I drink alcohol only in a social setting and I usually only drink coffee in a social setting as well.  But I would still want something like this at home.  Maybe because I’m pretentious…. 🙂

Santos Platform Bed… I would like to take this entire room please…

(Orig $3459.. now $2271)

pleated fantasy gown

Recently stumbled upon this website called BHLDN. It carries ton of really unique wedding items such as gowns, dresses, shoes, accessories, and etc.  But I love the fact that everything seems really modern, contemporary, and so incredibly chic.

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Central Station Furniture Square Root Lounge Chair (Org $562… Now $365) – Did I ever mention that I have a thing for chairs?  Okay furnitures in general but especially chairs.  I love the simplicity and the classic lines of this chair.  Not sure how comfortable it would be but I love it anyway.

Due to my current financial situation, my purchasing power has been extremely limited to almost… nothing.  But bought this gorgeous Jonathan Adler storage box for my nite stand from Gilt.  And I LOVE it.  I dumped all my crap in there and my nite stand looks super clean.  It makes me happy looking at it.  So it was totally worth not eating for couple of days.

Recently saw this Brinca Dada’s modern doll house on Gilt and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Other than the fact that I would much prefer living in a house like this than to play with it,  I thought when John and I have kids, surely they would play with this kind of doll house.  If they don’t like it, I’m sure either I’ll force them to or get them tested to see if they are really my kids.

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Inntrax Wooden Crayons – WHITE BIRCH DESKTOP HOLDER WITH 24 TWIG CRAYONS   (Org $50… Now $25) – I love this idea and I also love the concept.  Not sure how often I would use something like this but It’s pretty cool regardless.

Recently saw this commercial and I was quite smitten by the overall look of the commercial.  Land Rover LR4 is a lovely car as well.

It’s true I love alot of things and Restoration Hardware is up there with DWR, West Elm, C2B and Muji.   I actually applied for a part time position at RH retail store and got rejected.  I’m sure my salary and title as “Director of Finance” as current position probably didn’t help the matter.

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My newest purchase from Gilt today.  At this rate, I WILL need to get a job.  And apparently I LOVE shoes more than Claudia.  Although I didn’t steal them from her, and we are on the oppt coasts, we will be wearing the same shoes on some days.   I can’t wait to wear them.  Perfect for NYC Fall!

Right now, my small 1 bedroom apartment is overflowing with boxes, bags, paper, art supplies, and crates.  It’s getting so out of control that I am getting annoyed.  But with 5 events on my plate in next 45 days, I have no choice but to deal with the crazy/chaotic mess that I am creating in my living space.

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seriously, how cute are these rings?

Mark + James – Square Sequin Scoop Back shift dress (Org $495… Now $199) – looking for a dress to wear for a tea party.  This might’ve been over the top but I think I would have done it anyway.

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Bit out of my price range but just looking at this Chloe dress makes me feel sophisticated and classy.  Really adore this dress.

Give me the oppty to wear this Kate Spade shoes.  I will wear it!

Not only because I shoot with Canon but because I like all things creative and clever, I really LOVE these Canon lens mugs.

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I totally ❤ bow ties and I found these on Etsy that are just to die for.  And I think I love these bow ties even more because these are for kids/babies. | continue reading |

Vitrocolor – Narrow Mouth Carafe (Org $36… Now $18) – Simple and elegant.  Just my style.  Although I would have no clue what to do with these bottles. | continue reading |

Claudia was wearing these when we were in Seattle, and I secretly wanted to steal them and bring them back with me to NYC.  But figured our friendship means more to me than a pair of cute shoes so I had to stop myself.  John Varvatos + Chuck Taylors = can’t go wrong.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Shoes – Nubuck Sandal (Org $495… Now $149) – I really love the color combo. I think it’s a fantastic shoes. | continue reading |

Armand Diradourian –  50% cashmere pillows (Org $255… Now $124) – such simple and clean style.  love it. | continue reading |

Curtis told me about this pix during lunch one day.  He was moved to share this pix with right when I was telling him how I wanted a room full of books.  From floor to ceiling.  Karl Largerfeld… Of course I wished I was him for many many many reasons.  But here’s one more reason why I wish I was him!

Simple, classy, and elegant clutch on Etsy.  Perfect for a bride. 🙂

something green to say “happy st. patrick’s day” (@red lobster)

Here’s an Etsy find.  I am planning an event where mason jars will be used as part of the decor.  In my search of mason jars, I came across these vintage ball jars and I love ’em.  I love the subtle shade of blue, I love the simplistic design and I even love the rusted handles.

I recently had to plan a hotel rooftop party at sunset in TRINIDAD.  Unfortunately I was not able to attend due to work and family situation.  But while planning the party, I must’ve  spent literally  H-O-U-R-S looking at outdoor lanterns.  Then I came across “Casamidy“.  Love at first sight to say the least.  Perfect 10 on design, form, whimsey, color and even functionalty.  It really doesn’t get better than this.

Cell phone telephoto lens.  Do I need to say more?  I would like one please.

Steve Jobs with the new “iPad”.  Literally looks like a bigger version of the iPhone.  Don’t understand why they couldn’t make something better?  As an Apple shareholder, I was clearly expecting something more….

Here are the specs according to NYTimes:

Half an inch thin. Weighs 1.5 pounds. 9.7-inch IPS display — super high quality, great angle of views, Mr. Jobs says.  Full capacitive multi-touch screen, same as the iPhone — “super responsive, super precise,” he says.  The iPad is powered by Apple’s own custom silicon, he says — a 1 GHz A4 chip,, 16 GB of memory, 32 or 64 Gigabytes of storage.  There’s Wi-Fi, 802.11n, and the latest Bluetooth. (Apparently no 3G wireless, notes my colleague John Markoff.) Accelerometer, compass, speaker, microphone.

Couple of weeks ago on the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was strolling about with an actual green latern on the show.  Even though John didn’t say, I could tell he really wanted one.  But I found out just now, it’s like crazy expensive.  Sorry John, I guess I’m not getting this for you.

Seriously how cute is this?  Saw this on MOMA store.  Probably not the most practical thing but it’s seriously cute!  Korean food taking over the world man!

How cool are these Marc Jacob’s USB tool?  HMMMMMMM…. maybe you have to be of certain age to really appreciate these?  Well, I LOVE ’em!

I love rings.  These seem super economical since the combination would be endless.  I ❤ that!

So I bought this glass piggy bank for our not so new apt couple of months ago.  I’ve been loving having this new addition at home.  Super cute but it’s soooo fragile that I’m not sure if it will able to survive in our household for a long time.  But as a piggy bank, I think this is as cute as it gets.

I remember seeing MUJI products at MOMA stores and always thought they were super cool.  Then recently, while visiting my friend Simon’s house in Chelsea area, I discovered the MUJI retail store.  Ohhhhhh Emmmm Gheeeeee!  I think I could’ve spent hours and hours there along with lots of $$$$$$. 

But I had some self-control and only bought some slippers to wear around the house for John and I.  I was rather proud of myself but I also discovered that there’s a store right in front of Port Authority.  This probably isn’t a good thing for me and my monthly budget….

I didn’t think I would have to write another Snuggies post but here I am writing another Snuggies post.  Snuggies for pet.  How far would these people go?  What will we see next?  Snuggies for our plants?  Snuggies for babies?  Snuggies for iPhones?  Seriously stop this madness!

… topped off with a hat Goorin Bros

…good.  it’s a recycled leather jacket from dean

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab with caution

…dry and cool in Tretorn during the rainy season.


… a magic message bean

city stamps

How cute are these rubber stamps?  I’m not sure if I would buy it but thought they were the coolest things ever.


Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Run’s House.  Couple of weeks ago I found out his address and was very tempted to go stalk his house until they let me in and make me part of their family.  One of my dearest buddies, Gian, suggested that it was a fantastic idea.  So I knew nothing good could come out of it.

Anywho, so this Diggy character, who is probably 13 years old has a blog that I can’t stop reading.  The more I read and the more I see the stuff that he’s posting on his blog, I am really beginning to question whether he’s

  1. actually 13 because the sense of style this kid has is freaking out of this world
  2. writing all this stuff because he seems to have such wide range of interest (fashion, music, sports,  and even architecture)
  3. where he finds the time and the energy to blog so much

Regardless, I love the fact that he has very similar style/taste as me and I totally apprecitate his point of view.

Seriously, these Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Footwear look totally mad cool but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford the tissue paper it gets wrapped in….

…amazed with this wooden led clock

quo.  for mac, against mac?


…me more with super sleek perfume sticks via A+R


…to wear this coat from Mackage



At a poker nite at our company.  Inevitably all these beer will be gone before the nite is over and Gina/I will have to make a beer run….

so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. ok, that’s lie. i’ve been meaning to post about this maybe two weeks ago but i’ve been busy. at work. but anyway, pretend it’s two weeks ago.


so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. and guess what i’ve come across …

AWESOME. apparently, people are preordering these suckers like CRAZY. to be honest, a little too expensive for me. i don’t even know what i’d do with them. but i just want them. nostalgia. but if i had kids or something, i’d definitely buy them. or if i was some big movie paraphernalia collector. 

preorder your where the wild things are kubrick set. 


I totally want this watch.  I always wore men’s watch and recently I had to give it up to John because his watch broke.  So now I’m back to my Nike running watch, although I don’t run.  I love digital watches since it’s super convenient to tell time.  Maybe it’s a sign of my laziness? 

On a serious note, how fabulous is this watch?  I always wanted one in the 80’s but never had the guts to buy one.  Now I really want one.  I even love the fact that it’s called a “DATA BANK“….  C’mon that’s hilarious! 

ebbaflicker…your boyfriend’s shirt whenever you want with Ebba Flicker Candles (it’s 100% soy!)


Saw this mug and it made me think about my hubby.  He used to bring home mugs from the office because the handle fit 4 fingers.  For those of you who didn’t know this, they actually make the handle different sizes.  So whenever I travel to a different city, as a souvenir, I used to bring home mugs that can fit 4 fingers.  Even my friends would get in on the hunt.  Then I saw this mug!


I want to get this “OMG” necklace from Etsy and just constantly point to it intead of saying it out loud.  Like the plaque that I wanted to get for my desk at work that said, “it’s not in the budget.”  And maybe I could get one for Gina that would either say, “WTF” or “High-5?”


That’s right another Paul Frank product that I just love but probably won’t buy.  But how cool are these bikes?  Almost that retro look that I just adore!

summer is a coming. which means it’s grilling season. so why not grill in style?

it’s super lightweight and folds for convenience. you know, when you’re grilling at the park or something. get it before grilling season gets into fulllll swing. click below or the picture for more info.

…the coffee and wake up with Wash With Joe.  not only good on you, but good for you.


I am really curious to know who would buy this.  Who would want to serve food/beverage to themsleves, or guests on these cups/saucers?  And let me tell you, these aren’t cheap either for $151!



John and I are moving into a new apt in June.  We would love for you to buy this for us as a house warming gift.  I will KNOW you’re a good friend!  Totally kidding, we would much much much much prefer bag of cash.

favorite yellow thing i own - my hogan bag

favorite yellow thing i own - my hogan bag

Me: Honey, I need to go shopping to release some stress

Hubby:  Okay, good, we need some stuff from Costco

Me:  Dude… not that kind of shopping!

So I bought this bag and few other things that day.  I ADORE this bag.


Another find on Etsy.  Not sure what I would use them for.  But super duper cute felt letter!

how cool is this?


picture courtesy of

but the sink itself is from sanindusa. should check it out. they’ve got some cool home stuff.


There’s something so incredibly comforting and heart warming about this store.  A similiar feeling that comes over me whenever I go to Bubby’s.  I came across this website some time ago and I just adore everything from this store.  It almost makes me want to venture out to Brooklyn to check out the actual brick and mortar location. 


So, I consider myself to be a fairly creative person.  But this type of creativity is a whole different level.  So intricately and beautifully done.  Found this on Etsy of all places… Pretty cool. 


Another find on Etsy.  Seriously how funny is this?  It makes me wonder who would spend $40 to buy something like this, but at the same time, it looks pretty darn good!


Here’s my gorgeous find from Etsy.  I just wish you could wear these outside.  I’m not sure if I could get myself to spend $50 for something that will be collect cat hair and nobody gets to see….



I will buy these gorgeous Eames Molded Plywood loung chairs.  How much do I love these????? Enough to save money to buy them.  That’s right!  That’s love!



I’m a HUGE Bodum fan.  Basically love pretty much everything they make.  I think they find an incredible sweet spot between style and functionality.  Just saw this the other day and thought it was pretty neat.  It’s a double wall glass chocolate jug.  I even LOVE the name of this thing….

timeless-fragrance…so good every time with  modern alchemy pocket watch

This is the upgraded from the “listen up” device that I wanted really bad couple of months ago.  Oh, believe you me, I could’ve used these devices on VARIOUS occassions.  But now that I’m on a budget, I’m not sure if “loud n clear” is budget worthy.


That’s right folks, these are The Simpsons stamps by USPS!  How cool are these?  And YES, I’ve already ordered mine!


Nike has won my heart over one more time.  All the athletic sneakers that I’ve owned since I was 5, have been Nike.  Yes, I am extremely brand loyal.  I think I still have a Sony VHS player somewhere around the house….

Anywho, here’s my new love.  Nike Skateboarding shoes.  How much do I love these?  These are called the “Nike SB Blazer Premium Solar Orange/Solar Orange“.  I’m not sure if I have enough “hipsterness” to wear these but I sure do love looking at thesese oranage sneakers!  Nike just did it again! 


It’s that time of the year folks.  The barren trees are being adorned with pretty flowers and of course, all familiar, “The Peeps” are all coming out to play for Easter.  Just saw them at the local grocery store and i was soooo tempted to buy them.  I don’t even like them.  But it’s a nostalgic enough for me to spend money on it!   It made me wonder if I was the only one who were so fond of them just for the sake of being fond of them…..



I heard about the  bbp bags  couple of months ago from church.  I wasn’t really looking to buy a bag so didn’t give it much though until yesterday.  So apparently the founder of the bbp bags had some serious back problems and in order to alleviate the problem he started this company that made these super cool bags.  After my weekly meeting at UG, bunch of guys were hanging around and talking about how fantastic these bags were.   It actually made me go home and check out their products on their site.  Seriously, I may have to save part of my monthly budget to get myself and John one of these bags….


I like ’em.  I want ’em.


My iphone earphone broke.  This is my 3rd Apple earphones that fell apart on me in 5 years.  So I walked into the Apple store expecting to dish out another ridiculous $30 for an earphone that will fall apart in few weeks.  But to my surprise, Apple was able to just hand over a brand new earphones to replace my broken ones.  FANTABULOUS!!!!

So of course, I had to spend $30 in the store since I just saved $30.  I got these phone cover.  I am not a huge fan of covering my phones but since I am not able to attach any chatskies to the phone, I resorted to buying this Paul Frank thingamagigy.  AWESOME!

blaze of gloy by puma.  i like!



This product is sooo cheesy that it almost belongs in korean melo-drama.  Funny thing, I could see korean newly weds(mostly brides), LOVING this product to the core!  Thinking about dropping the retailer a note about their unknown market share… sappy, overly dramatic/romantic korean girls with unrealistic expectation in love…. 


So, I saw this tshirt and thought it was clever, nostalgic, and entertaining all in one.  I think there are bunch of online vendors who sell some variation of this shirt but I think this bw one is the best design.



I’m not sure where it started but I started to have a mild obsession with all things colored orange.  It might’ve started with a pair of orange suede burberry clogs that I got for $17 at Woodbury in 2004. Not really sure where but here are some “orange” things that I found on the dub dub dub that I just love!




I usually can’t afford to buy much at Marc Jacobs without my husband getting upset. However, here are some items that I found at their “special store” store, all under $50 and some of them even under $10. Yes, this is how I roll….

I grew up wearing penny loafters, buying clothes from “gap”, not “GAP”, and carried around Manhattan Portage bags. I think I’ve owned total of maybe 10 Manhattan Portage bags in my life. And I think I still have maybe 3 in my closet somewhere.
So as I was driving around Soho today, a small piece of me let out a big *sigh* while looking at the MP retail store with its lights turned off and its shutters down and locked. I’ll have to remember to have couple of drinks for my small obsessions that are slowly being killed by the “times.”


It’s funny how I forget that I am Korean and most people I interact with on daily basis are not. So today I met people who have never seen or tasted persimmons before in their lives. I don’t know why I get suprised by such things….maybe my narrow-minded shelter view is to blame.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much i loved my jack purcells. I didn’t buy it cause they were cool or the hip thing to do, I bought them cause i was innately just drawn to them like moth to a flame…. Here are some old school ones and some new ones that i am thinking about investing again….


Threre are several categories in my world when it comes to shoes.
  1. Shoes I love but don’t have the guts to wear them.
  2. Shoes I love but can’t afford them.
  3. Shoes I love but it’s too uncomfortable to wear them. 
  4. Shoes I love but I don’t have anything in my entire wardrobe that goes with them. 
  5. Shoes I love that I can’t live without. 
  6. Shoes I have cause I need them.
  7. Shoes that I would buy and may not love them as much as I initially thought I loved them.

This would belong in #1, #5, and possibly #7


Two words. Bang-Olufsen. You may not recognize these two words but you’ll understand soon enough why these two words epitomizes “status” in my world.

YES, other than Kanye West, these are all fictional characters. But the point is, these are all really kick-ass/cool characters. Seriously Bruce Wayne owning B&O products alone is enough for me honestly. So can I justify ditching my $30 iphone earphones to a $200 B&O Earset 3? I haven’t figured out a way to convince my husband yet.

BTW, once saw a guy with this earset at the gym on a treadmill. I was pretty much staring with envy, although I’m fairly certain, that he thought I was staring for other reasons….

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