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somewhere in barbados….

I recently made a friend/pen pal who is living the life that I would want more than anything right now.  Not only does he get to travel the world but he gets to fly, for most part, in business/first class, stay at the best hotels and dine at the most exclusive places.  Okay, seriously beginning to like this character less and less as I talk about him…

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I don’t know if I would consider myself the biggest Anthony Bourdain fan, but his show “No Reservations” has been one of my favorite shows for a fairly long time.  I actually became his fan while watching him on Food Network in “Kitchen Confidential.”

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@ a shop called “The Meadow” in Portland.  Salt, chocolate, and flowers….

Here’s a screenshot of my new bff.  I am planning a trip to Seattle at the end of April and I am patiently waiting because Bing is 72% confident that the fare would go down.  At one point the fare was $250.  Please don’t ask me why I didn’t buy it then.  I am totally kicking myself for it.  At one point, it was as high as $450.  I am patiently waiting because Bing is telling me to…. 🙂

John and I watched this episode of No Reservation couple of nites ago.  And I swear to you, HE turned to me and said, “we should keep this episode so we could go check all these places out.”  This is why I LOVE this man!

…dry and cool in Tretorn during the rainy season.


saw this on nytimes.  surfing looks fantastic but let’s focus on the building in the background.  i love it.

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