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As I am getting older, I am realizing more and more how much I haven’t taken care of myself over the years and of course, it’s showing on my face the most.  So recently I went thru a phase where I wanted to put make up on better and actually try to look better for myself and of course everyone who will have to interact with me on daily basis.  Then I randomly landed on one of Jennifer’s youtube tutorials.

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Jen S recently told me that one of our favorite KDrama “Boys before Flowers was on Hulu.  But recently I discovered that Hulu and bunch of other Korean dramas and movies.  I love when my western world collide with my motherland!  Thank you HULU!

It’s true I love alot of things and Restoration Hardware is up there with DWR, West Elm, C2B and Muji.   I actually applied for a part time position at RH retail store and got rejected.  I’m sure my salary and title as “Director of Finance” as current position probably didn’t help the matter.

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@ an Esty store “Sparkles Kitchen”  too cute

Katherine sent me an one liner email that read, “photo contest AND you can try the new Dominos Pizza” with the link for “Show Us Your Pizza” contest.

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Elite Leather – Whitby Sofa  (Org $3720… Now $1375) – Gorgeous sofa.  If it wasn’t for our cats, I would LOVE this gorgeous sofa t be sitting in our living room.  It will go very well with the dark brown book cases that I have.

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I could literally spend HOURS on TED.   Lanigan forwarded this to me and it is probably one of many many many reasons why I LOVE TED!

So if you haven’t heard and if you are not already following, Kanye West joined Twitter last week.   Read this on Huffington Post the other day.  It’s pretty hilarious.

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I was really excited to hear that Louis Ck was having his own TV show called “Louie.”  I thought he was hilarious ever since I saw this youtube clip of him on Conan.

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Serious Eats is one of my favorite sites to visit.  It keeps me updated in all the places that I would LOVE to check out and also I get to stare at all these fantastic food pix.  WARNING: Don’t go to this site if you are hungry.  You’ve been warned.

Recently saw this on Brooke Fraser’s blog and thought it was just amazing.

A gentleman named Rick Norsigian is living the life that I want.  He bought some negatives at a garage sale for $45 and eventually discovered that the negatives belonged to the great Ansel Adams.  And yes, Mr. Norsigian was recently informed that the negatives were appraised for $200 million dollars.

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Recently came across this blog entry that claimed that I could make In-N-Out burgers at home and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

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I recently found a blog that I really like called “twig & thistle“.  I totally adore her style and sense of creativity and innovative way of looking at design. |continue reading|

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Armand Diradourian –  50% cashmere pillows (Org $255… Now $124) – such simple and clean style.  love it. | continue reading |

Here’s a screenshot of my new bff.  I am planning a trip to Seattle at the end of April and I am patiently waiting because Bing is 72% confident that the fare would go down.  At one point the fare was $250.  Please don’t ask me why I didn’t buy it then.  I am totally kicking myself for it.  At one point, it was as high as $450.  I am patiently waiting because Bing is telling me to…. 🙂

I blogged about Diggy’s blog while back and haven’t really been following since.  Couple of days ago, I’m pretty sure I spent couple of hours on his blog to make up for the lost time.  I am really dying to know if he’s really writing this stuff himself.  Maybe I should write to him.  What are the chances that he actually writes me back?  I’m pretty sure he lives close enough…. Hmmmm…..

When I found out I was going to be “transitioned” out of my current position, after couple of days crying, I had sent out an email to friends and family about my situation.  Then someone forwarded me this site called Lemonade the movieIt really gave me the courage and hope that I really needed at the time.  I’m sure it was a way for God to reassure me that things were gonna be okay and that this was happening for a reason beyond my limited understanding.  I’ve been going thru a bit of an emotional and spiritual discovery in the past couple of weeks.  When I have some more time to spare, which I will in couple of weeks, I’ll definitely post more things about my process and progress.

I have found a new admiration and respect for this site called Daily Beast today.  When they first launched, they shared the same floor in my office and for most part, it was not a pleasant experience.  However, I gotta give them props for having  a pretty fantastic site.  The content is well aggregated and interesting.  And not to mention, it’s a gorgeous site.  Tina Brown, I forgive you for turning the lights off in the bathroom while I was still in the there….

Here’s an interesting article about Google and how technology is making us dumb.

Lovely Jen had forwarded me this hilarious yet so right-on article called “How Twilight Works,” on The Oatmeal, after I asked her if she was the author of MylifeisTwilight

Although I agree with majority of the theory on The Oatmeal, I think this is how Twilight really works:


I LOVE weddings.  Not just because I help the folks coordinate and make their weddings come together, but I think weddings are really an incredible event to be part of.  One of the websites that I religiously read is called Junebug Weddings.  And since the wedding that I am doing the flowers for is coming up in about a week, I will devote some of my posts this week to weddings.  Here’s a post from Junebug Wedding that I totally loved.


There are couple of blogs that I do read religiously.  But is my original obsession.  Besides the fact that Heather writes a really entertaining blog, she takes these amazing pictures of everything in her life.  Especially of this character named Chuck that I am completely and utterly in love with.  I started to read her blog because of a Nightline segment about her and her blog.  I’ve been recommending Dooce to anyone who has similar taste as I do and it has yet to fail me in converting them into fans as well.


Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Run’s House.  Couple of weeks ago I found out his address and was very tempted to go stalk his house until they let me in and make me part of their family.  One of my dearest buddies, Gian, suggested that it was a fantastic idea.  So I knew nothing good could come out of it.

Anywho, so this Diggy character, who is probably 13 years old has a blog that I can’t stop reading.  The more I read and the more I see the stuff that he’s posting on his blog, I am really beginning to question whether he’s

  1. actually 13 because the sense of style this kid has is freaking out of this world
  2. writing all this stuff because he seems to have such wide range of interest (fashion, music, sports,  and even architecture)
  3. where he finds the time and the energy to blog so much

Regardless, I love the fact that he has very similar style/taste as me and I totally apprecitate his point of view.


Chino forwarded this site to me last week and thought I should check it out.  I’m not sure what that says about me and I’m not sure what that says about him either.  Yes, it’s a site about sandwiches and so much more.

alex told me about this billboard ad. pretty hilarious. i think it’s clear to see who won this battle between audi and bmw. 



check out more of these on

i’m sure you’ve been to a house of someone you’ve just kinda met. maybe it’s a new friend, a boyfriend, girlfriend, in law, etc. etc. they offer you a snack and drink. you politely decline but they insist anyway. so off to the kitchen they go which leaves you a couple of minutes to peruse the immediate area. usually, you’re in the living room where the room’s abundant with some family photos and whatnot. clearly, they’re meant to be looked at. so you do. and then you notice …

and then..



well, that’s what is alll about. so check it out. there’s more where these came from. some are funny, some are really weird. and some are just CREEEEPY


So I heard about this blog called “GOOP” by Gwyneth Paltrow couple of weeks ago on Good Day New York but after reading Jen’s post about the site, I actually made the time to check out the site.  With all the critics out there, I totally agree with Jen.  I think it’s a really nifty site and of course it’s a beautifully executed.  And yes, I registered to receive the weekly newsletter from Mrs. Coldplay.  I’m sure in the future, I’ll be sure to share things that I’ve learned from these weekly newsletters. 

But it did make me wonder why she is doing this and if eventually, if she will monetize her site and bombard the page with display media ads.


This is exactly what it would be like if Facebook was in real life.  This is pretty funny.  I love this video so much on the fact that these folks have English accent.

how dope is this? not sure if it’s comfortable but it’s hella cool. all aluminum and HAND bent. word.

there’s other cool cool ass stuff from here. check it out at yatzer! (i feel like i need an exclamation after yatzer because it’s so close to yahtzee)

it was only a matter of time before south park got into the pirate shenanigans. two options to watch the episode:

part 1 youtube:

part 2 youtube:

part 3 youtube:


or watch the whole thing here:

this is several days late. but i just found it and i think it’s awesome.

courtesy of geekologie. check out the website. it’s got some pretty awesome content.

in honor of earth week:


this is from russian artist yulia brodskaya. check out more here:

how cool is this?


picture courtesy of

but the sink itself is from sanindusa. should check it out. they’ve got some cool home stuff.

sightings of real life hipsters can be found in the link below (and brooklyn):


Really cool website that a friend recommended!  Check it out and be sure to move your mouse around for the full affect!

last night’s daily show episode. if you don’t know about the daily show with jon stewart. go to hulu and start watching.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

so, i love graffiti. but i’m not the biggest graffiti fan. i can’t tell you who the graffiti artist is. but i can appreciate it. something about graffiti is so raw and real. using the concrete jungle as their canvas to express whatever. so i stumbled across this website. it’s pretty awesome. graffiti and some other stuff. 

and to those who say graffiti isn’t an art, EGG OFF!

** my favorite is the one about giver/taker. it’s near and dear to my heart. alex and i talk about how he’s the giver and i’m the taker alllll the time.

a couple of weeks ago, i was listening to the wait wait… don’t tell me!”  podcast (which btw, is hilarious. i recommend checking it out) and they were talking about a blog. an important one.

this blog created for those in peril. in danger. emotionally wounded. these people are STRUGGLING! we must feel for them. who am i talking about? 

THOSE DATING BANKERS. …aka. DABAs. yes. they no longer can afford to hit the spa everyday. no more tiffanys jewelery every week. OH THE INJUSTICE!

yeah .. check it out. it’s kind of hilarious. the ridiculousness of it all.

Okay, I just adore this site called Etsy. It’s a incredibly clever site that sells ton of “handmade” products by individuals/companies around the world. I think I personally love this site because so many products on this site feels personable and one of a kind. And one of my favorite features on the site is their tool called “colors.” It allows you to scroll around a color palette and they provide a product that matches the color that you’re scrolling over. It’s pretty fantabulous.

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