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Saw this couple of months ago on 60 Minutes and it really freaked me out.  I think I’m a fairly impressionable and something like this will get my imaginations going till the end of time.  John thinks I’m being paranoid for no reason but 60 Minutes told me to be scared!  You could watch the full clip here on CBS.

So my Anderson Cooper was on 60 Minutes couple of weeks ago talking about the drug war crisis in Mexico.  It’s probably one of the scariest thing I’ve seen in a really long time.  Maybe the reason why it scares me is because Mexico seems so close to us.  The problem seems extremely daunting for everyone involved.  And I do believe that eventually it will affect US.  It’s just matter of time.

Note:  Juarez, the city that is mentioned in this clip is a border town to El Paso, where I lived for almost 4 years.  If you wanted to you, you could’ve walked over to Juarez, Mexico from El Paso, Texas.


There are few shows that I really really enjoy on CBS, other than the news programs like CBS Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes.  One of them is a show called The Mentalist (which i’m sure I’ll eventually blog about), and the other one is this hilarious show called, “The Big Bang Theory.”  It’s a show that my hubby and I could both really enjoy together.  It’s a TV show about true-ultimate nerds living in LA.  I enjoy it so much purely based on the fact that the characters on the show remind me alot of John.  And I think John likes the show based on the fact that he could relate to these characters.  I think he secretly loves explaining all the obsecure references that only a true nerd can appreciate and funny grasp.  It’s a really hilarious show.  You should definitely make the time to watch it.


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