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Just heard about this from John.  Not sure if this is actual news or just April Fools day joke.  But it’s been reported that first time in more than 40 years, an entire month went by without anyone getting murdered in the city of Newark.  It says so much about Newark…. John thinks if this is true, it may be due to all the rain that we got in the month… 🙂

oh the shenanigans of april fools. this is the day google publishes some outlandish stuff and always manages to trick lots of people. does anybody remember when google posted that they would have an unsend email button? i write that as if it was really long ago, it was maybe a year ago. my memory isn’t so good (neither is my grammer). i remember a number of people getting really excited about it. but they did actually create an unsend button. not as great as the april fools one but an unsend button nonetheless. i would recommend checking your labs tab in gmail. this year, we’ve got CADIE and autopilot for gmail. hopefully, this will actually turn into reality. chrome in 3d! what!

news people also have a field day on this day. all sorts of shenanigans. you can read about it here. i wish i could tell you about an april fools joke that was pulled off by me or on me or on someone else, but i can’t. it’s been a booooring day. =( someone entertain me with a story!

September 2021