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Saw Nathan Sawaya’s Lego art called “The art of the brick” on CBS Sunday Morning show couple of days ago.

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It’s true I love alot of things and Restoration Hardware is up there with DWR, West Elm, C2B and Muji.   I actually applied for a part time position at RH retail store and got rejected.  I’m sure my salary and title as “Director of Finance” as current position probably didn’t help the matter.

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An artist named Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses brilliantly depicts a realistic portrait of how things might’ve turned out for some of our beloved fairy tale princesses in the modern times.  I could totally see Cinderella having some serious marriage issues due to her childhood abandonment and abuse issues coupled with being married to the “Bachelor”.  The photography was beautifully done and these images do stirs emotions and impacting conversations for the audience.

This is something really inspiring and literally left me speechless.  It’s actually about the invasion of Hungary during WWII. 



is the pigeon real or not real?



Life Photographer Gjon Mili upon his visit with Picasso in Vallauris France in 1949 took these amazing light drawings done by Picasso.  Picaso was inspired by photos which Mili had taken previously of ice skaters with lights attached to their skates doing jumps.  Here’s Life Archives for the full series



Cool art by Kat Macleod

anyone else think this is really cool? this design is from eric ku who is a recent sva graduate. this piece is part of his senior thesis project. read more about it from yatzer.

so i don’t know anything about art. i don’t know history, artist names, artist works, genres, etc. etc. i just know what i see and if i like what i see. so i was perusing yatzer, and came across jan vormann’s work in berlin. it’s really cool for a couple of reasons. i’ve actually been to berlin. i was there for a week for school. i can’t tell you the names and places i’ve been but trust me, i was in the heart of berlin. i actually remember potsdamer. is that right? anyway, there are parts of berlin that’s really new with cool buildings and whatnot. but there are a lot of places in berlin that are actually preserved from the old days. so jan vormann goes around plugging some holes with plastic (lego) pieces aka dispatching. 

i think the lego pieces adds a nice little twist on the historicness of it all. i’m big on colors and whatnot so it’s really refreshing and vibrant. i could see how some people think it’s tacky or something. but look how the pieces fit so snugly. i think it’s really cool. 

check out more pictures on yatzer

check out jan vorsmann earlier stuff.

flatware / dinnerware

flatware / dinnerware

Art piece at the MOMA.

Saw this last night at the movies.  It’s not in this video, but there was a clip in the longer version where the Z4 repeatedly draws a perfect circle.  Coolio


thank you Jesus!

Saw this at an art gallery on 19th ave, around the corner from our office on a gorgeous day in NYC.  It made me wonder which demonination they used for this art work. 

Bar 89

Bar 89

At Bar89, they have these rotating art on their massive wall.  It’s a really “comfortable” restaurant with decent bar food and really low-key.  I LOVE this place because it’s so familiar to me. 

so there’s nothing better than just walking around the city, soaking in the sun, and popping into an art gallery or two or three or four during a nice hot day. i’m fortunate to work in west chelsea where there are a huge number of galleries within two or three blocks from me. unfortunately, i don’t really take advantage of it because well, i’m at work. 

but there’s this garage i pass by all the time. they’ve been building something for a while now and finally it’s done. it’s cool. jung probably has a way better pic but these are some iphone ones. 

plane side 1
plane other side

plane front

adel abdessemed

check it out on 19th and 10th.

in honor of earth week:


this is from russian artist yulia brodskaya. check out more here:

I saw this artist named Phil Hansen on CBS Morning Show some time back and came across this video recent and wanted to share with the world.

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