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I saw Israel Houghton and New Breed perform for the 3rd time this year last week.  I could honestly say that until this January, I’ve never heard of him or his group before.  But I was fortunate enough to see them because they opened for Chris Tomlin’s concerts in Newark and in LA (yes I went to both….).  And each time, I was blown away with their passion and their unbelievable charisma to lead and captivate a crowd.  Last week was no different.

They sang this song that I’ve never heard of before.  For one reason or another, it really stirred something inside me.


my little obsession

All mp3s sitting in my iphone have been purchased. YES, I buy music. I buy music because I feel that it’s a way for me to support the artists, although I learned from working at Warner Music, that the numbers don’t work out that way for them. The last couple of albums that I bought belonged to one of my favorite Christian artist named Chris Tomlin.

I could honestly say, from my inner most being, that his music has an impact on my spiritual life almost every day. Why else would I fly out to Nashville for the first time, on my 32nd bday weekend, and convince not one but TWO of my dear friends to fly out from LA and SF to join me in Nashville, just to go see him at a tour that I’ve already seen him on 8 months prior? Why else would I buy 5 copies of his most recent album Hello Love and Fedex them to friends who maybe going through tough times? Honestly this kind of insanity/rationale stems from some kind of insurmountable gratitude! At least that’s what I tell myself when my friends look at me like I’m nuts.

Weekend in Nashville (airfare/hotel/car/food/etc) – $900
Chris Tomlin concert tickets spent so far – $150
Chris Tomlin CD/mp3 – ~$250
The “good” feeling I get from supporting Chris Tomlin – Priceless!

Most recent music purchase: Priscilla Ahn (20 songs for $11)

September 2020