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Recently saw this commercial and I was quite smitten by the overall look of the commercial.  Land Rover LR4 is a lovely car as well.

Another cool find on Brooke Fraser’s blog : Solidarités International: Water talks

Not only because I wear glasses, but as someone who appreciates cool and creative things in general, this is an awesome video.  LOVE it!

damn. this couple has the coolest wedding invite. by no means, am i trying to get married anytime soon. but, it almost makes me want to pressure the bf to get married (almost meaning not. wayyy too young for that) so all the cool and creative ideas don’t get snatched up fast.

anyway, courtesy of, check out the invite:

alex wears this james perse black tshirt that i LOVE. it’s just a plain black t-shirt but i love the material and i don’t know. i just like when he wears it. it looks good. anyway, i was perusing the site and what do i find?

oohhh wee. the james perse limited edition cruiser. how bad ass does that bike look. something about the matte black is so hot. the black on black on black on black is awesome. they offer it in other colors like white and red and etc. but why bother?????? but too bad, it’s sold out. =(

check it out here.

Saw this video this morning and it totally made my day.  And I’ve been watching it all day just as I am pumping out some financial reports.  These are the things that I LOVE about this video

  1. The title of the video is called “JK Wedding… ”  hello?  My initial.. JK!
  2. Chris Brown’s “forever”.  It’s my favorite song like ever.
  3. The initial tossing of the paper by the two usher at the beginning of the video.  Hilarious.  Totally set the tone for the rest of the video
  4. The sunglasses….
  5. The Matrix move at the end… classic music video style! 

I don’t know if any of my friends would’ve had the balls to do something like this but I did try to convince John to dance to Barry White’s “you’re my first, my last my everything”, “Saturday Nite Fever” style.  No, it didn’t fly…

Saw this last night at the movies.  It’s not in this video, but there was a clip in the longer version where the Z4 repeatedly draws a perfect circle.  Coolio


Really cool website that a friend recommended!  Check it out and be sure to move your mouse around for the full affect!

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