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ok, so hopefully everyone’s read the post below the swine flu one about single ladies. i just want to point out a few things. it’s not a rebuttal or anything. it’s actually a little to the right of the topic. 

being single is totally fine. i embraced it. and still do. i don’t think it’s human nature for a human to settle on one soulmate.i think the fact that we do is a miracle. i’m sure everyone’s seen someone on the street that they’re wildly attracted to. someone you wanted to talk to. someone you didn’t want to talk to but just .. bang (lack of good word). the mere suppression of desire is a miracle. 

so with that said, being single is perfecly ok. just own it. but i guess that’s if you’re claiming you want to be and like to be single. which then this wouldn’t be the problem. 

if you feel like you deserve better than this single life, well suck it up. stop complaining and just live your life up. being so preoccuppied with not having a relationship is probably having a negative impact on you and your relationships (potential ones too). and stop talking about it. who wants to hear someone complain about the same thing endlessly? nobody likes a complainer. single, married, boyfriend, girlfriend, separated, no children, children, 15 children, student, etc., nobody wants to hear it all the time. once in a while, fine. everytime, NO. people call you to have fun. not to continuously hear you sulk. so don’t complain and just have fun. good things will happen.


otherwise, you’ll soon be labled a debbie downer or negative nancy ..

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