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i’ve been listening to this song nonstop. every girl by lil wayne, drake, … and some other people. note, this song is really explicit so. i wouldn’t recommend listening to it if you know you’d be offended by a bunch of guys talking about wanting to have sex with every girl. 



i think this song is REALLY entertaining. there are some really “good” lyrics. for one, let’s take lil wayne’s lyrics. he goes “i think you’re bionic. i don’t think you’re beautiful. i think you’re beyond it.” i think lil wayne is one ugly mug. but is it bad that if he used that line on me, i actually might’ve let him get behind it and watch me back it up and dump it back as he says? ladies, no? nobody’s with me on this one?

i think one of the most clever lines i’ve heard in a long time is drake’s. he goes “are any of y’all into girls like i am? let’s be honest”. come on. clever. let’s be honest. lesbionest? it’s clever. don’t hate.

last one. i don’t know who this guy is. but he goes “i’m about to get my bill clinton on. and hilary can ride them too” OOOOH. ride them. rodham? fire. FIIIREE. haha ok, it’s not really fire but who doesn’t love a bill clinton reference???


i don’t know. give it a few go arounds. it’s just a fun song. dirty song but it’s entertaining. makes me laugh and giggle a bit.

so i’m sure you’ve heard this song on the radio. at least this part .. “you the you the best. you the you the best. you the you the best. you’re the best i ever had … ” etc. etc. well it’s from the song “best i eva had” by drake. 


well … did you know? this kid is the kid from DEGRASSI? you know, jimmy brooks? the one that gets shot and is now in a wheelchair?


i guess he’s an actor, singer, and rapper. TRIPLE THREATTTT. he’s like the male and canadian version of hannah montana aka miley cyrus.

June 2021