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@ an Esty store “Sparkles Kitchen”  too cute

I totally ❤ bow ties and I found these on Etsy that are just to die for.  And I think I love these bow ties even more because these are for kids/babies. | continue reading |

Simple, classy, and elegant clutch on Etsy.  Perfect for a bride. 🙂

Here’s an Etsy find.  I am planning an event where mason jars will be used as part of the decor.  In my search of mason jars, I came across these vintage ball jars and I love ’em.  I love the subtle shade of blue, I love the simplistic design and I even love the rusted handles.

I love rings.  These seem super economical since the combination would be endless.  I ❤ that!


Saw this vintage globe on etsy.  I want to start collecting globes.  Eventually I want to display my awesome globe collection at my house, on a shelf that is an entire length of a wall.  Don’t ask.  And I’ve been wanting to do this for some time but as of right now, I don’t have a single globe in my collection.

But here’s the problem.  I’m a control freak.  I mean a real control freak.  So the last time I started a collection, it was of Winnie the Pooh items.  When friends found out, everyone started to get me Winnie the Pooh items.  It got out of control.  I had to accept things from people because they were gifts and believe you me, I didn’t like all of them.  And as of right now, I don’t have one Winnie the Pooh in my posession.

So the question is, should I start this new collection?


Turntable ring at a place called Plastique on  There are bunch other accessories that I would LOVE to have if my budget had room for such things…


Found this super-duper cute shirt on Etsy.  I would totally wear it if my boobs were smaller.  I don’t know why but I think with such huge holes, my boob size would matter…..  Regardless, really cute shirt for the summer.


weekender tote” from Etsy.  It was at a store called “death and taxes”.  I totally love the name of the bag, the style of the bag and I even love the name of the store.  Pretty neat. 


Found these on Etsy today.  So whimsical I just love it.  Would I wear it? I’m not sure.


So I have a friend who loves all things from 1930-40’s era.  Came across this Etsy shop that sold really awesome items from that time and on.  This is one of my favorite.  Now only if I had the figure to wear these dresses!


Probably not the most practical thing to have around the house with cats but I LOVE this pretty cushion from Etsy.


graceful and elegant find on Etsy for a bride.


Found these cute earrings on Etsy. 


Found this retailer on Etsy the other day.  I think these types of personalized items are the coolest thing ever.  The simplicity and the elegance with great design makes these gifts just fantastic.


I want to get this “OMG” necklace from Etsy and just constantly point to it intead of saying it out loud.  Like the plaque that I wanted to get for my desk at work that said, “it’s not in the budget.”  And maybe I could get one for Gina that would either say, “WTF” or “High-5?”


Tshirt I found on Etsy.  I like this shirt for couple of reasons.

  1. the expression on the man’s face
  2. the semi-jazz hands
  3. the “neutral” emoticon, which is my favorite in the universe.


I love taking pix so I am always fascinated by all things photography.  Here are some vintage cameras that I found on Etsy.  Pretty fantastic.


Found this on Etsy.  Love the fact that the design was inspired by tulips.  Very nice.


I am really curious to know who would buy this.  Who would want to serve food/beverage to themsleves, or guests on these cups/saucers?  And let me tell you, these aren’t cheap either for $151!



Another find on Etsy.  Not sure what I would use them for.  But super duper cute felt letter!


So, I consider myself to be a fairly creative person.  But this type of creativity is a whole different level.  So intricately and beautifully done.  Found this on Etsy of all places… Pretty cool. 


Another find on Etsy.  Seriously how funny is this?  It makes me wonder who would spend $40 to buy something like this, but at the same time, it looks pretty darn good!


Here’s my gorgeous find from Etsy.  I just wish you could wear these outside.  I’m not sure if I could get myself to spend $50 for something that will be collect cat hair and nobody gets to see….


Okay, I just adore this site called Etsy. It’s a incredibly clever site that sells ton of “handmade” products by individuals/companies around the world. I think I personally love this site because so many products on this site feels personable and one of a kind. And one of my favorite features on the site is their tool called “colors.” It allows you to scroll around a color palette and they provide a product that matches the color that you’re scrolling over. It’s pretty fantabulous.

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