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Recently I had the privilege of working on a fashion show during the New York Fashion Week.  Best part about working on this show was that I got to meet some pretty handsome men during the casting and the show.  One in particular really stood out for me and his name was Zhao Lei.  I’m fairly certain I literally “gasped” when he walked in the room.

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This shoot was from couple of years back.  But I still love it whenever I see it.

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I just heard on Today’s show that Suri Cruise has wardrobe that’s estimated at 3.6 million dollars.  What in the world???  And Katie Homes admitted that Suri chose her clothes since she was 1.5 years old.  Do they even talk at that age?  I don’t know, isn’t this just too much?  I mean she’s cute and all but is this just ridiculous.

Bit out of my price range but just looking at this Chloe dress makes me feel sophisticated and classy.  Really adore this dress.

Give me the oppty to wear this Kate Spade shoes.  I will wear it!

Elite Leather – Whitby Sofa  (Org $3720… Now $1375) – Gorgeous sofa.  If it wasn’t for our cats, I would LOVE this gorgeous sofa t be sitting in our living room.  It will go very well with the dark brown book cases that I have.

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On 20/20 this past Friday, they had a segment about fake Christian Louboutin shoes online.   I thought the piece was very informative and didn’t even realize that there were fake “shoes” but I guess it makes total sense.  Afterall, some Christian Louboutin shoes costs more than the purses that I carry around.

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I am a HUGE J.Crew fan.  If I had the figure to look good in their clothes, I would totally be broke because I would spend all my money at that store.  So I guess I should be thankful that I am currently too big to look good in their clothes.  But as I am thinking about having kids, I am worried that I would go broke because I would spend all my money on buying kids clothes.  They have very clean, simple, classic and elegant clothes that I totally LOVE.  Sometimes when I see super cute kids clothes, I am soooo tempted to buy them.  I don’t have kids.  I don’t even have a baby.  I’m not even pregnant.  We’re not even planning on having kids.  Would that be weird if I started to collect cute kids’ clothes?


Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Run’s House.  Couple of weeks ago I found out his address and was very tempted to go stalk his house until they let me in and make me part of their family.  One of my dearest buddies, Gian, suggested that it was a fantastic idea.  So I knew nothing good could come out of it.

Anywho, so this Diggy character, who is probably 13 years old has a blog that I can’t stop reading.  The more I read and the more I see the stuff that he’s posting on his blog, I am really beginning to question whether he’s

  1. actually 13 because the sense of style this kid has is freaking out of this world
  2. writing all this stuff because he seems to have such wide range of interest (fashion, music, sports,  and even architecture)
  3. where he finds the time and the energy to blog so much

Regardless, I love the fact that he has very similar style/taste as me and I totally apprecitate his point of view.




…yourself trudging through rain and mud in the hottest footwear collaboration.  i doubt you’ll feel even the slightest of pang and would rather take the long way home.

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