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how cool is this?


picture courtesy of

but the sink itself is from sanindusa. should check it out. they’ve got some cool home stuff.

so i did it again. walked through the chelsea market and stopped in amy’s. i alwaaayyyss think about getting the cinnamon challah knot but never do. i just end up getting the pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant. but not today. today i got the cinnamon challah knot. 


with two glasses of milk and a cup of good coffee. delliiccious. it’s nice and chewy. sweet but not overbearingly so. there’s this nice honey or caramel thing on the bottom which makes the bottom a bit soggy? fine with me. just delicious. don’t worry, i’ll be having my yogurt and fruits in like two seconds.



***a little side note. also in the chelsea market is sarabeth’s which is supposed to have some bomb stuff. i’ve had some of their stuff and it’s delicious. word on the street is they’ve got some really good pain au chocolat. i have to check it out but the problem is amy’s bread is located closer than sarabeth’s when i’m coming into work in the morning.

sightings of real life hipsters can be found in the link below (and brooklyn):

so, there are some items that are invented that make you go WTF? like for example .. 

although.. it did invent my favorite mcdonald’s commercial. but now. now, there’s something even weirder and more useless. 

CELEBRIDUCKS. seriously, click the link and check out the weirdness.

today is officially earth day. go see the movie earth from disney. i don’t know. seems like planet earth but james earl jones is the narrator and it only follows three families. still seems awesome to me. what’s better than animals in HDDDDD? it’s out today.

anyone else love the gorillaz like i do? they haven’t done much recently but i guess their documentary’s been keeping them busy. that’s right. documentary. it’s called BANANAZ. and it was released on the web on 4/20. 

you should check it out. should be good, entertaining, and informative if you’re into the gorillaz.

not sure if that’s right. 4 years of french .. and i’m praying that’s right. 

so breakfast is what i think the most important meal of the day. i eat a champion breakfast. i’m talking a bowl of special k with banana, an orange, a yogurt, another glass of milk, and a cup of coffee or tea. i try to keep it healthy and load up my energy until lunch. but sometimes, i treat myself. 

today, i had pain au chocolat from amy’s bread in chelsea. i work right next to the chelsea market so when i walk from getting off the subway at 14th street, sometimes i stop in for a delicious pastry. today i had my favorite.

i stole the picture above from serious eats but obviously, it’s the one on the right and not left. 



allllll finished. note the remainder of my breakfast on the right.

is it me or does staying home suck when you’re older?

what happened?? 

time passes soooo slowly when there’s nothing on tv, no vehicle, and no one to entertain you at home. 

is it just me that feels this way???

i need to be saved from 1. liquid cherry medicine 2. bad tv 3. BORREEDDOOMMMM

clearly, i’m on a music binge. just random random music binge. but it is 420. and this rapper just comes to mind. 

one of my favorite rappers of all time. BIG L

so a friend of mine and i were talking ..

me: hitler’s b-day’s 420. did you know that?

friend: yeah.. on my way to work, i told my neighbor “happy holidays.” and he went “for what? hitler being born?”

hmmm. a very good point..



the only reason this came up is because of someone’s facebook status. don’t know if i can name names but it’s a friend of a friend.

“4/20 = hitler’s birthday. waco. oklahoma city. columbine. virginia tech.another fbi white supremacist standoff in idaho in the 90s. all within 3 or 4 days from 4/20. why does nobody notice this but me?”

if you don’t know .. maybe it’s best you don’t. 

but happy holidays! an entertaining video i found today…

i love tv on the radio. 

staring at the sun picks up at around 1:50 ish mark. 

speaking of the killers … i wish i was in cali this weekend (although east coast weather was bomb on saturday). more specifically, i wish i was at coachella. stinking it up with everybody. daaaaaangggg.




i want to see daft punk. i know, it’s not 09. suck it.

ahh.. leonard cohen.

at least on the east coast, i think it’s fair to say that summer dress season has started!

or at least, for this weekend….


look for some summer dresses here.

heard about this on wait wait don’t tell me podcast …

read here.

i should’ve maybe posted this yesterday. but whatev, post tax day music video.


if you guys saw last night’s colbert report, you know that NASA’s node 3 is not named colbert but instead named tranquility. 




good news is they are naming something else after colbert. their treadmill which will be put up around august. COLBERT will stand for combined operational load bearing external resistance treadmill.


i recently found out that mel gibson and his wife are getting a divorce. my mom LOVES mel gibson. i don’t know if she does anymore but back in the day she would say how handsome he is (mind you, my mom thinks everyone’s unattractive. i mean everybody). but anyway, apparently, mel’s wife could get $500,000,000. 


;waihg;aowiehgawe. dang, why couldn’t my mom somehow stalk mel gibson, make him fall in love with her, and close it with some homewrecking …


click for video

a great bee gee’s song. if you know the lyrics, it’s really sad. a guy who loooves a girl to death even though she’s constantly cheating on him. i guess it’s sweet. but we can all agree .. very sad. and the song itself is mad dance-y in line with the 70s vibe. and come on. barry gibb. need i say more?

now this is a cover done by feist which is one of my favorite bands/singers. she’s got a really soulful voice and whatnot. it’s soothing. i’ll post more songs from her in the future. 


is it me or has there been a huge influx of pirate news? more than ever, i’ve been reading about pirates taking over. i’m talking i went from reading about no pirates to all of a sudden 4 or 5 pirate attacks in the past year (from what i can remember). if we were doing a year over year or lifetime over lifetime percentage change, it would come out null in excel.

but seriously, i’m assuming these pirates don’t look like what i probably think they should look like. you know like ..


i don’t know. i think if you’re going to be pirate, captain hook that shit up. what’s more badass than thattt?

seriously. probably one of the strongest and most determined group of people there is in the world.  it’s a freaking strong cult following. i don’t know what it is about colbert. but he says something, and the next day, things are a happening. i, too, am part of colbert nation. tune in tonight to see if they name the space shuttle after him. comedy central. 11:30 est. pm.

on saturday i went to the bergen town center with my brother. my mom’s been talking about it and we’ve seen it driving up and down route 4. so my brother wanted to check it out. so we get there. go through the mall. and guess what we seeee… 


just in case you’re wondering who the eff bobby is .. it’s bobby flay. that’s right .. bobby flay has a burger joint. no no, let me rephrase. he has a burger PALACE. it’s a standard burger joint. except .. it has bobby flay’s name on it. and thus the lines are ridiculous.

bbp inside

that’s the inside.. after .. 20 minutes of waiting? and we’re still in line. .. waiting.

but long story short, the burgers were alright. i don’t know if i’d wait on line like that for burgers again. but then again, i’m not a burger lover. the only burgers i’d wait on line for are shake shack and in n out. deeelliiicious. one good thing is the different burger options (?), choices (?). i’m not sure what the right term would be. just check out the menu. had the dallas burger. it was pretty good. onion rings. always delicious. 

dallas burger

ok. the picture looks gross. and it’s a bad picture. what do you expect? i was driving and using my iphone to take the pic. …….yeah, i’m that crazy asian female driver. my brother always did say i fulfill the female asian driver steroetype..

random picture i took on friday by the west side highway. 


small fry

what kind of license plate is small fry? i’d think small fry is one of those things you’d never want to be called, let alone advertise on your plate …

read an article on cnn (you’ll learn most of my info comes from there). apparently PETA asked the pet shop boys to change their name. change their name to the rescue shelter boys. ……

i know it’s for a good cause but .. the rescue shelter boys? really? they’ve been together for over 20 years. and now you’re going to ask them to change their name? i don’t know about that one …

read the article here. and watch a music video of one of their more popular songs..


last night’s daily show episode. if you don’t know about the daily show with jon stewart. go to hulu and start watching.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

so read an article about this turkish anchor who painted his face black to report on obama. i’m not sure how i feel about it. i can’t tell if it’s meant to be offensive or flattering. you judge..

ohhh southpark. i love south park. they’re so on point with social commentary and comedy. i don’t watch it nearly as religiously as i should. yesterday’s episode was way too funny. for everyone who thinks kanye takes himself way too seriously, you’ll enjoy. check out other full episodes here.

click here for this episode.

kanye west clip:

i took this picture a couple of months ago by the holland tunnel entrance downtown nyc. no words necessary. except.. WHERE’S MY FUCKING BAILOUT?!


so there’s nothing better than the moment you realize spring/summer is coming. all of a sudden, you notice how bright it is outside and how the birds are chirping. and for me, today was that day.

of course there’s the clear tell tale signs:

  • you notice that it’s sunny when you wake up and sunny when you left work. 
  • you hear animal sounds, mostly birds.
  • if you have allergies like my brother and i have (my brother more than me), you notice that your eyes are a bit moist when you wake up. you know what i’m talking about … eventually they crust up when it’s full blown allergy season (gross i know). 
  • you also notice flowers blossoming on trees and whatnot.
  • you regret not busting out your sunglasses because now there’s glare everywhere. (no, i’m not one of those people who wear sunglasses at night, winter, cloudy days, etc. etc. only when i’m super hungover or something)

but last but not least. the ULTIMATE sign that spring and summer is here …



so man man is eggin’ awesome. they’re kind of unlike any band i’ve ever heard. my friend, matt, put me onto them maybe a year ago. and i’ve liked them ever since.

this is their new video, rabbit habits. my friend john forwarded me this video. pretty awesome. i recommend checking out the credits at the end.

so, i love graffiti. but i’m not the biggest graffiti fan. i can’t tell you who the graffiti artist is. but i can appreciate it. something about graffiti is so raw and real. using the concrete jungle as their canvas to express whatever. so i stumbled across this website. it’s pretty awesome. graffiti and some other stuff. 

and to those who say graffiti isn’t an art, EGG OFF!

** my favorite is the one about giver/taker. it’s near and dear to my heart. alex and i talk about how he’s the giver and i’m the taker alllll the time.

so this is my first real job. well, my first real career job. and so i’m still learning the ropes of the “real world”. what to do, what not to do, what to say, what not to say. etc. etc. sometimes i really have to bite my tongue. i am at the bottom of the totem pole and thus have no right in saying some of the things i want to say.

but sometimes, ohhh sometimes. i just want to say it. it’s never towards me; but i see the interaction and i just want to put someone in place. ooh, i could see it now. it would be glorious. 


…then i’ll take that two month euro trip i always wanted to take.


i love march. not because it’s st. patrick’s month (day, whatev). but because of march madness. if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a college basketball single elimination tournament. the best 64 teams compete for the championship. and it’s not necessarily the best team that wins, but the best team that day/night. of all sports, it’s probably one of my favorite things to watch (probably aside from football). it’s always exciting; a lot of upsets, cinderella stories, buzzer beaters, etc. etc. etc. 

but i slacked this year. too busy to keep up with watching all these games. but i entered my work’s bracket pool anyway. clearly, i have no idea who 75% of the teams are. at that point, it’s all gut instinct. sometimes i just like the name of the team or they play in a state that i recall a story or movie from or i feel like they have heart (although i have no idea who they are). just anything. now the best part is picking the upsets. picking the team that nobody expects to win. it’s pure bragging rights (and more points). now majority of the time, i’m wrong. but it’s those 2 or 3 i pick correctly that give me such satisfaction. 

so i entered and guesssss whoooo wonnnnnn. no, not that guy. ok ok. who has two thumbs and won the 2009 march madness pool? ahh ahh? i’ll give you a hint. i have two thumbs. =) congrats to my team, the tar heels*.


* yeah, i didn’t go to unc. but when you go to a school with no sports aka nyu and live in an area where college ball sucks aka seton hall, st. john, rutgers, etc., you’re forced to pick a team you remember liking for their baby blue uniform when you were 10.



so for a while now, since fall of 2008, i’ve tried to stay away from viewing the news. and when i say news, i mean more financial news (i’m a nyu stern grad, what can i say? i’ve been bred to only read financial news) than anything. you know, it was depressing to hear how our economy’s shit and it’s only going to get worse. there was no good news. the news was how the economy was still as bad as it was the day before. that’s not news. tell me something i don’t know. news is if by some chance, a politician andor corporation did something right. or if our economy’s actually getting better.

so i’ve boycotted it for a while. but i still need to be somewhat caught up in what’s going on in the world. so i frequent a lot when i need a break from what i’m doing at work or whatev. read a quick article or two. but i feel like i have to boycott news altogether. is it me or has there been A LOT of homicides, suicides, etc. today, there were reports that three cops died in pittsburgh. some guy shot two in the head. and recently, there was a guy in binghamton who killed 13 people and then killed himself. the saddest news is when people kill their family members. today, there was a story about a guy who found his wife with another guy. after an argument, he killed his 5 children and then killed himself. there was a guy who killed his 5 children, wife and himself after he and his wife found out they were being fired from work. there was another guy who decapitated his baby sister in front of a cop. and it goes on and on. it’s depressing as shit. 

i’m not sure if it’s because of the state of the economy? everyone’s on edge more? i know most aren’t probably economy related. but damn. wtf. i wish there were some really uplifting stories. to give us and the world some hope about our future. and i know these stories have to be reported. we have to learn from these tragedies. but it’s just too much sometimes. so until i hear more uplifting stories, i’m boycotting news in general. well, try to at least.

a couple of weeks ago, i was listening to the wait wait… don’t tell me!”  podcast (which btw, is hilarious. i recommend checking it out) and they were talking about a blog. an important one.

this blog created for those in peril. in danger. emotionally wounded. these people are STRUGGLING! we must feel for them. who am i talking about? 

THOSE DATING BANKERS. …aka. DABAs. yes. they no longer can afford to hit the spa everyday. no more tiffanys jewelery every week. OH THE INJUSTICE!

yeah .. check it out. it’s kind of hilarious. the ridiculousness of it all.

so clearly from below, you know karoake was in full force last night. i’m going to keep it short but i don’t know what it is about drinking and singing, but they go so well together. like ebony … and ivory … you know. 

i wish i understood psychology and neurology (is that right?). that way i can give you some crazy scientific answer and have some brain analysis chart things. you know, where a certain part of the brain lights up and stuff. bah, you’ve all seen it.

so my friend told me a while ago about this site it’s pretty much a single cut video of an artist performing live. it’s kind of really awesome to see an artist in his or her raw form. you know, minus the synthesizer, redos, and whatever else you do to a record to make yourself sound way better. don’t get me wrong, i love that shit but sometimes it’s really dope to just see them go at it without the “help”. and the video/performance itself is one cut (i think for the most part) that anything can happen.

so i’ve listened about half of all the artists they had on there. but one i particularly like is vandaveer. for one, his voice is nice. it’s kind of unique; i don’t think i’ve heard a voice like his before. i can’t really describe it other than if you held your nose and started talking. you know; sort of helium filled? i also love the first video when one of the guys is just playing with a broom stick or something. and bannnnjooo. come on now. and what can you say about the crowd participation? they just stumble upon a group of people who get into it. AWESOME. and the music itself is great. it’s really cutesy, fun, happy, other synonyms of those words. not to mention, easy ass singalong song.

Vandaveer – Woolgathering / Roman Candle – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

oh the shenanigans of april fools. this is the day google publishes some outlandish stuff and always manages to trick lots of people. does anybody remember when google posted that they would have an unsend email button? i write that as if it was really long ago, it was maybe a year ago. my memory isn’t so good (neither is my grammer). i remember a number of people getting really excited about it. but they did actually create an unsend button. not as great as the april fools one but an unsend button nonetheless. i would recommend checking your labs tab in gmail. this year, we’ve got CADIE and autopilot for gmail. hopefully, this will actually turn into reality. chrome in 3d! what!

news people also have a field day on this day. all sorts of shenanigans. you can read about it here. i wish i could tell you about an april fools joke that was pulled off by me or on me or on someone else, but i can’t. it’s been a booooring day. =( someone entertain me with a story!

have you heard of this new virus? conficker? i don’t know where i’ve been but i just heard about it today. someone at work sent an email. i initially thought he was playing some april fools joke. then a couple of other people commented on it saying they saw it on the news and whatnot. being paranoid me, i thought they were all in on the joke. turns out it’s ferreal. apparently, there’s a $250,000 reward to find the guy who did it. i’m doing a risk/reward assessment whether or not it’s worth possibly getting fired to try to find this person.



new mac commercial slogan:

we don’t get viruses like pcs

so yesterday, i was scanning through like i always do. as i’m reading through the headlines, i come across this incredible discovery (boxed in red) ..

the rower is tired!

the rower is tired!


NO WAY! get out of town! the rower is not tired! after he rows about 3k miles! psshh. i don’t believe it. bs. total bs. 


what an observation. journalism at its finest. 



*** i didn’t really click on the link so i have no idea what the story’s about.

soo. i’m going to be very frank. i have had hickies on my neck. like massive ones. so embarrassing. so i was talking to a friend via gchat and well.. just read.
me: osssh
         so i realized i was talking to my mom
         without covering my marks
         thankfully she didn’t have her contacts in
         which means she’s literally blind as a bat
         i think she’s like a -10.5 or something
Alex: maybe she just didnt say anything
me: and secretly thinks i’m a big slut
        or gets beaten
Alex: or both
me: LOL
Alex: both kinda makes sense
me: i was just going to type that
        yeah. because i’m a big slut whore i get slapped around
        because i also try to keep some of the money i earn
Alex: yeah thats a big no no.
            so basically either yur mom desperately needs glasses
            or has a pretty low opinion of you and feels no need to interfere with your questionable lifestyle

the title alone should give you a HUGE hint as to what this post is about. the only reasons anyone should be confused is if 1. they don’t have a tv 2. you have severe memory problems (which then you’re like me) or 3. you don’t know how to read (that came out really harsh. but then again, you wouldn’t really know if you can’t read… which also makes me think why you’re here .. visuals?) 

i. LOVE. this commercial. i can’t remember a jingle that i’ve sung more than this (and enjoyed. hence $5 footlong is out). come on. it’s kind of nostalgic. billy bass, anyone? if you don’t know, it’s ok. it was probably the most useless thing ever. if you’ve received it as a gift, i’m sorry. 

so i’ve been singing this song non-stop. i’ve sung it so much one day that i got a fellow employee who never heard of the song, singing the song by the end of the day. except she only learned the first two lines because that’s the only line i actually remembered. i pretty made up my own rendition of the last two lines. something with hanging on the wall and being in a sandwich and not laughing.

well without further ado, the video (accompanied by lyrics so you don’t sound retarted like me.) and no need to thank me for all future ridicule and harassment coming your way.


Give me back that Filet O’ Fish
Give me that fish (ahhhhh)
Give me back that Filet O’ Fish
Give me that fish
What if it were YOU hanging up on this wall
If it were YOU in that sandwich you wouldn’t be laughing at aaaaaaaallllllllll

so apparently tonight korea and japan will face off in the world baseball classic championships. holy moly.

team japan

team korea

team japan

team japan








1. japan vs. korea. a long history of wars, ill will, and asian pride’s on the line (i might have over exaggerated that statement andor made it completely up. my history knowledge is very limited to what people tell me, what i remember from that, and just complete fabrications)

2. they actually have a world baseball classic championships, who knew?    … ok i did, sort of. but i don’t care enough for baseball to acknowledge it even though i may have seen it while surfing the channel or seen my dad watch it.

3. i’m korean. so you know who i’m rooting for …

4. …nobody. i just don’t really like baseball at all.

5. no but seriously, i’ll probably be rooting for korea. obviously. and drinking mad korean beer. eff that sapporo! OB, what!




korea lost. i went to my friend’s korean bar restaurant. and let me tell you. it was ..INSANE. people were chanting names as if the players could actually hear them. definitely a good game even though i don’t like baseball. but do you want to know who the REAL winner was?

the bar. win or lose, people were going to be definitely dranking.

so if you know me, you know i’m probably one of the few people who would hold off marriage or any commitments as long as they can. monogamy? ahh. ugh. blah. meh. not really my favorite word in the english dictionary. gyuh-run (marriage or in korean. not my favorite word of the 50 korean words i know. it’s actually causing my leg to shake right now. but i’ve been listening to this one song today by ingrid michaelson. it’s called you and i. and this song actually kind of makes me want to get married tomorrow. (actually a large number of her songs want to make me get married like “the way i am”). i think the lyrics are just simple and kind of poetic and romantic because of its simplicity. and UKELELE. UKELELE!! come on!

two videos, same song. one’s with jason mraz. because i love him. ..he’s the one i’d marry tomorrow.

So the other night, I was hanging out with a friend until the weeeeee hours of the morning (sorry guy). We’re watching tv and whatnot and he starts telling me how at some point (maybe 3am or something like that), an hour long program that sells knives comes on. An hour long program that sells knives at 3am EST.

He proceeds to tell me all types of knives that they sell like pocket knives, hunter knives, some Japanese swords, and they even sell you sets of 160 knives. They come in all sorts of sizes, colors, grips, cases, etc. etc.

I know, ridiculous. For two reasons:
1. Why is there an HOUR LONG knife show?
2. Why does he know all this stuff about an HOUR LONG knife show?

So time comes, and of course, there’s the program. And of course, I demand we watch the program (What? How can you not watch it now?) So we’re watching and of course the show is exactly how he explained it would be. EXCEPT it’s a lot more ridiculous.

First, imagine it being like an HSN segment except REALLY REALLY poor quality. I’m talking, the producer of the show found a video camera he bought in the 90s and thought, “awesome, I’m ready to make a show.”

Second, there are a RIDICULOUS amount of knives that are shown on that show. A ridiculous amount – which will be explained in the next point. Although this probably explains why the show’s using such a shiesty camera – they spent all their money buying knives.

Third, you only have 1 minute (maybe 2? I’m pretty sure it was 1) to call and purchase the item. And the order number isn’t simple. It’s like C302018i9a;h;aweigh;oi104y102y[. So imagine how many knives they went through. Yeah, a buttload. We actually called. It took about 50 seconds to get to an operator.

Fourth, in the background, the phones are ringing off the hook. I mean, non-stop as if this was some PBS telethon special with Kanye West, Bon Jovi (apparently England’s #3 Rock God), and other celebrities. Come on. It’s 3am. I know it isn’t live but seriously. That many people are buying knives right now? that many?

All in all, I’d say it’s a definite must see. At least once. I think the ridiculousness of the program itself is entertaining. And if you’re hanging out with my friend, a definite definite must watch. Because he apparently knows A LOT about knives.

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