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I’ve been working at the IAC building now for almost 3 years.  We have enough perks here to really define us as an “internet” company.  And one of my personal favorite is Bagel Friday.  I overheard by the toaster this AM, a guy telling his co-worker that he thought about working from home today, but remembered it was Bagel Friday and decided to trek into the office.  Yes, we really do indeed love our Bagel Fridays here.

However after 3 years, close to 150 Bagel Fridays later, and countless number of bagel vendors, Murray’s Bagel in Chelsea has made its debut at our sacred weekly ritual.  The bagel goodness was higher than most bagels I recall and I have enough faith in Murray’s to believe that they will maintain this standard on weekly basis.  Although like some relationships, we’ve seen most bagel vendors make an awesome impression, then disappoint us after couple of weeks,  I would like to hope that this will be one of those rare lasting relationships….

so i saw this earlier in the week ..

which is the walter knoll circle. i think it looks cool as hell. but then i thought. this reminds of something .. something i’ve seen …

the tokyo bench. if you’ve ever visited the IAC headquarters on the west side highway, you’ll see it in our lobby. anyway, different material clearly. but the shape slightly resembles each other. maybe the inverse?

i can’t decide which one i like more. i’m sure the walter knoll circle is WAY comfier. and soft.

IAC folks
IAC folks

I’m not sure what this was for but it was some sort of event in the lobby of our office building.



The annual IAC soiree.  The sun is going down but the party has just begun for the rest of us.

where i work.... @ 2008 IAC Soiree

where i work.... @ 2008 IAC Soiree

This is my office building.  It’s the first Frank Gehry building in NYC.  Yes, it’s pretty fantastic working here and I think sometimes I take it for granted that I work in this gorgeous building.  This pix was taken, on one of the few time, us common folks, were allowed on the 6th floor.  It was 2008 IAC Summer Soiree.

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