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Just came back from my short trip to LA and went to Disneyland for the first time.  YES, it was my first time although I’ve lived there for years and years. But at this happiest place on earth, I’ve experienced one of the scariest moments of my life.

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Heard about a tour that focuses on LA Gangs on NPR this afternoon.  I know this is something that I personally wouldn’t want to do.  It made me wonder who would want to go on a tour like this.

Then I read the NY Times article.  And here’s the first paragraph:

“LOS ANGELES — The tour organizer received assurances, he says, from four gangs that they would not harass the bus when it passed through their turf. Paying customers must sign releases warning of potential danger. And after careful consideration, it was decided not to have residents shoot water guns at the bus and sell “I Got Shot in South Central” T-shirts.”


I heard about this Japanese place in LA called Urasawa.  Toast of the town, cream of the crop, best of the best, Anthony Bourdain worthy, and etc.  I was searching the dub dub dub and came across this blog called  Where a guy named Kevin went to Urasawa and took some fantastic pictures and writes really eloquently about his experience.  But what was so shocking about his blog was, how much money he spent at these places.


Please note, the dude and his friends spent $160 on WATER.  I’m pretty sure a monthly service for Poland Springs is about $30 a month. This is on a SINGLE MEAL!  I enjoy a nice meal time to time but it made me wonder how much money I would have to make, to make this kind of meal ($500/person) justifiable.  I couldn’t come up with a figure.  How do I justify living so extravagantly at such extreme level? I wouldn’t be able to.  I know too many people who are financially suffering and literally can not afford to have 3 meals a day….


This was part of wedding photoshoot at the central park.  That’s when I discovered the Poet’s Walk.  And whenever people see these pix of John and I, they always ask where these pix were taken.  I am truly thankful to our wedding photographer Dan Loh for really capturing that day and that moment for us.  It still brings back such fond memories.


While my buddies from LA were visiting last week, we went there to take bunch pix to mimic our wedding pix.  It was a fantastic place to sit, relax, and ponder about life….

pagent of masters

pageant of masters

This was at the Pageant of Masters last summer with Gina and Susan.  This must be my 10th time taking part in the experience.  I think it’s totally one of the coolest things you could experience in LA area (Laguna Beach).  I actually bought tickets for this summer as well.  I’m totally crossing my fingers that I get to make it out there. 🙂



You heard it right.  Octomom the musical is here.  Or in LA rather.  I don’t even know what to say about this….

LA nite

LA nite

Walking around West LA after having dessert at my favorite dessert place in the universe, Sweet Lady Jane.

glimpses of you everywhere

glimpses of you everywhere

Saw this poster of Naruto in a cafe in LA while I was out there this Feb.  It made me really miss my hubby.  He LOVES Naruto and I’m sure he’s watched every episode at least twice.
Transformers, roll out!

Transformers, roll out!

Griffith Park is one of my favorite places in LA.  I don’t care that it’s touristy and I don’t care that you get to see all the smog of LA.  And yes, this is where the Transformers got together to have a little pow-wow….

pretty colors
This is at one of my favorite hotels in LA called “The Chamberlain”.  Just love it.
old school
old school

This is in front of Alcove in LA.  Alcove was recommended by Claudia while back and whenever I go back to LA, I pencil it in my schedule to make sure I stop by.  I couldn’t believe something this old existed in LA.  Totally cool.


There are few shows that I really really enjoy on CBS, other than the news programs like CBS Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes.  One of them is a show called The Mentalist (which i’m sure I’ll eventually blog about), and the other one is this hilarious show called, “The Big Bang Theory.”  It’s a show that my hubby and I could both really enjoy together.  It’s a TV show about true-ultimate nerds living in LA.  I enjoy it so much purely based on the fact that the characters on the show remind me alot of John.  And I think John likes the show based on the fact that he could relate to these characters.  I think he secretly loves explaining all the obsecure references that only a true nerd can appreciate and funny grasp.  It’s a really hilarious show.  You should definitely make the time to watch it.


with susan and gina at zuma beach

with susan and gina at zuma beach

Zuma beach is my favorite beach in the universe.  This was Gina’s first time at Zuma beach, and first time in LA.  I think she enjoyed it alot.  This is one of my favorite pix from this trip.  I feel there’s something so incredibly tranquil about this particular moment.


Read a cool snip about this guy who built his house around a tree in NYTimes.  John and I have been house hunting for the past year, maybe longer.  This is why I love the houses in LA and hate the homes here.  No character and no depth to them at all….

Okay, so it’s been some time. Did I mention that I have a full time job doing number thing? Anywho, I was in LA for about 10 days at the end of February. It was great seeing friends and eating good food and it was just nice being somewhere warm.
So while I was in LA, I had a list of things that I wanted to do and I wanted to see.  One of the funniest shows on TV was a show called “Rob and Big.” I don’t know what happened to Big, but Rob started another so called, Rob’s Fantasy Factory. So one of my big “to-do” was to find the actual physical location of this factory. We came up with bunch of plans but we never found it. Cha Cha was absolutely no help and even after researching thru some online blogs, we were not successful. Gina wanted to drive around down town LA looking for the space, but that idea didn’t appeal to me whatsoever….  Now looking bad, that was actually a fairly decent idea! 
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