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goodness gracious. ok, i’ve been slacking hard on this. really hard. so a lot’s happened since i last posted which seems like 6 years ago.

within a week, 4 major celebrities passed away. yes, 4. i know you know about michael jackson and farrah fawcett. who are the other two?

well there was ed mcmahon. he was johnny carson’s announcer and side kick on the tonight show for decades. he also hosted star search where many of our stars today performed (justin timberlake, lauryn hill, aaliyah, dave chappelle, destiny’s child, etc.) he also starred in a Cash4Gold commercial with mc hammer during the super bowl. so you know he was cool guy. being able to put his pride aside for a commercial like that.

then there’s billy mays. who’s billy mays? he’s the guy that convinced you to buy you oxi clean and other stuff. he’s the infomerical king. not a celebrity? pssshhh. you try to sell nonsense and make it into a successful career. i bet you if you closed your eyes and heard his voice, you would recognize it in a heartbeat.

and poor farrah fawcett. she got straight shafted. seriously. does anybody even remember that she passed away? i don’t know if that was appropriate or not. but seriously. it should’ve been her day. people should be remembering her. but nope. hours later, michael jackson passes away. man. i mean granted michael jackson was clearly a way bigger star, icon, celebrity, etc. than farrah fawcett and his death was a lot more shocking but everyone just forgot about her. kind of sad really.

and what can i say about michael jackson. biggest star ever. biggest international star. i don’t know who else is a bigger star than michael jackson. the influence this man had on the world. crazy. just crazy.

i think a moment of silence is appropriate ..

homage to the king of pop

homage to the king of pop

This was at Simon’s bday party.¬† You know you can’t have a cool party¬†without MJ!

September 2020