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I can’t say enough positive things about Nike.  It’s one of my favorite brands and you may already know, I am extremely loyal to the brands that I like.   And today while going thru a potential company I may be working for, I came across another Nike commercial that I just thought was phenomenal….

John and I have been watching a lot of Olympics.  But since we don’t want to be blind sided by spoilers on the web and on the news, we’ve been watching most of it live.  This means, no skipping thru the commercials like we usually do.  But time to time, that’s not such a bad thing.  Serendipitously I came across this commercial that wove images which provoked raw human emotions together with artistic execution that was flawless.  Nike… did it again!


I totally want this watch.  I always wore men’s watch and recently I had to give it up to John because his watch broke.  So now I’m back to my Nike running watch, although I don’t run.  I love digital watches since it’s super convenient to tell time.  Maybe it’s a sign of my laziness? 

On a serious note, how fabulous is this watch?  I always wanted one in the 80’s but never had the guts to buy one.  Now I really want one.  I even love the fact that it’s called a “DATA BANK“….  C’mon that’s hilarious! 


Nike has won my heart over one more time.  All the athletic sneakers that I’ve owned since I was 5, have been Nike.  Yes, I am extremely brand loyal.  I think I still have a Sony VHS player somewhere around the house….

Anywho, here’s my new love.  Nike Skateboarding shoes.  How much do I love these?  These are called the “Nike SB Blazer Premium Solar Orange/Solar Orange“.  I’m not sure if I have enough “hipsterness” to wear these but I sure do love looking at thesese oranage sneakers!  Nike just did it again! 

September 2020