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Radio Lab is my other favorite show on NPR.  I’ve listened to every episode at least once and I go around quoting lines from the show time to time.  Recently heard this episode and actually got really emotional.  YES, I get really sappy over little things and YES I cried watching previews at the movies.  But wanted share this short story that made me tear up while waiting for the A Train anyway. (It starts around 11:30)

Read this article on NPR News about a baby tiger being drugged and stuffed in a bag to be smuggled in.   It never ceases to surprise me the crazy things that people will do….

Heard about a tour that focuses on LA Gangs on NPR this afternoon.  I know this is something that I personally wouldn’t want to do.  It made me wonder who would want to go on a tour like this.

Then I read the NY Times article.  And here’s the first paragraph:

“LOS ANGELES — The tour organizer received assurances, he says, from four gangs that they would not harass the bus when it passed through their turf. Paying customers must sign releases warning of potential danger. And after careful consideration, it was decided not to have residents shoot water guns at the bus and sell “I Got Shot in South Central” T-shirts.”


the OG BFF

I heard this on NPR this morning.  Apparently, there’s been a poll about  true friendships and the average number true frienships we have in our lives.  The poll was complied by a company called “One Poll“.  And the answer is, 3.  On the average, we have 3 true friends.  That works out perfectly for our cats since there’s 4 of them.  They could all have just the right amount of true friends in their lives. 


I totallllly HEART “this american life.”  I spend alot of my work hours listening to NPR and especially “this american life.”  It is totally “funny, dramatic, surprising, true.”  I gain alot of interesting perspective on relationships, struggles, and life in general from this show.  So tomorrow there is this live event that I will be attending.  Tomorrow is also our 8th “official” wedding anniversary.  Coincidence??? I think NOT!  I’m not exactly sure what to expect but I have extremely high hopes and expectations.  I mean c’mon, seeing Ira Glass on big screen alone is worth at least $20!

heard about this on wait wait don’t tell me podcast …

read here.

Heard about “youtube symphany orchestra” on NPR today.  Thought it was super cool and a really fantastic concept.  Mr. Friedman was right.  The world is getting flatter and flatter all around us.

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