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For Valentine’s this year, John and I went to see this play called “That Championship Season.”   As you can see, it was an awesome cast and recently they were featured in a NYTimes article.

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Another interesting article on NYTimes.  Recently saw the new Taco Bell Drive-Thru commercial and wondered about this topic.  Interesting article about this new “fad”.   Although the article clearly states all the reasons why this wasn’t a miracle weight-loss pill, I LOVE Mexican food so the Taco Bell fresco menu really appeals to me more than any other.  But then again, I don’t like the idea of having to drive to Taco Bell couple of times a week….. Hmmmmm… what does that say about how much effort I want to put into my weight-loss plan? : |

There were 2 articles about my fellow Koreans in NYTimes that I read this week.  They couldn’t be more different from one another.  One was about the Koreans totally ruling the world of texting and the other was about the rise in Koreans committing suicides.

Steve Jobs with the new “iPad”.  Literally looks like a bigger version of the iPhone.  Don’t understand why they couldn’t make something better?  As an Apple shareholder, I was clearly expecting something more….

Here are the specs according to NYTimes:

Half an inch thin. Weighs 1.5 pounds. 9.7-inch IPS display — super high quality, great angle of views, Mr. Jobs says.  Full capacitive multi-touch screen, same as the iPhone — “super responsive, super precise,” he says.  The iPad is powered by Apple’s own custom silicon, he says — a 1 GHz A4 chip,, 16 GB of memory, 32 or 64 Gigabytes of storage.  There’s Wi-Fi, 802.11n, and the latest Bluetooth. (Apparently no 3G wireless, notes my colleague John Markoff.) Accelerometer, compass, speaker, microphone.

Saw this the other day on NYTimes and it almost made me want to move back South.  I haven’t seen a layer cake like this in a really long time and I would totally LOVE one for xmas please!

Saw this on New York Times and it was too cute not to share.






The New York Times, is my primary source of news/information.  This new NYTimes building happens to be right in front of Port Authority, where I happen to be, at least 5 times a week.  I heard it’s truly gorgeous inside this building. Maybe one day I’ll get to go inside….


This isn’t a photoshopped pix.  It’s Zachary Boyd wearing his “i love ny” boxers while defending against the Taliban.  I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they were captured or something and the conversation that might’ve taken place between the Taliban soliders.  I’m certain at least few Taliban soldiers would’ve totally chuckled.  You could read the actual speech by Bob Gates here talking about Zachary in NYtimes.


OHHHHHH how awesome would it be to go to one of these mentioned in NYTimes…. Iron-Chef-like events in the real world and in NYC!  The question now becomes, how do I find out where they are having these so I could actually attend some!???


Seriously, this is a pretty fantastic idea.  Read about these guys who go around NYC, eating really great burgers and ranking them in NYTimes.  I don’t know if I am jealous at the fact that these guys get to try out really good burgers or the fact that I didn’t come up with this idea first and got featured in NYtimes…. 


Read this article in NYTimes and it gave me a sense of relief to know that we were still evolving and making this better in this world.  Sometimes I feel like we’ve come so far that maybe this is it!  I’m sure John would be thrill to hear about this.

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.”


Saw this in the front page of NYTimes.  I understand, this is just business and it’s a sign of our current world, but it’s a bit harsh and mad depressing.

I just discovered these wonderful sandwiches couple of months ago for the first time.  It is pretty fantabuloso!  Then I saw this article in NYTimes this morning titled, “Building on Layers of Tradition.”  Coolio


I’m sure we could use some “positive” news about the internet and how people are using this to actually help others right?  I mean, although I’ve personally sat through, not just one, but bunch of  “To Catch a Predator” marathons, how many more “a girl runs away from home to meet a creepo she met online” stories can we all take? 

So I read this article on NYTimes this morning on my commute this morning and it actually brought smile to my face.  It was titled Lost in the Real World, Found via Cyberspace.”

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