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I am usually freaking out when I’m watching this show since I hate frogs, bugs, snakes, lizards, spiders, and all the other creepy creatures that these people are having to deal with on reguarly basis.  But more importantly, here are some quotables from tonight’s show.

  • Spencer using his name as a verb… “You don’t want to see me Spence Out.”
  • John Salley officially called this show “Jesus Camp”
  • Spencer uttering the words “I decided to think before I talk….” – My hubby thought that one was really funny
  • Spencer yelling and screaming in the middle of the jungle, “Jesus can you hear us!!!! Of course you can!!!”

Sanjaya…. this kid is really entertaining.  He is trying to communicate with the jungle animals.  He is making crafts, furniture, tools and other things with materials he is finding in the jungle.  And he is just overall super happy kid.

Speidi is officially off the show again.  But I’m not sure if I totally buy that.  I would not be surprised if they walk back on to the camp site.

Just in case you were wondering, as a Christian, yes, I do find it really annoying that Heidi and Spencer are going around yelling religious things around the camp.  I feel like if you are a true Christian, you don’t have to go around pushing religion/God in people’s faces….



I’m a celebrity get me out of here!‘ is PURE entertainment in sooo many different levels.  John and I just watched the first 3 episodes back to back and even John laughed out loud couple of times.  Trust me, that’s a really rare thing.  Here are some memorable moments from the show.

HEIDI and SPENCER.  SPEIDI… I don’t even know where to begin with this.  Spencer is an ass and because he’s an ass, it’s HILARIOUS on the show.  Here are some memorable moments of Heidi and Spencer so far.


  1. Heidi and Spencer already walked out of the show 3 times and came back. 
  2. Spencer got baptized in the river by Stephen Baldwin before walking off one more time. 
  3. The other celebrities decided to split Heidi and Spencer’s items after they walked off, and when they came back, Heidi cried and cried because they took the label off of her hair spray.
  4. Heidi and Spencer prayed for Patti Blagojevich while holding hands.
  5. Spencer “faking” the other contestants or as he calls them, his “servants”.
  6. Heidi claiming that the “devil” got them to leave the show for the 3rd time on Live TV.
  7. Spencer losing a challenge because he ate the garnish as well as the bug.
  8. Heidi/Spencer/Sanjaya doing the fire dance  around the camp fire.
  9. Heidi and Spencer sleeping with their mouths open in a hammock as the othere celebrities were taking pictures of them.

And it goes on and on and on and on.  And yes, John Salley cried because Janice Dickenson wouldn’t accept his apology….   This show got me out of my mourning period of Fringe’s season being over.

I think I just might have to give a daily update on this show.  Too entertaining not to.  Did I mention that Gina and I actually met one of the contestants on the show?



June 2021