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I saw Kick Ass in Seattle while visiting my bff Gian at a theater where they served alcohol.  I think I would’ve enjoyed this movie even without the alcohol.  Yes, there was incredible amount of violence, and yes there was incredible amount of profanity, and yes, most of it was from actors who were just kids .  But it was one of the most entertaining movies that I’ve seen in a really long time.  Mindless, good action, good plot,  and good dialogue.  It was  satisfying in so many ways.  John and I watched it recently and I was glad I made the time to watch it again.

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Claudia was wearing these when we were in Seattle, and I secretly wanted to steal them and bring them back with me to NYC.  But figured our friendship means more to me than a pair of cute shoes so I had to stop myself.  John Varvatos + Chuck Taylors = can’t go wrong.

Here’s a screenshot of my new bff.  I am planning a trip to Seattle at the end of April and I am patiently waiting because Bing is 72% confident that the fare would go down.  At one point the fare was $250.  Please don’t ask me why I didn’t buy it then.  I am totally kicking myself for it.  At one point, it was as high as $450.  I am patiently waiting because Bing is telling me to…. 🙂

Rachel Yang, a chef from Seattle area was recently on the Iron Chef battling Iron Chef Garces.  She is the chef at Joule in Seattle and her Korean background has definitely influenced her cooking style.  I am always shocked to see how main-stream Korean food has become and it was good seeing a Korean chef being represented on the Iron Chef.

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