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Recently I had the privilege of working on a fashion show during the New York Fashion Week.  Best part about working on this show was that I got to meet some pretty handsome men during the casting and the show.  One in particular really stood out for me and his name was Zhao Lei.  I’m fairly certain I literally “gasped” when he walked in the room.

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What Can I say?  I really like the Black Eyed Peas.  There’s nothing like listening to bunch of their music to pump you up.  They are super great entertainers!

Mad Men is back and everything feels right with the world.  I enjoy this show because I feel as though it slows down my crazy world at least for an hour.  Of course Don Draper is probably one of the most fascinating characters on TV right now and he’s incredibly handsome, so it makes it even more interesting to watch.  I actually have a friend who has a pix of Don Draper as a wallpaper in her phone.   She shall remain anonymous.

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I don’t usually watch ABC World News Tonight or any of the nightly news shows since I am still at work.  However, last nite, serendipitously, I was home AND was watching the show.  It turns out, it was Charles Gibson’s last show and he was signing off for the last time.  I hate good-byes and I hate emotional good-byes even more.  But it was so genuine, sincere and touching so I wanted to share.






If you haven’t heard, today is a really big day.  Possibly historical, and for some, even life changing.  Clearly not for me and hopefully not for my husband but I know there are people who are out there who will be genuinely sadden by the thought of having to watch the series finale of the “Battlestar Galatica.  Yes, you heard ,me right, the last episode of the series is airing tonight and hopefully it will answer many questions.  At least that’s what I’ve been told by my husband who loves this show. 


The original series was on tv in the 70’s and books/comics adaptations were around for some time as well.  Even if you don’t know about the show and haven’t watched a single episode like myself, I’m sure you would recognize words like, “Frak”, “Frakking”, “Fraker”…. or other variations of this word.  And for a show on the Sci-Fi network, it’s getting a fairly decent ratings/audience, not to mention ton of media coverage.  I’m sure the incredibly attractive, sexy, and hot actors on the show has nothing to do with it….


I’m sure we’ll be ordering in today, sitting in front of the tv, watching the last episode with my husband.  I will do this because it will be an awesome way for me to show him exactly how much I love him!


Over the Xmas break, my husband made me watch all of the “fringe” episodes that were recorded on our DVR. I don’t deal well with scary/suspenseful things, because I actually do get scared. But this “x-file“-like show has become one of my favorite shows along with “the mentalist“. But since I have a clear love and hate relationship with all things JJ Abrams, I’m sure eventually this show wouldn’t be any different from all his other creations. But for now, “fringe” has totally captivated me with, brilliantly written storyline/plot, characters with “depth/dimension”, and the acting is pretty decent as well. Yes, even Pacey (Joshua Jackson) from “dawson’s creek“. “I don’t want to wait till our lives to be over….” I know you hear it too.

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