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I am so glad Glee is back!

A friend sent me this video recently because he saw my posting about 500 days of summer on this blog some time ago.   And while watching this video funny thing occurred to me.  If I was a man, I would love to date someone like Zooey Deschanel.  She would be my soul mate.  Funny thing is, shouldn’t I have been thinking, “wow, that joseph gordon-levitt, sure is a cutie!”

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Another great speech on Ted.

Today Show’s viral video of “dynamite”.  This song always makes me want to throw my hands in the air.

Not only because I wear glasses, but as someone who appreciates cool and creative things in general, this is an awesome video.  LOVE it!

i love pugs. although a pug singing batman might get old and annoying at some point. but it’s cute the first time around.

This is the third time that this song has managed to bring me a profound and impacting message into my life in the past 9 months. | continue reading |

Alrite, it’s been a little more than forever and a half since my last posting.  Funny thing.  I thought I would be more diligent about updating the blog when I had more time on my hand but it’s been more challenging to do so.  But this is a good way for me to make a come back to the blogosphere.

PHOENIX!!!!!!! Okay, Claudia introduced me to them some time ago.  I think there was a point in my life when I thought she would pack up her bags and follow them around the world and possibly even marry someone from the group.   But she’s older and wiser now and living in LA, doing the LA thing.

Anywho, I’ve been listening to them non-stop for past couple of days.   Incredibly awesome music and I have to admit I don’t always know what they are saying, but it’s the type of music that I could listen to for hours at a time and even have one song on repeat for hours at a time.

Here are some songs that I found on YT.  You may recognize some of the songs from the recent Cadillac commercials.

Last nite’s Glee episode was one of my favorite so far.  John was getting annoyed at the fact that I was singing along with all the Madonna songs.  It was a perfect combination of my favorite TV show with Madonna.  I don’t really need to elaborate right? 🙂  But just in case you actually need some convincing, here’s a video of Sue Sylvester as Madonna  in the iconic Vogue music video.  And here’s a TVguide cover of the cast paying homage to Madonna.

so where was this coke machine when i was in college? damn!

1. i don’t love soda. but i’d drink coke all day if it wasn’t so bad for me and so fizzy.


and when will something viral happen to meeeee.

so a coworker forwarded me this link. one, i love jason mraz and have since high school. and i love this song as well. so this guy daiyel sings a lot of different parts and plays them together. acapella. sooo good.

happy hanukkah or chanukah.

Okay, I was OBBBBSSSESSSSED with this show called JEM growing up.  Girl rock group, enemies called Misfits, cartoon music videos, big hair, and Holograms!  Seriously it’s pretty outrageous…..

i’ll be leaving work a little early tonight .. what to do ………

A friend sent me this video.  It really struck a core with me this week.  What Francis Chan had to say was so thought-provoking that I am actually going to buy his book called Crazy Love and read it. 

NOOOOTTTT. somebody was telling me about this. in a recent interview, obama was seen swatting a fly to its death. it’s really impressive actually. the focus. precision. strength. all there.

and of course peta has issues.

if anyone’s seen old school, you know about total eclipse of the heart even if you weren’t born in that decade. in case you forgot …

well i’ve never seen the real official video. until now. sort of. it’s not the real song. but a parody ..


HAHAHA. ok. this is just funny. poison frontman and star of vh1’s rock of love, bret michaels was literally knocked down by a set piece while performing at the 2009 tony awards on sunday. the way he falls is really funny. 

i can’t even say anything. just watch the evolution of a dance party. how it goes from one weird guy dancing to literally the greatest dance party ever.


so gillette’s come out with a series of “how to” videos. they show you the safe and proper way to shave well just about everywhere on your body. and considering gillette is one of the leaders in the shaving industry, i would take their word on shaving techniques. this is geared towards men, but i suppose women can heed the same advice.


and most importantly…


keep it clean ….. and safe fellas!

this is pretty cool. i’m sure it was rehearsed a bajillion times so it’s easy for these girls. but let’s just pretend it’s their first time and marvel at the greatest of playing on the big ass piano.


ok. i found this video on a coworker’s blog. HOLY SHIZA it is awesome. ok. just watch it. and click the HD button so you see it in HIIIGHHH DEFINITTTIONNN. 


check out bilal’s blog. really awesome if you’re into photography and nature.

Another funny one that still makes me laugh.

i think mr. t sums it up right. you better treat your mother right!


saw this video. it’s kind of really ridiculous. i guess they’re a littttle bit behind on the times. 

so have you noticed that t-mobile’s going viral? they’ve got one where a bunch of dancers take over a train station in liverpool and another one where a whole mass of people are singing “hey jude”. it’s pretty awesome.

my favorite’s the “hey jude” one. kind of gives me goosebumps. i wish i was there …..

t-mobile .. contact me! i’ll gladly be in a viral video for you!


speaking of single ladies …


somewhere in that mass, you’d find susan, sung hee unnie, and moiiiiii*.


 *ok, not really.

so my friend told me a while ago about this site it’s pretty much a single cut video of an artist performing live. it’s kind of really awesome to see an artist in his or her raw form. you know, minus the synthesizer, redos, and whatever else you do to a record to make yourself sound way better. don’t get me wrong, i love that shit but sometimes it’s really dope to just see them go at it without the “help”. and the video/performance itself is one cut (i think for the most part) that anything can happen.

so i’ve listened about half of all the artists they had on there. but one i particularly like is vandaveer. for one, his voice is nice. it’s kind of unique; i don’t think i’ve heard a voice like his before. i can’t really describe it other than if you held your nose and started talking. you know; sort of helium filled? i also love the first video when one of the guys is just playing with a broom stick or something. and bannnnjooo. come on now. and what can you say about the crowd participation? they just stumble upon a group of people who get into it. AWESOME. and the music itself is great. it’s really cutesy, fun, happy, other synonyms of those words. not to mention, easy ass singalong song.

Vandaveer – Woolgathering / Roman Candle – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

so one of my favorite snl skits is the surprise birthday party one. it’s just so damn good. i don’t think it needs any further explaining.  

and yes, you can catch me saying “oOooOoOOHhhhhh myyyyy goooooooossshhh”

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