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I recently found a blog that I really like called “twig & thistle“.  I totally adore her style and sense of creativity and innovative way of looking at design. |continue reading|

I have found a new admiration and respect for this site called Daily Beast today.  When they first launched, they shared the same floor in my office and for most part, it was not a pleasant experience.  However, I gotta give them props for having  a pretty fantastic site.  The content is well aggregated and interesting.  And not to mention, it’s a gorgeous site.  Tina Brown, I forgive you for turning the lights off in the bathroom while I was still in the there….

Here’s an interesting article about Google and how technology is making us dumb.


So I heard about this blog called “GOOP” by Gwyneth Paltrow couple of weeks ago on Good Day New York but after reading Jen’s post about the site, I actually made the time to check out the site.  With all the critics out there, I totally agree with Jen.  I think it’s a really nifty site and of course it’s a beautifully executed.  And yes, I registered to receive the weekly newsletter from Mrs. Coldplay.  I’m sure in the future, I’ll be sure to share things that I’ve learned from these weekly newsletters. 

But it did make me wonder why she is doing this and if eventually, if she will monetize her site and bombard the page with display media ads.


this is several days late. but i just found it and i think it’s awesome.

courtesy of geekologie. check out the website. it’s got some pretty awesome content.

sightings of real life hipsters can be found in the link below (and brooklyn):


Really cool website that a friend recommended!  Check it out and be sure to move your mouse around for the full affect!

so, i love graffiti. but i’m not the biggest graffiti fan. i can’t tell you who the graffiti artist is. but i can appreciate it. something about graffiti is so raw and real. using the concrete jungle as their canvas to express whatever. so i stumbled across this website. it’s pretty awesome. graffiti and some other stuff. 

and to those who say graffiti isn’t an art, EGG OFF!

** my favorite is the one about giver/taker. it’s near and dear to my heart. alex and i talk about how he’s the giver and i’m the taker alllll the time.

Okay, I just adore this site called Etsy. It’s a incredibly clever site that sells ton of “handmade” products by individuals/companies around the world. I think I personally love this site because so many products on this site feels personable and one of a kind. And one of my favorite features on the site is their tool called “colors.” It allows you to scroll around a color palette and they provide a product that matches the color that you’re scrolling over. It’s pretty fantabulous.

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