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pleated fantasy gown

Recently stumbled upon this website called BHLDN. It carries ton of really unique wedding items such as gowns, dresses, shoes, accessories, and etc.  But I love the fact that everything seems really modern, contemporary, and so incredibly chic.

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Saw this wedding dress on Jcrew website today for less that $500.  It made me want to get married again and be skinny.

damn. this couple has the coolest wedding invite. by no means, am i trying to get married anytime soon. but, it almost makes me want to pressure the bf to get married (almost meaning not. wayyy too young for that) so all the cool and creative ideas don’t get snatched up fast.

anyway, courtesy of, check out the invite:

I have been watching Ellen everyday this year.  Then today I came across these unbelievably gorgeous wedding pictures from her wedding.  Not only is she one of the funniest people on TV, she and I apparently have same taste.  I think if she had asked me to plan her wedding(which btw is very unfortunate she didn’t), I don’t think I would’ve changed anything about her wedding.  And let’s also focus on the fact that she had her wedding cake done by Sweet Lady Jane.  And believe you me, I’ve called this place the best bakery in the UNIVERSEEEEE…..



Sylvia Weinstock made my wedding cake.  Don’t be impressed, it was part of the catering contract at Jersey Cit Hyatt.  But here’s April Reed cakes.  I LOVE her cakes!  I really do love everything about her cakes.


Was at the flower market this week.  How much do I love flowers?  It almost makes me want to leave my solid, stable and secure job to  arrange flowers for living. 


Christian Louboutin shoes for a bride.  So simple and so perfectly executed, I am speechless.  It makes me want to have another wedding just so that I could wear these.

Saw this video this morning and it totally made my day.  And I’ve been watching it all day just as I am pumping out some financial reports.  These are the things that I LOVE about this video

  1. The title of the video is called “JK Wedding… ”  hello?  My initial.. JK!
  2. Chris Brown’s “forever”.  It’s my favorite song like ever.
  3. The initial tossing of the paper by the two usher at the beginning of the video.  Hilarious.  Totally set the tone for the rest of the video
  4. The sunglasses….
  5. The Matrix move at the end… classic music video style! 

I don’t know if any of my friends would’ve had the balls to do something like this but I did try to convince John to dance to Barry White’s “you’re my first, my last my everything”, “Saturday Nite Fever” style.  No, it didn’t fly…


This was part of wedding photoshoot at the central park.  That’s when I discovered the Poet’s Walk.  And whenever people see these pix of John and I, they always ask where these pix were taken.  I am truly thankful to our wedding photographer Dan Loh for really capturing that day and that moment for us.  It still brings back such fond memories.


While my buddies from LA were visiting last week, we went there to take bunch pix to mimic our wedding pix.  It was a fantastic place to sit, relax, and ponder about life….

Okay, I’ve been seeing this commercial for years now but found the OG version of it from 1986.  I think it’s the same people on the commercial.  Seriously,  there isn’t that much difference between the 2 commercial. 

I’m just glad someone else thought these commercials were entertaining enough to put on youtube….

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