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so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. ok, that’s lie. i’ve been meaning to post about this maybe two weeks ago but i’ve been busy. at work. but anyway, pretend it’s two weeks ago.


so i’ve been googling where the wild things are nonstop since yesterday. and guess what i’ve come across …

AWESOME. apparently, people are preordering these suckers like CRAZY. to be honest, a little too expensive for me. i don’t even know what i’d do with them. but i just want them. nostalgia. but if i had kids or something, i’d definitely buy them. or if i was some big movie paraphernalia collector. 

preorder your where the wild things are kubrick set. 

ok. i’m going to assume that everybody’s read where the wild things are at some point in their life. most likely childhood. i don’t think i’ve met anyone, at least from my generation (i’m an 80s baby) that hasn’t read this book. eh, there might be a couple. but only because they didn’t grow up in america. you guys know what i’m talking about.

well guess what, they’re finally making it into a movie. I KNOW. awesome. and guess who’s directing it … SPIKE JOOONZE (pretend you hear me saying it like i’m saying mike jooones. you know, the rapper). he’s done a bunch of music videos that i love. i’m super stoked. and you know who’s composing the music? carter burwell and karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs. yeah, i have no idea who carter burwell is but i sure damn well know who karen o is. 

can you tell how stoked i am? just a little. can’t wait for october..

March 2020