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It’s simple.  If there are number of lanes are merging, simply, “you go, I go.”  Maybe it’s too simple of a concept for some people to follow.  Wanting to save 15 seconds in their route, completely over-rides all respectable, mature, and honorable behavior during rush hour.  And when this rule breaker tries to merge ahead of everyone who have been sitting there waiting their turn, I ALWAYS try my darnest, not to let them in my lane.  But somebody always caves in.  And the bastard gets a way with it.   Except this one time. 

My husband and I have been waiting by the Holland tunnel for what felt like days when this punk kid tried to get into our lane.  In our attempt to keep him out of our lane, our side mirrors touched and the kid flipped out.  It almost turned into an actualy physical fight.  I had to stop John from grabbing “the club” from the backseat.  The kid’s justification, “why are you being such an asshole, why can’t you just let another driver in? what’s a big deal?”  I was totally speechless.  Is this what’s going through the minds of the folks who break “you go, I go” rule, while the rest of us sit patiently through a traffic waiting our turn?  WTF??????

I’m sure these folks also try to cut lines at DMV and have way more than 10 items at the express check out lines at the groceries.  Seriously, does it really take that much effort for us to be polite and behave like civil human beings????

June 2021