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pleated fantasy gown

Recently stumbled upon this website called BHLDN. It carries ton of really unique wedding items such as gowns, dresses, shoes, accessories, and etc.  But I love the fact that everything seems really modern, contemporary, and so incredibly chic.

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My newest purchase from Gilt today.  At this rate, I WILL need to get a job.  And apparently I LOVE shoes more than Claudia.  Although I didn’t steal them from her, and we are on the oppt coasts, we will be wearing the same shoes on some days.   I can’t wait to wear them.  Perfect for NYC Fall!

Give me the oppty to wear this Kate Spade shoes.  I will wear it!

Elite Leather – Whitby Sofa  (Org $3720… Now $1375) – Gorgeous sofa.  If it wasn’t for our cats, I would LOVE this gorgeous sofa t be sitting in our living room.  It will go very well with the dark brown book cases that I have.

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On 20/20 this past Friday, they had a segment about fake Christian Louboutin shoes online.   I thought the piece was very informative and didn’t even realize that there were fake “shoes” but I guess it makes total sense.  Afterall, some Christian Louboutin shoes costs more than the purses that I carry around.

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Claudia was wearing these when we were in Seattle, and I secretly wanted to steal them and bring them back with me to NYC.  But figured our friendship means more to me than a pair of cute shoes so I had to stop myself.  John Varvatos + Chuck Taylors = can’t go wrong.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Shoes – Nubuck Sandal (Org $495… Now $149) – I really love the color combo. I think it’s a fantastic shoes. | continue reading |


Christian Louboutin shoes for a bride.  So simple and so perfectly executed, I am speechless.  It makes me want to have another wedding just so that I could wear these.

Seriously, these Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Footwear look totally mad cool but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford the tissue paper it gets wrapped in….


Nike has won my heart over one more time.  All the athletic sneakers that I’ve owned since I was 5, have been Nike.  Yes, I am extremely brand loyal.  I think I still have a Sony VHS player somewhere around the house….

Anywho, here’s my new love.  Nike Skateboarding shoes.  How much do I love these?  These are called the “Nike SB Blazer Premium Solar Orange/Solar Orange“.  I’m not sure if I have enough “hipsterness” to wear these but I sure do love looking at thesese oranage sneakers!  Nike just did it again! 

Threre are several categories in my world when it comes to shoes.
  1. Shoes I love but don’t have the guts to wear them.
  2. Shoes I love but can’t afford them.
  3. Shoes I love but it’s too uncomfortable to wear them. 
  4. Shoes I love but I don’t have anything in my entire wardrobe that goes with them. 
  5. Shoes I love that I can’t live without. 
  6. Shoes I have cause I need them.
  7. Shoes that I would buy and may not love them as much as I initially thought I loved them.

This would belong in #1, #5, and possibly #7


October 2021