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Saw this  and I totally had to share.  UP is one of my favorite movies of all time.  And a team from National Geographic’s new show, “How Hard Can It Be?” was cool enough to try this for me

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I’ve been a HUGE fan of FAGE yogurt for years now.  Then this morning I saw this commercial and was totally “wowed”.  Such an elegant and poignant way to fully capture my mind/heart!

I am so glad Glee is back!

I truly heart simple | clean design.  These are ceramic white alarm clocks from West Elm.


A friend sent me this video recently because he saw my posting about 500 days of summer on this blog some time ago.   And while watching this video funny thing occurred to me.  If I was a man, I would love to date someone like Zooey Deschanel.  She would be my soul mate.  Funny thing is, shouldn’t I have been thinking, “wow, that joseph gordon-levitt, sure is a cutie!”

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@ an Esty store “Sparkles Kitchen”  too cute

I just heard on Today’s show that Suri Cruise has wardrobe that’s estimated at 3.6 million dollars.  What in the world???  And Katie Homes admitted that Suri chose her clothes since she was 1.5 years old.  Do they even talk at that age?  I don’t know, isn’t this just too much?  I mean she’s cute and all but is this just ridiculous.

Kana Surfboards – P40 Epoxy Board (Org $650… Now $449) – something I will probably never need but thought it was really cool and I do like the design and the color combo.

Not only because I shoot with Canon but because I like all things creative and clever, I really LOVE these Canon lens mugs.

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Saw this wedding dress on Jcrew website today for less that $500.  It made me want to get married again and be skinny.

This is Harriet.  I didn’t fully understand the meaning of a scaredy cat until I met Harriet.  She’s so scared of everything that John and I joke about how she will most likely die of a heart attack.   Everything scares her.  The wind, the rain, the doorbell, footsteps, printer printing, clicking of the mouse, cell phone ringing, and the list goes on and on.  But somehow she has managed to survive in the Kim household as long as she has.  We love her dearie and I hope she will be with us for long, long, long time.  She’s also not comfortable showing affection or receiving affection.  She gets super tense and cringes everytime I hold her.  John says it’s because she sees me like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.  I would like to think otherwise….



Sylvia Weinstock made my wedding cake.  Don’t be impressed, it was part of the catering contract at Jersey Cit Hyatt.  But here’s April Reed cakes.  I LOVE her cakes!  I really do love everything about her cakes.


I LOVE weddings.  Not just because I help the folks coordinate and make their weddings come together, but I think weddings are really an incredible event to be part of.  One of the websites that I religiously read is called Junebug Weddings.  And since the wedding that I am doing the flowers for is coming up in about a week, I will devote some of my posts this week to weddings.  Here’s a post from Junebug Wedding that I totally loved.

I don’t know why I found this so funny but I totally thought this new A&E show called “Steven Seagal:Lawman” was a spoof.

I am kind of baffled by this news of the President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I wonder how many qualified people not in the spotlight, are wondering why they didn’t get this award.  I’m sure they are just as baffled as I am.

But more importantly, focus on the gentleman in the back, snickering as the President Obama’s name is announced…. Classic!




I am 34 today.  This was the cake that Susan got for me on my 32nd bday.  I somehow managed to convince Susan and Claudia to fly out to Nashville, TN for my bday that year.  Susan flew across the country with this cake from LA from my favorite bakery in the universe.  SWEET LADY JANE!  It was one incredible weekend that I will probably never forget.

My favorite shows coming together in the most poignant way.

Here’s my favorite quote from this week’s GLEE.  Kristin Chenoweth was guest star and played a character named April.  Like the quirky character she played in the beloved Pushing Daisies, she was soooo good! 

April: “Your lack of imagination astounds me.  This is the only the beginning.  If you can master this, you can sneak anything out of a store between your knees.  Shoes, prom dresses.  I almost got a cake out of a kid’s bday party, with the candle still lit!”

I didn’t think I would have to write another Snuggies post but here I am writing another Snuggies post.  Snuggies for pet.  How far would these people go?  What will we see next?  Snuggies for our plants?  Snuggies for babies?  Snuggies for iPhones?  Seriously stop this madness!


How does Whitney manage to always attract the “crazies”?  Roxy is trashy, a liar, and nothing more.  But seriously, can we focus on Olivia?  How entertaining is OLIVIA?  Of course she’s going to have a hard time coordinating an outfit with $25 budget.  She is carrying around Hermes Birkin everywhere she goes….  Clearly MTV made a mistake, Whitney shouldn’t have her own show, Olivia should.

me: Olivia is a socialite.  She probably doesn’t need this job and that’s why she feels like she could talk like that to her boss.

John: You could tell she’s a socialite.  Did you notice how she said didn’t say, “we spent a lot of time,” but she said “we spent ‘quite’ a lot of time.”  That says something about her….



Totally unintentionally, I watched the “The Hills” tonight.  First thought was, “how come I didn’t know that it was starting tonight?”  Then immediately afterwards, I was like, “Was Kristin such a bitch on Laguna?”  Seriously, I used to watch Laguna Beach and I DON’T remember Kristin being such a bitch.  Did I miss something?  Oh man, Kristin really brought The Hills to another level.  Guilty pleasures… Ahhhhhh…. THE HILLSSSSS!


This is new toast of the town burgers floating around NYC.  I mean just look at it.  Why wouldn’t this be?  Saw this on this blog that I read and it even got pretty fantatic review from this guy.  It looks super fantastic!

This is why I can’t stop watching Korean dramas.  Theme songs like this lure me into the cheesy and predictable plot with unnaturally handsome men, who dress really well, and they fall in love with the girl who has nothing.  What women wouldn’t like that?  Although “Style” was a little different and very much like “Devil Wears Prada”ish.


Was at the flower market this week.  How much do I love flowers?  It almost makes me want to leave my solid, stable and secure job to  arrange flowers for living. 

I’ve been watching Mad Men on and off for couple of years now.  But this season, I am totally hooked.  Then I watched the opening intro to the show for the first time this week and I was totally mesmerized. 

It really, truly, and wholly captures the essence of the show.  I LOVE that.  It’s genius, just like Don Draper.

That’s right, Beyonce’s “single ladies” was on Glee in 2 different version tonight.  Seriously, I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of this song.  But I agree with my buddy Katherine, single girls should NOT be using this as their anthem when going out for a girl’s nite out.

Just saw the season premiere of House.  And once again, my real world crossing paths with my tv world.  Lin-Manuel was a quirky character on the show.  Fairly certain it’s not a recurring character but it was good to see him regardless.  And yes, I also concluded that House is 100x better than Heroes.

Although Kanye’s stole the thunder from the rest of the show, I think this was one of the most memorable performance of the night.  It was sooo incredibly entertaining and incredibly well choreographed.  Beyonce… “single ladies”! Sorry for the bad quality video.  You could see the HD video on the MTV site.


John and I usually don’t watch Big Brother. But the other nite, I was totally capitvated by the strange outfit that Julie Chen was wearing,  and that made us watch good 30 minutes of this show.  Seriously what was she thinking?  I thought she was married to some rich dude.  She couldn’t afford to get more fashionable thing to wear on a national TV than this Snuggies wannabe dress? C’mon!

Last nite’s episode of Glee was pretty Gleesome!   John was yelling at me for wanting to start the episode while he was cleaning up after dinner.  Apparently he feels like he needs to be super focused to watch this show.  I understand, cause I kind of feel like that as well. 

So my dear friend Grace L was nice enough to share some memorable lines from last nite’s episode of Glee and I HAD to share!

  • ” Josh and I have become frequent penpals since he accidentally friended me on MySpace” – Sandy
  • ” i’m going to have to ask you to smell your armpits.  that’s the smell of failure. ” – Sue
  • ” i play guitar and.. actually a really good singer. … there are lots of moms at your gigs, right?”  – Puck
  • “dude, my bowels have better moves than you” – Puck
  • ” what’s wrong with me?  what’s wrong with me is that you’re freakishly tall!!   i feel like a WOODLAND creature!” – Dakota Stanley
  • ” He’s here!  Josh Grobin is here!  Front row, big brown eyes, cute as a buttermilk biscuit!   I barfed.”  – Sandy
  • ” Throngs of screaming teenagers don’t do it for Josh Grobin.  Josh Grobin loves a blousy alcoholic.” – Josh Grobin

Saw this flick called “500 Days of Summer” couple of weeks ago with bunch of folks.  I had to drag John go to see it with us and the whole time he was asking why we weren’t watching the #1 movie from the previous week, “District 9”. 

After the movie, the men were having a indepth discussion about their worst, best and the scariest movies, while Jen S, Suah and I were standing the corner having a serious discussion about actually writing our very own movie/screenplay/book.  A SERIOUS discussion.  It will be at the very least, fantabulous and funny!

Anywho, here’s one of my favorite part from “500 Days of Summer”.  I love singing/dancing sequences in the movies.  And Suah mentioned how she couldn’t get this song out of her head for days.  Lanigan said this movie copied bunch of things from “Annie Hall,”  another movie that I should really watch.

My new obsession, GLEE!  Here are some of the songs from this week’s show.  Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”, Rhiana’s “Take a Bow“, the song from My best friend’s wedding, “Say a little prayer for you.”  Seriously, you’re not watching this show, you’re really missing out on pure entertainment. (the video quality isn’t all that great)


This Alexander McQueen clutch made me think of all my single girl friends.  I feel like this is super fashionable and practical at the same time.  And in really bad situations, it could be used as a weapon…  You can’t beat that…

This is something really inspiring and literally left me speechless.  It’s actually about the invasion of Hungary during WWII. 


I heard about this Japanese place in LA called Urasawa.  Toast of the town, cream of the crop, best of the best, Anthony Bourdain worthy, and etc.  I was searching the dub dub dub and came across this blog called  Where a guy named Kevin went to Urasawa and took some fantastic pictures and writes really eloquently about his experience.  But what was so shocking about his blog was, how much money he spent at these places.


Please note, the dude and his friends spent $160 on WATER.  I’m pretty sure a monthly service for Poland Springs is about $30 a month. This is on a SINGLE MEAL!  I enjoy a nice meal time to time but it made me wonder how much money I would have to make, to make this kind of meal ($500/person) justifiable.  I couldn’t come up with a figure.  How do I justify living so extravagantly at such extreme level? I wouldn’t be able to.  I know too many people who are financially suffering and literally can not afford to have 3 meals a day….

Saw this on New York Times and it was too cute not to share.




John and I watched this episode of No Reservation couple of nites ago.  And I swear to you, HE turned to me and said, “we should keep this episode so we could go check all these places out.”  This is why I LOVE this man!

Saw this commercial for the new Rock band-Beatles edition.  Never played Rockband, ever.  But made me want to actually buy a gaming console, just so that I could buy this game and play it.

High School Musical (the first one) meets Bring it On (the first one).  Seriously, do I need to go any further?  This pilot episode had my playlist: On My Own, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Rehab, and even a little bit of Vivaldi!  The first episode is tonight and I literally cannot wait.  I am making John watch the pilot online so he could fully appreciate the goodness of this show.  This is a definite must on my DVR and I probably will keep the episodes so I could watch them on a rainy day!


Okay so I haven’t been following America’s Best Dance Crew, aka ABDC as much as I’ve been in previous seasons.  But this past week was pretty awesome.  Each week they have a challenge and this week was the BOLLYWOOD week.  Okay, how much do I LOVE that stuff?  Baz Luhrmann was inspired by Bollywood to create such beautiful flicks like Moulin Rouge… nuff said!

bar 89

bar 89

This is one of my favorite places in Soho.  Kind of overplayed due to the craziest bathroom in the city but I’ve I still like going here time to time.  Something old, something familiar, and something NYC to me. 


optimus prime

optimus prime

Seriously, don’t you feel safe just by looking at this pix?


brooklyn/walt whitman
brooklyn/walt whitman




Flow on, river ! flow with the flood-tide, and ebb with the ebb-tide !
Frolic on, crested and scallop-edg’d waves !
Gorgeous clouds of the sunset ! drench with your splendor me, or the men and women generations after me !
Cross from shore to shore, countless crowds of passengers !
Stand up, tall masts of Manhattan ! stand up, beautiful hills of Brooklyn !



Flow on, river ! flow with the flood-tide, and ebb with the ebb-tide ! 

Frolic on, crested and scallop-edg’d waves !


Gorgeous clouds of the sunset ! drench with your splendor me, or the men and women generations after me !

Cross from shore to shore, countless crowds of passengers !

Stand up, tall masts of Manhattan ! stand up, beautiful hills of Brooklyn !




nyc sewer

nyc sewer

Back by popular demand.  I will try to post more pix on this blog.  This week, I will be posting NYC related pix.  These are some pix I took  couple of months back when Sung Hee unnie was visiting NYC with her crew.  


Heard about this story about Jaycee Dugard Saturday morning in the comforts of bed.  As I was listening to the story being told in front of me, I couldn’t stop wondering what life was like for Jaycee and her 2 kids for the past 18 years.  For 18 years, she had missed out in so much of the real world and so much of life.  Not only that, she was living in conditions that most of us would be mortified by.

Then it made me question where God was in all this.  In the midst of this tragedy.  In the midst of someone’s life.  In the midst of such injustice.  He knows all, sees all, and is everywhere all the time.  So how can He let this happen?  How can he allow this to happen to someone? 

I just don’t have an answer.  I just don’t know.  Cause my little mind with my little understanding of who God is, I just can’t rationalize or grasp His ways in such situation.  I know that’s not good enough answer for most people and actually that’s not good enough answer for me either.  But I can’t try to understand God in these kind of situation when I am struggling with His place in my own life.

Many times, I am so self-absorbed in my little world with my worries and my life that I forget how blessed I really am.  Why do I refuse to see that most of the time?  So focused on all the things that He’s not doing in my life and so focused on things that I don’t have in my life, I can’t see the incredible things that He is doing and has given in my life.


I saw Israel Houghton and New Breed perform for the 3rd time this year last week.  I could honestly say that until this January, I’ve never heard of him or his group before.  But I was fortunate enough to see them because they opened for Chris Tomlin’s concerts in Newark and in LA (yes I went to both….).  And each time, I was blown away with their passion and their unbelievable charisma to lead and captivate a crowd.  Last week was no different.

They sang this song that I’ve never heard of before.  For one reason or another, it really stirred something inside me.


Jen S forwarded me this article after our conversation on Sunday.  I was telling my dear Jen that I told another friend that she should marry for money, not love.  Is it because I regret marrying for love instead of money? NOOOO of course not.  But I see now how much easier relationships can be if you had money.  I”m sure not all relationships are like that, but I can’t help but to ponder about these things, when I look at some women who married “up”.  Did they marry for love or did they marry for money?  And why do their lives seem so much easier than mine?  Is it wrong for me to question these things?  Probably….

In this article by the lady named Lori Gottlieb called “Marry Him”, gives you a profound and dauntingly honest view on marriage and relationships for the single ladies.   She tells you to settle because that’s better than being alone and being miserable.  She actually gives pretty decent support for her theory and rationale behind why she feels this way.  I have to say after reading this lengthy article, I think I totally agree with her on this one.   Would Rachel have been more satisfied in life with Barry instead of her on-again/off-again Ross?  Would Carrie have been more stable with Aiden than Mr. Big, the man who abandoned her countless times?  These are really awesome questions!

I guess that may be contradictory to my religious belief.  But I don’t think God wants us to sit around and wait for Mr. Perfect and put your life on a complete “hold” status or be in and out of dysfunctional relationships either…..

My buddy/Kid sister commerical….. ahhh… childhoodddddd in the 80’s…. It made me wonder why they don’t have good jingles anymore.

Saw this on the news the other morning.  Still trying to figure out if it’s real or not. 


Saw this article on TIME titled, “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin“.  And it made me really curious since John and I were thinking about starting a P90X this week.  And trust me, the biggest reason why we are doing this is because we want to be thin.  Should I even bother at this point?


Found this super-duper cute shirt on Etsy.  I would totally wear it if my boobs were smaller.  I don’t know why but I think with such huge holes, my boob size would matter…..  Regardless, really cute shirt for the summer.

A friend sent me this video.  It really struck a core with me this week.  What Francis Chan had to say was so thought-provoking that I am actually going to buy his book called Crazy Love and read it. 


Okay so this is my THIRD blog entry regarding these hideous things.  I initially blogged about how ridiculous it was, then I blogged about how it invaded one of my favorite TV shows.  And here I am blogging about this aweful things one more time.

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for these things to get any worse, I sat thru a commercial over this weekend that was promoting their new item.  Snuggies in “animal print” y’all.  That’s right!  I really wanted to find the commerical but I can’t find it online yet.  One of the funniest line in the commercial is “you asked us to make Snuggies more fashion… well here’s our solution”… The design is exactly the same, but now you could wear the leopard print Snuggies.  Did they really think that, that’s what people were demanding for?  Seriously, WTF….

homemade red vevlet

homemade red vevlet

the best red velvet i had was at Amy’s Bread.  These were made from Amy’s Bread recipe

Learned this song couple of weeks ago at the Metro retreat.   Probably one of the most powerful retreats I’ve been in really really really long time.  Then I couldn’t get this song out of my head.  I’ve been listening to it non-stop and the part that keeps repeating in my head is, “All of my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship.”

We are called to sing and worshp Him thru everything.  It doesn’t matter where we are in life, we are to worship Him.  But that is much easier said than done.  I am still wrestling with God and trying to make sense of the things that are happening in my life.  I don’t have all the answers.  Far from it.  Sometimes, it’s more confusing, conflicting, complicated because of my faith. 

Then I saw this video with Jill McClogrhy’s testimony and I felt so small.  This woman who clearly went thru so much more than I have, is able to sing and worship.  That’s reverance.  That’s strength.  That’s hope.  That’s faith.  Where is God in my life?  Where have I placed Him in my life?  Clearly not where He truly belongs.   Maybe that is why my brokenness and shattered dreams seem so much bigger than Him.   



Really beautiful work by the lady name Julia Rothman.  Gosh, even her name sounds very purrty.



Today I went to Fig & Olive with Simon for lunch.  We had their prix fixe for $25 and a nice glass of chardonnay.  No better way to spend a hump day at a really fantastic resturant with really awesome company.  It’s definitely a place I would recommend to anyone who is by meatpacking area.


First of all, how come nobody told me about this?  I’m not sure who is responsible for not telling me, but whoever you are, you are in BIG TROUBLE.  Found out about it on one of my favorite food blogs called “off the broiler” by a guy named Jason Perlow.  One of the reasons why I love this blog so much is because he writes a lot about the local places. (Northern Jersey).    The man takes pretty delicious pictures and I love that whenever he goes to eat, he orders like ton of items.  I don’t know how he manages to do that but I love him for it!


So last nite, John and I watched a “Kings” episode titled the “final episode.”  It still left bunch of questions unanswered but from what we’ve read, this might’ve been the series finale. 

After some digging around, John mentioned that each episode costs $4m to make and the show is only generating $2m.  Trust me, I work with numbers, that’s not a good sign.  This show has become one of my favorites on TV and I am deeply sadden to see it go.  RIP “Kings!”


So I found ou this week that one of my coworker, Craig Motz, was competiting in the Ironman.   I’ve always known that he was an athlete but apparently I  totally underestimated his athletic abilities.

I grew up watching the Ironman on TV and always wondered what kind of people were able to compete in such tough race.  Now I know.  Craig’s one of the funniest man in the office and really is a nice guy overall.  I hope he’s doing well on today and best of luck to Mr. Motz !!


Sorry Craig, I couldn’t find any pix of you being super “athletic”….. OR these were just more “you”…. : )

no i’m not going to post the outkast video. but have you ever heard of standing a salt shaker on one side? you know, it’s all tilted and whatnot. i’ve always heard that you could do it, blah blah blah. but i never really believed it. it just … doesn’t seem that likely. well john proved me DAMN wrong.

when sung-hee unnie and her people were here, we all went to bar 89 for really late night food. and john started to play with the salt shaker. and  …….

salt shakersalt shaker again


weekender tote” from Etsy.  It was at a store called “death and taxes”.  I totally love the name of the bag, the style of the bag and I even love the name of the store.  Pretty neat. 


This was part of wedding photoshoot at the central park.  That’s when I discovered the Poet’s Walk.  And whenever people see these pix of John and I, they always ask where these pix were taken.  I am truly thankful to our wedding photographer Dan Loh for really capturing that day and that moment for us.  It still brings back such fond memories.


While my buddies from LA were visiting last week, we went there to take bunch pix to mimic our wedding pix.  It was a fantastic place to sit, relax, and ponder about life….

traffic control 5095_112309391544_615571544_2493858_8345447_n


SONIC is a fast food joint that is all over the South.  John and I recently found one somewhat near us and these are the pix from our venture.  Customers park their cars and the carhoppers on roller skates/blades bring your food to your car.   It’s a pretty neat experience IMO. 

Then this morning John told me about a Sheriff getting hurt while traffic controling at this Sonic location on Route17.  Just read the article and it was some idiot Asian kid who caused this incident.  This is pretty ridiculous.  We walked there then realized they had a drive-thru, so went thru the drive thru to get our food.  The lines were totally out of control.

Far as the food is concerned.  The burgers were pretty decent and the variety of drinks and desserts are totally awesome.  But more importantly, tatter Tots with cheese and chilli.  ‘Nuff said!

steak sandwich

steak sandwich


Saw this article in NYTimes.  It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a small space.  This gives me such hope with my space.


saw this on nytimes.  surfing looks fantastic but let’s focus on the building in the background.  i love it.

city stamps

How cute are these rubber stamps?  I’m not sure if I would buy it but thought they were the coolest things ever.



I got a $20 haircut at the Aveda Institue of New York.  I called them up on Monday and got an appointment for Friday morning.  I totally felt pampered and taken care of.  For $20, I got a scalp massage, a wash, a cut, and a blow dry.  Seriously I think this may be one of the cheapest haircuts I’ve gotten in a really super long time. 

It took about an hour and a half.  The place got pretty packed right away.  Service was decent and my stylist was super friendly and helpful.

I decided to bring the bang back from hiatus.  I totally love the hair cut, not so much the body that it’s sitting on.  I wish I could have this haircut on the younger/thinner me.



This could be anywhere in NYC.  This particular view was from BAR 89 in Soho.

One of my favorite movies in the world.  I go around quoting lines from this movie.  This trailer made me think twice…..


Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of Run’s House.  Couple of weeks ago I found out his address and was very tempted to go stalk his house until they let me in and make me part of their family.  One of my dearest buddies, Gian, suggested that it was a fantastic idea.  So I knew nothing good could come out of it.

Anywho, so this Diggy character, who is probably 13 years old has a blog that I can’t stop reading.  The more I read and the more I see the stuff that he’s posting on his blog, I am really beginning to question whether he’s

  1. actually 13 because the sense of style this kid has is freaking out of this world
  2. writing all this stuff because he seems to have such wide range of interest (fashion, music, sports,  and even architecture)
  3. where he finds the time and the energy to blog so much

Regardless, I love the fact that he has very similar style/taste as me and I totally apprecitate his point of view.

pagent of masters

pageant of masters

This was at the Pageant of Masters last summer with Gina and Susan.  This must be my 10th time taking part in the experience.  I think it’s totally one of the coolest things you could experience in LA area (Laguna Beach).  I actually bought tickets for this summer as well.  I’m totally crossing my fingers that I get to make it out there. 🙂



Saw this handmade map this past weekend while antiquing in central jersey.  so purrrrrrty


my favorite drink... 4 shots of espresso

my favorite drink... 4 shots of espresso



is the pigeon real or not real?

divine touch of jesus

divine touch of jesus

banner at church based on a sermon series called “the divine touch of jesus”.  I think this was one of my favorite banners of all time.



This is my new favorite purchase for the month of June.  Since my monthly budget is only $500, I have to be sooo incredibly selective in what I spend money on.  We bought these chairs at Ikea on sale for $35.  We saw a simliar chair at West Elm for more than twice that price.  STEAL!


I’ve been saying this for YEARS.  Why can’t they get REAL Korean actors who can speak Korean like REAL Koreans?????? Funny thing, the actress Yun Jin Kim grew up in the states. And out of everyone in this scene, she’s the only one who sounds like a native Korean.

The thing is, I’m sure there are plenty of starving Korean actors who would LOVE to put LOST on their resume.  Why not give those people the chance?  It always upsets me when I see actors playing Korean parts who are clearly NOT Korean.  WTF. 

But don’t you worry, I found out today that this kind of WTFness is not just with Koreans.  My Russian buddy Olga informs me that this happens all the time with Russian characters as well.  Apparently, Matt Damon’s(as Jason Bourne) Russian was perfect and Ben Affleck’s (as Jack Ryan) sucked! 


Saw this last night on Conan with John.  I couldn’t believe how shiny Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs were.  Then John told me about the “controversy.”


Found these on Etsy today.  So whimsical I just love it.  Would I wear it? I’m not sure.



john picked this for me on easter sunday.  too sweet!

This is for my westcoast buddies.  This is what you’re missing out on.  I promise you, listen to it at least 2 times.  You won’t be able to get it out of your head…..

homage to the king of pop

homage to the king of pop

This was at Simon’s bday party.  You know you can’t have a cool party without MJ!

building next door

building next door


pink chocolate?  who knew?

nyc nite

nyc nite


So I have a friend who loves all things from 1930-40’s era.  Came across this Etsy shop that sold really awesome items from that time and on.  This is one of my favorite.  Now only if I had the figure to wear these dresses!

This is kind of old but thought to share regardless.  Transformers 2 was pretty decent.  Total summer blockbuster with really solid fighting scenes and all.  But a bit too long with the non-sense comical shinanigans….


Okay, it appears as though I obsess over alot of things but “flamin’ HOT Cheetos” maybe part of  Top10 obsessions of all time. 

I was first introduced to these things back in Texas, way back when and haven’t stopped eating them until I moved to NYC area.  And the only reason why I stopped eating them is because they don’t sell them in this area.  OR I just haven’t found a place that sell these.  What’s up with that?  Why would Cheetos, deprive the NYC folks of these marvelous things?

WARNING: these are extremely addictive.  You will crave them while watching movies, driving, walking around the streets, hanging out with your friends, and whatever….

Gina and I were driving into work this morning and had one of the funniest conversation ever about funky names.  Then I found these videos…


Seriously, these Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Footwear look totally mad cool but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford the tissue paper it gets wrapped in….

iac building

iac building


Life Photographer Gjon Mili upon his visit with Picasso in Vallauris France in 1949 took these amazing light drawings done by Picasso.  Picaso was inspired by photos which Mili had taken previously of ice skaters with lights attached to their skates doing jumps.  Here’s Life Archives for the full series


So for awhile, I was totally obsessed with this show called “the avatar: the last airbender“.  I’ve heard rumors about the movie in production and yesterday for the first time, I saw the trailer for the movie.  I am already excited for this movie to come out next year!  Don’t fail me M. Night Shyamalan!!!!!!




Probably not the most practical thing to have around the house with cats but I LOVE this pretty cushion from Etsy.

October 2021